Defending Your Brand

Defending Your Brand➺ [Reading] ➼ Defending Your Brand By Tim Calkins ➯ – The EMM Marketing Book of the Year 2013Anyone with a successful business can be certain of one thing competitors are looking for opportunities to attack As a result defending a business is a critical The EMM Marketing Book of the Year Anyone with a successful business can be certain Defending Your ePUB ✓ of one thing competitors are looking for opportunities to attack As a result defending a business is a critical task for business leaders Indeed a good defense is far important that a good offense If you fail trying to grow you will miss your objectives If you fail defending your business you can lose everything Defensive strategy is a brutal business; the objective is to drive competitors into the ground and make off with their ideas It isn't pretty but a good defense can be very effective Here Calkins shows business leaders how to create and maintain a defensive strategy including how to understand and get competitive intelligence; how to determine if your brand or company is at risk; how to create a defensive strategy; how to blunt your competitor's efforts and much Every business leader needs to understand how to play defense and this book will teach them how to do it. This is not a motivational book but one that lays bare the business fact that defense must be at the core of any business establishment Before I dive into the synopsis you may ask what a brand is According to Wikipedia a brand is a name term design symbol or any other feature that identifies one seller's good or service as distinct from those of other sellers A few examples are MTN Ghana and Vodafone Ghana as telecommunication brands Lipton tea as a tea brand CNN and BBC as news broadcasting brands Successlink Consult as a travel and tour brand Ghana International School and Harvard College as education brands and Samsung as a an electronic manufacturing brand SYNOPSIS The moment you start reading the first few pages of this book Tim impresses on readers that in the world of business competition can't be be left out Whether you are a big time company or a smallmedium size business have it at the back of your mind that somebody or a company somewhere is planning on entering your kind of business You must protect your position in the market against new entrants A new entrant means a drop in your profits or market shares Hence the need for the need for defense strategies Business defense includes everything a company does to react to competitive threats He does excellent work to explain that whereas growth strategies include all the proactive steps taken to build your business such as advertising new product introduction cost reduction efforts promotional offers defensive strategies are your response to your competitor's moves There are not many books written on this topic because some of the tactics employed aren't supposed to be in the public domain In this book the author exposes all the strategies used by businesses to defend their brands from new entrants I particularly appreciate how he puts the truth out that the main reason for defense strategy is to ensure that a competitor struggles and if possible leaves the market scene He didn't mince words Reading this book is not cumbersome because of how he weaves in real life business establishment's examples to support every issue he raised At a point the reader will have an a ha moment This book is simply a pack of knowledge You will be able to relate to it even if you aren't in the business field Interestingly Tim states that this book is primarily for people who lead organizations companies be it small or big or a charitable church organization But I see it as an oversight that he didn't mention teachers married couples health professionals and indeed any individual at all I hold a personal belief that we are our own uniue brands even as individuals and we must also master the art of defense because our whole being is a company and what we stand for is our brand that needs to be defended from intruders just as a lioness would her cubs On the other hand I'm blown away by his presentation on the moral lessons learned from what happened between the movie rental company Blockbuster Netflix and Red box In his uest to create awareness of the importance of defense strategies he expatiates on the subject of financial challenges businesses might face and getting to know your competitor by gathering information Social media also plays a key role here He also advises that lawyers be consulted in areas which bother on state laws on business To wrap up Defending Your Brand has not disappointed me at all It has succeeded in exposing the various interesting enlightening and sometimes shady tactics used by smart businesses to stay in their game Great book — not a common topic for business books which makes it all the interesting Very relevant to my work which is all the better Essential

Defending Your Brand eBook ☆ Defending Your  ePUB
  • Hardcover
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  • Defending Your Brand
  • Tim Calkins
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  • 17 November 2015
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