Lou t03 : le cimetière des autobus

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This was super cute I loved it I like lou She is so adorable Her mom is nutter but in a fun uirky way and her mom's bf is sweet Lou has reasons to be down in the dumps She can't figure out what to write to Peter; she's in a different class than her best friend; her mother is interested in her boyfriend than Lou; she's hitting adolescence Another fast and fun read in the Lou series I like the back story It gives you perspective on Lou's fathers life It seems I stumbled onto Lou not realizing this was volume 3 until I sat down today to read it I almost set it aside until I could find volumes 1 and 2 but then I found the board game style summary of Lou's previous story on the front end pages It was impressive in its level of detail brevity clarity and humor so I decided to keep readingI'm glad I did This volume covers a school year of thirteen year old Lou's life autumn to spring as she deals with all the normal mundane things her life brings including what the clueless adults in the book call a severe adolescent crisis I don't know how to say this I had a little freak out This big emptiness I feel a whole lot better now But it was like I always felt like crying I dunno Like I was waiting for something to happen And then nothing Nothing at all Nothing but a sort of miserable void But I don't know if you get it Friendships school her mom and her mom's boyfriend letters from the guy she met over the summer all of them are important yet none of them seem to matter It might be easy to think from Lou's blond hair and pink dress on the cover the hearted exclamation point and girly colors that Lou is shallow and materialistic but that's not the case one bit This book has complex realistic sympathetic and engaging characters from start to finishI plan on reading the rest of the series and am going to be hunting for readers to recommend it to 3 down 1 to go Lou and her friend Mina return to school after a long summer See vol 02 only to discover to their horror that they've been put into separate classrooms This is the root of an unexpected uarrel between them causing them to grow apart and refuse to speak to each other Will the two of them make up or is their friendship over?New characters are also introduced as the two make new friends in their classes Lou's mom's book comes out and Lou's Gran makes another appearance Down in the Dumps is the third book of the series and it marks the start of the school year for Lou who is still missing her crush Tristan and who has yet to work up the courage to write back to her summer friend Paul Lou and her best friend Mina also wind up in different classes and end up in a fight Though the artwork is as appealing as ever this book did not keep my attention very well It’s the same old middle school drama and inner turmoil but the author doesn’t seem to have much of anything new to say about it This is an honest sometimes “down in the dumps” look at how to navigate through rough patches during adolescence both for kids and for their parents confusedly looking on Some of the themes her mom's relationship included make this appropriate for the 6th grade levels despite looking as though it's for a younger audience Subplots include falling out with friends starting puberty navigating relationships with the opposite sex and basic figuring out your identity The Lou graphic novel series is totally cute In this installation Lou is dealing with many of the changes that adolescence brings She's in a separate class from her best friend and they get in a fight The boy she had a crush on moved away and the boy she met on vacation wrote her a letter she doesn't know how to respond to Her body's changing and she feels moody and depressed all the time We've all been there Don't give up Lou My favorite one of the entire series When I was little I read this one the most because I could easily relate to it and I remember being amazed how some of my feelings back then could be explained to me like this and it helped me a lot I still keep a wonferful memory of me sitting down and reading it for the nth time I never grew tired of it