Champagne Chaps

Champagne Chaps❰PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Champagne Chaps Author Cheyenne McCray – Stories in the “Rough and Ready” Series The CameronsBook 1 Silk and SpursBook 2 Lace and LassosBook 3 Champagne and ChapsBook 4 Satin and SaddlesBook 5 Roses and RodeoBook 6 Lingerie and LariatsBo Stories in the “Rough and Ready” Series The CameronsBook Silk and SpursBook Lace and LassosBook Champagne and ChapsBook Satin and SaddlesBook Roses and RodeoBook Lingerie and LariatsBook Lipstick and Leather short storiesSabrina Holliday is ready for a vacation from it all and ends up spending the summer with her closest friend in a small southern Arizona ranching community After fighting breast cancer and dealing with other life trials she needs a break in the worst wayWyatt Cameron hasn’t met anyone as beautiful as Sabrina and from the moment she walks into his life the cowboy is determined to make sure she belongs to him He has to work past her barriers but nothing is going to keep him from winning her heart Sabrina figured she was not in the right place in her life to fall for a man but men who look as good as Wyatt with a heart to match just don’t come along From the first moment she meets him she knows this cowboy is different than any other man she’s metThe uiet vacation is interrupted when a stranger helps Sabrina fix her car She never expects to get caught up in the middle of a drug war a war that could cost her life. Sabrina is recovering from surgery double masectomy at her friend Carly's place for the summer Her ex boyfriend count handle the disease or the surgery and left She is warry of any further commitmentWyatt Cameron wants her from the minute he sees her enter the bar Wyatt sees the beautiful and brave person she is and she sees the true heart of this sexy man There is also a side story of drug running and dealers and car crashes and murder but hey It is a western Great story Great series Great author Cheyenne McCray Good readThis rating is as good as I can give any author who is writing a series for publicationThe book is paced to let the author develop each new character to the fullest Great couple Kitty's review posted on Guilty PleasuresYum Wyatt Cameron a man’s man a cowboy through and through This is the 4th installment of the Rough and Ready series and it does not disappointWyatt spots Sabrina in a crowded bar and just knew that he had to have her Sabrina is coming off of a bad time in her life and is not looking for anyone – especially a hot cowboy What transpires is a wonderful love story filled with compassion and once Sabrina gives in a lot of smoking sexI was surprised with the secret Sabrina held but when revealed I was so totally thrilled with the way the situation was written into the book It is so very hard to do this review without a spoiler especially since I want to commend Ms McCray for writing this into a hot steamy sexy cowboy love story Especially since it is a topic that is very close to my heart So without giving too much away after Sabrina tells him her secret “I’m sorry sweetheart” He guided her to the bed and they sat down on the edge of it “Did they get it all?” “They say the cancer is completely gone” She nodded “That doesn’t mean it can’t come back You never know with this disease if it will show up in the future But right now the prognosis is good” He put his arm around her shoulder and kissed her forehead “I’m so sorry you had to go through that” Yes it is exactly how you would want your lover to react when you tell him something that big Wyatt’s concern for Sabrina and her acceptance of the love Wyatt has for her was so truly touching and heart warmingYou can also count on Cheyenne McCray for a few twists and turns and a little mystery She came through on this as well She brings you through a tough subject a kidnapping a murder and gives you an HEA that really puts a smile on your face What I really enjoyed was that the story just didn’t end She carried it straight through to the wedding and picks it right back up in the next installment Satin and Saddles I’d read the earlier books in this series and really just kept reading not because they were anything special but because Cheyenne McCray can’t tell a bad or boring story This book however tripped over the line for me Cheyenne McCray took a sensitive subject like breast cancer and dealt with it with sensitivity and realism I applaud and commend Sabrina Holliday is a breast cancer survivor She has had a double mastectomy and apparently the asshole she was seeing couldn’t deal and dumped her Sabrina hasn’t had reconstructive surgery yet and is feeling self conscious She is a teacher and is spending summer vacation with a writer friend of hers who encourages her to get out and meet folks And she meets a gem in the person of Wyatt Cameron cowboy hunk Cameron treats Sabrina as a woman He doesn’t belittle her fears he has fallen for the woman not her breasts or lack thereof This book is full of action adventure and love I really enjoyed reading Champagne and Chaps The story is fabulous and the characters will have you hook line and sinker I will definitely be recommending this bookWyatt Cameron was taken back by the beauty of Sabrina Holliday when she walked into the bar where he and his mate were enjoying a drink Sabrina is not looking to the future because she hasn’t let go of her past but she is drawn to Wyatt and the she spends with him the the barriers are coming down Just as they are getting to know each other Sabrina will innocently ignore Wyatt’s warning and be placed in danger by one of the locals Will Sabrina be protected and what will Wyatt do when he finds out what happened When I first read the concept of this book I was a little leerybeing a survivor of breast cancer myself I wasn't so sure that anyone could capture the feelings someone goes through trying to beat the disease I was wrongthis book is wonderful Not only does it not shy away from the disease but the characters embraces it This book had everything you could possibly want hot sex a loving sexy cowboy a heroine not willing to let a disease take her life from her and suspense mixed with some drug runners I would highly recommend this book This was an okay read for me I saw many reviewers really liked this story and I wanted to but it just seemed forced I couldn't buy that the hero would have been sooooo okay with the heroine having a double mastectomy It was to soon in the relationship granted this is a fiction story but it didn't ring true Of course it could be that having to deal with cancer in real life now and the issues that arise from radiation and chemo could and did make this a difficult read and the happily ever after to good to be true 45 out of 5 Great western romance that is built around the issue of recovery from breast cancer and it's a beautifully written story one that will warm the heart entertain the mind and massage the libido The characters are very real and deal with real life issues of loving and relating to one another all in the context of warm family relationships and the support of true friends Another winner from one of my favorite authors This was a good book but I thought it was a little on the slow side but that did not keep me from enjoying it Wyatt and Sabrina had great chemistry and as in the first book there's a nail butting suspense I read these out of order so now I need to go back and read the others I feel these books can be read a stand alone books