The Invitation Gathering Bonus Short

The Invitation Gathering Bonus Short[PDF / Epub] ✅ The Invitation Gathering Bonus Short Author Kelley Armstrong – The second of two shorts that went with the enhanced ebook edition of The GatheringHuge spoilers for The Gathering in this one so please only read if you’re done the bookK ArmstrongCan be found and The second of two shorts that Gathering Bonus Kindle ´ went with the enhanced ebook edition of The GatheringHuge spoilers The Invitation Epub / for The Gathering in this one so please only read if you’re done the bookK ArmstrongCan be Invitation Gathering Bonus PDF Î found and read here. Bullet ReviewIn what universe was this ever necessary? Even though it's free it STILL feels like a cheap marketing gimmick to milk the cash cow that is this franchiseRafe goes to Maya's birthday party That's it That's all that this is It's I need to find McGuffin to heal my poor weakened sister that we got plenty of in The Gathering Only this time instead of being in Maya's head which isn't that bad of a place to be when she's not mooning over Lover Boy we get to be inside this jerk's headI could SORT OF understand the point of the previous short story But this? WHY??? I liked this it was interesting to get inside Rafe's head for a change and see what he was thinking during this scene and how it felt about Maya at the time I loved this scene in the first book so it was great to read it from Rafe's pov Eeeeeeep Loved it Loved it Loved it as hell Rafe tell her you truly have feeling for her OKay TELL HER then I will kick your butt Seriously I love U I love U OKay XDI want Rafe and Maya together OKay They should be together I'M SERIOUS I gotta read Book 1 again but I have no time to read Book 2 Damn it Damn it to HELL SeeeezzzI know you are NOT Jerk RAFEEEEE I know you was misunderstood You're very good boy I know you did it for helping Annie I love that you so much care your sister I felt it You gotta deserve Maya She is the one for you OKay I don't want Maya with Anyone except RAFE OKay I'M SERIOUS SERIOUS XD XD XD This was a really sweet novella It's basically a chapter of the Gathering though just told from Rafe's POV so it wasn't very excitingIt was interesting to hear the story from Rafe's POV It was also nice the novella was set just before one of the key moments of The Gathering This is a short story written from Rafe's point of view and I love Rafe so5 stars Full review at story is from Rafe's point of view starting right before he went to the party until before he and Maya had their climbing competition It was mostly Rafe contemplating whether Maya was the girl and if he should go to her party I personally felt this story is mostly unnecessary and there is not much new to learn other than showcase how annoying it was the way Rafe looks at girls like they including Maya were conuests to satisfy his ego But if you are interested you can read this story at 54 points100 275 stars5It is Maya's birthday party and Rafael gets invitedThis is a short story that is a scene within the first book the Gathering told by another character's perspective There really really isn't anything in this short story that is new I'm honestly not even certain why this was written If you like seeing a relatively innocuous scene told from another character's perspective have at it I love Kelley Armstrong's writing I have since I first read her Otherworld series This was super short and I did enjoy it revisiting this world as I read this series a long while ago It was nice to see the situation from Rafe's point of view and it was obviously a fun little thing for Kelley to explore how Rafe was feeling about it all Rough Draft? Early Version? Doesn't solve the CliffHanger of the Gathering so still ugg