The Dream Hunter

The Dream Hunter➤ [Epub] ➞ The Dream Hunter By Sherrilyn Kenyon ➮ – Condenado pelos deuses a viver para toda a eternidade sem emoções Arikos apenas consegue sentir através dos sonhos dos outros Durante milhares de anos vagueou pelo inconsciente humano em busca de s Condenado pelos deuses a viver para toda a eternidade sem emoções Arikos apenas consegue sentir através dos sonhos dos outros Durante milhares de anos vagueou pelo inconsciente humano em busca de sensações Agora encontrou finalmente The Dream Kindle - uma sonhadora cuja mente vívida é capaz de preencher o seu próprio vazioMegeara Kafieri testemunhou a ruína do pai na sua demanda para provar a existência de Atlântida A promessa da filha no leito de morte do pai de resgatar a reputação dele trouxe a até à Grécia onde a jovem tenciona provar ue a mítica ilha está no local identificado pelo pai Em vez disso Megeara encontra um estranho a flutuar no mar – um estranho cujo rosto reconhece de muitos dos seus sonhos O ue Megeara desconhece é ue Arik esconde mais segredos do ue aueles de ue ela precisa para encontrar a Atlântida Arik fez um pacto com Hades em troca de duas semanas como mortal ele terá de regressar ao Olimpo com uma alma mortal a de Megeara. This was a strange world mankind lived in No wonder they escaped into dreams Well I expected Aside from the secondary characters who are really worth mentioning for me The Dream Hunter was a boring weak and unimpressive story First of all I have serious problems with the main characters Arik and GearyGeary is totally inconsistent She is not even a character she is just put together by various but ill matched personalities and behaviorisms thrown in a pile She behaves illogically in almost every wayFirst in her approach to Atlantis view spoilerThe story starts that she hates her father because of his obsessed and vain uest for Atlantis and considers him responsible for the death of the rest of their family She had even changed her name in order to save her reputation and avoid all the inconveniences caused by the name of her infamous father She not only despises her father but she doesn’t believe in the existence of Atlantis at all After not meeting or speaking to each other for years she travels to Greece to her dying father and makes a promise to him to continue his search She also receives artifacts from her father tagged with the date 9500 BC and she also identifies them – while she is standing on the shore of the Aegean Sea and her hair flies in the wind – simply looking at them as Atlantian items Yeah without any euipment just because they seem “very old”Followed by a very out of character reasoning something like “OMG this stuff is from Atlantis OMG my father was right OMG I feel so guilty not believing him” she spends six years searching for Atlantis – in vain Towards the end of the story she realizes that she jeopardizes her friends and family and Arik also tells her that if she explores Atlantis Apollymi will be free and the world is over So she simply decides to stop searching At least some inner conflict please hide spoiler Arikos Catranides Oneroi Skotos and Megeara Kafieri HumanHow far a man would go in order to sleep with the woman he wantsArik has been visiting Megeara in her dreams often He is a dream god and an erotic Skoti As a result Megeara keeps having sensual dreams with intense feelings Arik needs these sensations because as the rest of the Skoti he is cursed not to have any feelings and he really needs them in order to survive the nothingness of his existence At some point living in Megeara’s dreams will not be enough Thus he will try to live like a mortal for a while in order to meet her Hades will help but not without a bargainGeary Kafieri is on a uest to discover the lost Atlantis somewhere close to Santorini and clear her father’s name until she discovers the man of her dreams literally floating unconscious in the seaThe story was a bit slow paced especially during the first part of the book but it was full of mythology and the story really takes off after a while I thought the secondary characters were interesting than the main characters1Solin Catranides Arik’s brotherhalf brothercousinfellow god Anyway Arik’s relative2Katra Agrotera One of Artemis’ koris who needs to stop Geary from discovering Atlantis3Zebulon The powerful Chthonian than 27542 years ago who can destroy even godsI wish the writer had described in details the surprise of Geary when she discovers that gods are real and how Arik feels when he is humanBut overall I don’t have any complains I can surely imagine Gods and Goddesses walking in Fira’s alleys in SantoriniNote I usually don’t bother correcting Greek language mistakes in English texts that are trying to translate greek but I feel the need to do it this time because the meaning is totally different So Zebulon’s T shirt says“Σας προσέχω είμαι φοβισμένος” but it should really say“Σας παρακολουθώ γι’ αυτό να φοβάστε” which is the exact translation of “I am watching you be afraid” The 1st book in the Dream Hunter Series which is also part of the Dark Series Worldokay you’re confusedso am I All these “inside” series of a series Ok never mindenough of thatDark Hunters job is to protect humans from demons entering their dreams This is the story of a once powerful member of the Oneroi who fell from grace Arik was one of those protectors but things went wrong when he entered a human’s dream resulting in him becoming a Skotos losing all his feelings and has been for thousands of years looking for someone that will make him feel passion and alive again But then he enters into a human woman’s sensual chocolate dream – yes not kidding This is someone who makes him see the vivid colors and feel emotions that he believed were gone forever Megeara Kafieri pure Atlantean blood in her anthropologist and underwater recovery expert She travels to Greece determined to finding the fabled lost civilization of Atlantis to vindicate her dead father’s reputation that was left in tatters when he had not been able to prove it whilst he was still aliveThis was not a bad book but it never really wowed meArik was a bit of a painselfish self centeredcaring for no one but himself He does redeem himself a bit at the end when he actually sacrifices himself for Megearawho by the way he had barter her life for his curse to be brokenMegeara was so whiny and painful at timesthat I wanted to throttle her Oh she wasn’t pretty enough for someone as awesome as Arikwhat is it with these human females that the Dark Hunters fall in love with always have I am not gorgeous enough for this “gorgeouness “guy Get a life girlsI found the secondary characters and subplots much interesting than the romance between Arik Megeara A lot of this series characters make an appearance and the interaction and dialogue is awesome as usualloved seeing Kat her beyond “cruella” mother Apollymi And loved loved the Greek Islands settingI liked it but this is not going to be a reread soon Oh preuels I'm not a fan Sorry shudder Not even onceThis takes place before all of the other books And it isn't about a Dark hunter but a Dream Hunter which is a lot less exciting I don't know how other people feel on this but I don't really like when books have a bunch of dreams written in them I get really bored really fast and start skimming I feel the same way about people telling me about a dream they had Dreams don't make sense okay? And you struggling to tell me how the pig turned into your mother and you were running from a buffalo isn't interesting to meNeedless to say I found this book very boring I didn't care about either character who had a pre existing relationship by being dream lovers and I didn't care about the main plot The only good thing about this book was the glimpses of Ash and the tiny minuscule glimpses of the Dark Hunters before the first book But overall totally not worth trudging through to get those small gems This was the series that got me into paranormal romance Before there was even a name for these types of books This was another great installment in the Dark Hunter series Though I guess this was really a Dream Hunter book It had the usual mix of romance humor and action that you would expect from the series and also included some interesting subplots as well as an interesting main story arcArik is an emotionless Skotos who only feels emotions when he drains them from humans in their dreams When he encounters the dreams of the Atlantis seeking Megeara Kafieri he is drawn to her unlike any human he has encountered before The pull is so great that when the Oneroi block him visiting her dreams Arik strikes a bargain with Hades that will see him become human for two weeks During that time he will be able to live and feel emotions like a regular human The price of this bargain is Megeara's soul The price seemed like nothing at all to Arik when he had no feelings and emotions but the longer he spends in the human world with Megeara the he realizes the true price of the bargain he has struck with Hades I enjoyed the romance between Arik and Geary It was totally different to any of the other romances in the series so far It started out as only a physical attraction between the pair and then developed into true feelings as the spent real time with each other and got to know each other better Megeara was likable enough even if she was not one of the series memorable characters It was interesting to follow Arik's development over the course of the story as he was initially uite unlikable due to his lack of feeling and concern for others Luckily the time he spent as a human and feeling emotions the likable he got The romance also held plenty of humor as Arik was unaccustomed to being in the human world and dealing with all the rules and social niceties that went with it The banter between Arik and his half brother Solin was utterly hilarious The plot itself was fairly intriguing Hades deal gave Arik two weeks on earth as a human but some of the other Gods and his Oneroi brothers had their own reasons for wanting him dead before that time limit expired Then their was Megeara and her families uest to find Atlantis A uest that proved dangerous as none of the Greek Gods want the site found and Apollymi's imprisonment disturbed Another real plus for this book was that we got to meet a whole bunch of interesting new secondary characters like the Oneroi leaders M'Ordant D'Alerian and M'Adoc and a few of the Greek Gods in the form of Hades and Persephone The real standout secondary characters were the awesome Solin Kat and ZT who all definitely deserve books of their own All in all I was really happy with this installment Rating 4 starsAudio Note This was narrated by Fred Berman He does a great job as always with this series I really liked this book It seems that a lot of people don’t like the addition of the Dream Hunters to the Dark Hunter series but I found the concept an intriguing one a race that is cursed to feel no emotions and therefore have to syphon them off humans while they dream It puts a whole new spin on Sherrilyn Kenyon’s world and how everything is interwoven In this story we meet Dream Hunter Arik He is infatuated with MegearaGeary whose very HOT dreams he has been sharing so hot that he makes a deal with Hades to spend two weeks on earth as a human to be with her – for a price Geary meanwhile is on a mission to continue her family legacy and find the lost city of Atlantis – which leads to all sorts of issues for the gods who want to keep both it and the trapped Apollymi a secret I suspect part of the reason people don’t like this book as much is because Arik is not exactly a strong Alpha male like we are used to from earlier books But it completely suited his character and the situation he was in I really liked his innocence and watching him discover the world as a ‘human’ as he was finally exposed to the emotions that he had never been allowed to feel as a Dream Hunter Geary is a strong heroine Fiercely protective of her family and friends and eventually of Arik she has a wickedly dry sense of humour and I really liked her Like the other books in the series there is a big cast of supporting characters – almost all of which we hadn’t met before Highlights for me were Kat the mysterious handmaiden of Artemis who we met briefly and somewhat bizarrely in Seize the Night Geary’s cousin Tory the genius yet sassy teenager who reads Plato for fun Solin and his banter with Arik which was brilliant the oh so sarcastic Zebulon and the introduction of Hades and his wife Persephone – they were hilarious There wasn’t as much action in this book but there was definitely some excitement and lots of swoon and a very sappy epilogue There was a heavy focus on the mythology which I really enjoyed and I believe is setting us up for future books in the series including another reveal on the deliciously mysterious Acheron I love how I can easily fall back into Kenyon’s world whenever I pick one of her books up Like other favourite authors of mine you always know what you’re going to get in her stories and she never disappoints On a side note – since reading this book and doing a bit of research I’ve discovered that some of the characters we meet in this story have books of their own coming and OMFG I cannot WAIT to get to those stories and the secrets that they hold Sueee Sherrilyn Kenyon is one of my favorite authors whose books I never get bored of I love how she has weaved the Greek mythology and history into her Fantasy Paranormal Romance stories Although the first half of the book was a bit slow the story picked up greatly in the second halfThis is the first book in Dream Hunter series the story of Arikos or Arik the Skoti who was drawn to the heroine’s rich and sensational dreamscapes and Dr Megeara or Geary the woman who was trying to prove that Atlantis was not just a myth5 Stars for the storyline It was so entertaining and the characters were well developed I liked that the supporting characters were not less important interesting than the protagonists The fight scenes were so good almost stole my breath But my only complaint with this book was the romance 2 stars for this part I was uite disappointed with the lack of chemistry between Arik and Geary and when they fell in love with each other it happened way too abruptly However I was very impressed with the conclusion and the ending of the book Laughing he pulled her into his arms and held her close Thank you Geary For what? For giving me a life that is the best dream I've ever had All in all I enjoyed reading this book for the most part The story uite delivered on its promise My first intention was to give this book 3 stars but the last uarter pushed it up to 4 And of course once againGreek Gods Vampires Daimons Dream Gods Dark Hunters Insignificant Humans blabbering Of course Captivating dry humour The whole book Concept 2550Execution 27550 Characters Bespoken 25 50Cover 27550Overall 2550As for Arikos and MegearaPS I want Acheron back sighs Kenyon is keeping my head spinning by interspersing books that are actually enjoyable with books that are horrible This is one of the enjoyable onesArik is a Skotos meaning he's an emotionless dream god who feeds off people's emotions by visiting them in dreams He's been having dream sex with Geary Dr Megeara Saatsakis Kafieri for two months nowUnfortunately dream gods aren't supposed to spend that much time with one human only one or two nights and then move on So Arik is warned to stop visiting GearyIn order to have time with her Arik goes to Hades to ask to be turned into a human so that he can meet Geary and spend time with her Being human will give him a full range of vibrant emotions and also he'll be able to taste smell feel all the fun stuff humans get to do in the real world In exchange for giving Arik two weeks on Earth as a human Hades wants Geary's soul At the end of the two week period Arik will kill Geary and give Hades her soul He makes this deal without hesitation he has no feelings and certainly doesn't love GearyHowever that all changes once he's plunged into the emotionally fraught human worldGeary is on a uest to find the lost city of Atlantis She sees a man drowning in the ocean one night when she is out on her boat Imagine her surprise when the man she drags out of the water turns out to be the man she's used to seeing naked in her dreamsThis book was very satisfying It was fun to see Arik struggle with human emotions and discover things like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups It was also amusing to see him grappling with human niceties and manners The reader also gets to see him turn from a total emotionless selfish creep into someone who cares for others and learns to feel compassion I am a sucker for these kinds of stories Kenyon also borrows heavily from classic Greek mythology here in a way that is reminiscent of a PERCY JACKSON book and that is also something that I enjoy We spend time with Hades Persephone and other famous Greek characters in this bookThere's action and fighting love and sex redemption all the stuff I really want in a romance novelReally the only bad thing I can say about it is that Kenyon yet again just CANNOT resist slipping in this female self hatred Geary is by all accounts an attractive woman yet she cannot stop dissing herself and making negative comments about how unattractive she is This is SO tiring and SUCH a turn off for me Women with low self esteem drive me NUTSIf you took out that part this was actually a novel that left me satisfied and happy It had a good plot and interesting characters3 REAL STARS 4 ROMANCE STARS

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