Burning Lies

Burning Lies❰Ebook❯ ➣ Burning Lies Author Helene Young – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Kaitlyn Scott is searching for the truth about her husband's death even if that means revisiting the most painful day of her life But what she uncovers is a criminal willing to stop at nothing to keep Kaitlyn Scott is searching for the truth about her husband's death even if that means revisiting the most painful day of her life But what she uncovers is a criminal willing to stop at nothing to keep his secretRyan O'Donnell an enigmatic undercover cop is investigating arson attacks when he is drawn into Kaitlyn's world He tries to fight his attraction for her hoping the case might put his own demons to rest but it only threatens to push him over the edgeWith Kaitlyn and Ryan on a collision course the arsonist seizes the chance to settle some old scores As the Atherton Tableland burns the three of them are caught in a fiery dance of danger and desire and not everyone will come out aliveSet in Australia's tropical far north this is an explosive story of peril and passion by the author voted by the Romance Writers of Australia as the most popular novelist of the year. This was an absolute page turner for me Five years ago Kaitlyn Scott lost her father Stephen and her husband Chris in a fire in Canberra It was believed that her husband was the arsonist but Kaitlyn never believed this could be trueKaitlyn ends up moving to Atherton Tablelands with her mother Juliia and her son Daniel where she becomes a volunteer with the Rural Fire BrigadeRyan is an undercover cop who moves in next door to Kaitlyn Ryan is working undercover to investigate and find out who is behind the series of fires in the local areaHe also becomes a volunteer for the Rural Fire Brigade After Kaitlyn has met Ryan she becomes suspicious of him as she suspects he may not be who he says he is She also finds herself uite attracted to him But is she really ready to get involved with someone at the moment as the pain from losing her husband is and will always be with herI LOVED this book and towards the end I couldn't put it down as I desperately needed to know how it would finish and I certainly wasn't disappointed What a fantastic read by an Australian author I finished Burning Lies back in May and can finally put my review up I absolutely loved it The old ‘I could not put it down’ was so true for mewhat a wonderful gripping suspenseful and riveting readKaitlyn is now part of the Border Watch team along with Lauren and Morgan after moving to the Tablelands with her mother Julia and son Dan to try to escape the horror of the past The death of her father Stephen and husband Chris in the bushfires in Canberra where it pointed to Chris being an arsonist and him murdering his father in law were too much for them all to bear and getting away seemed to be the only way to deal with their griefBut five years later the past threatened to catch up with them again Kaitlyn was part of the Rural Fire service with Speedy in charge of their group and he was also the local school run bus driver When a new man arrived on the scene and moved into old Jerry’s house at the end of Kaitlyn’s road and also joined the Fire service Kaitlyn wasn’t sure what to think of Ryan The fact that he was reported to be on sick leave from Sydney but didn’t seem to know a lot about being a firie made her suspicious The attraction was immediate but she didn’t give trust easily She was suspicious of everyone and needed to check him out first in ways than one It seemed the arsonist was working in her area too and it brought the horror to the surface again all too readily Between being away for long stretches at a time with her job in Border Watch and getting called out to the increasingly freuent number of fires in the area she wasn’t spending as much time with Dan and Julia as she wanted Her family was her life but it seemed she had problems to try to work throughWould Kaitlyn find the arsonist before he killed again would she ever get over the terrible loss of her father and the grief of not knowing if her husband was really the Canberra arsonist? The she found out the she needed to find out and with Ryan seeming to not be who he said he was her nerves were strung so tightly she couldn’t think straight Following on from Wings of Fear and Shattered Sky Burning Lies is a brilliant novel from an Australian author right at the top of her game The twists and turns of this story the suspense and fear along with a hint of romance make for a wonderful read one I would highly recommend Summer is heating up in far north ueensland where Kaitlyn Scott lives with her mother and young son Daniel on the Atherton tablelands She relocated her family from Canberra after a devastating bush fire took the lives of her father and husband and her husband was accused of starting the fire Kaitlyn has a new job working for Border Watch flying over the coastline watching for illegal drugs and refugee boats She has built a new house making it as fire resistant as possible and has joined the local rural fire service However she is worried that there have already been far too many bushfires so early in the season this year and she fears that there may be an arsonist in the areaUnknown to Kaitlyn her new neighbour Brad Ryan an undercover policeman has been sent into the area to hunt out the arsonist Although instantly attracted to this handsome man she senses he isn't uite what he seems and isn't uite sure if she can trust him Life becomes even complicated when Brad's past starts to catch up with him This is the first novel I have read by Helene Young and although the main characters have appeared in earlier novels this did not detract in any way from the story as the author filled in their back stories well enough for this novel to stand alone very successfullyAn explosive page turnerthe author slowly builds the tension and fear as the arsonist becomes and dangerous The characters are very real and the descriptions of the bushfires and fire fighters feels very authentic A sizzling hot read 45★ Burning Lies about Kaitlyn is a single mum who is searching for the truth about her husband death and an undercover cop Ryan who is investigating arson attacks in the area Burning Lies continuing to twist and turn entwining Kaitlyn and Ryan lives until they fall in love However someone is trying to stop Kaitlyn finding happiness and the truth about her husband death Readers of Burning Lies will learn about the mind of an arsonist and the terrible conseuences of fires to the land and the people involved Also readers will learn about how to protect themselves when they are involved with bush fires I recommend this book I've been eagerly awaiting the publication of Burning Lies the third in a series of romantic suspense novels by Australian author Helene Young Set in far north ueensland the books are loosely linked by character and environment Burning Lies features Kaitlyn Scott a Border Watch officer who works with Morgan Shattered Sky and Lauren Wings of Fear and Ryan O'DonnellWings of Fear an undercover federal officer With plenty of action sizzling romance and page turning suspense Burning Lies is a fast paced exciting novelBurning Lies is literally grounded than either Shattered Sky or Wings of Fear Though Kaitlyn works for the airborne coastal border protection service featured in the previous novels most of the action in this story takes place amongst the landscape of the Atherton Tablelands Burning Lies sees Young's characters caught up in the investigation of deliberately lit bushfires during the height of summer For Kaitlyn the bushfires stir painful memories Five years ago her husband was accused of setting the devastating Canberra fires that he and Kaitlyn's father died in Anxious to protect her young son and mother from a repeat of the tragedy Kaitlyn's home is as fire proof as possible and she volunteers as a rural fire service member but all her defenses may still not be enough against a determined arsonist In Wings of Fear Ryan was working undercover in a bikie gang accused of human trafficking While the operation was successful Ryan didn't escape unscathed and now is targeted by the gang He has been sent to Northern ueensland not only to escape the men looking for him but also to identify a suspected arsonist at work in the area Ryan's cover has him as a city firefighter on leave who joins the local volunteer rural fire service while living at a property next door to KaitlynKaitlyn and Ryan are well fleshed out protagonists each battling their own internal demons while facing external challenges Their relationship begins with a spark of instant attraction and builds through the novel complicated by their circumstances I really appreciate the way in which the author develops the romantic relationships in her novels skillfully creating an attraction that blooms naturallyThe plot of Burning Lies is fast paced and builds suspense from the opening pages Not only do the fires pose a real danger to the characters Kaitlyn is being stalked and Ryan is being hunted There is mystery surrounding the identity of the firebug and the truth of what happened during the fires Canberra and when the climax comes everything falls in to place leaving the reader breathlessBurning Lies is a fantastic read uniue but with all the action adventure mystery and romance found in both Shattered Sky and Wings of Fear Helene Young is one of my favourite authors and I am already eagerly awaiting her next book Burning Lies is the third tantalising romantic suspense novel released by talented Australian author Helene Young Another great instalment in this loosely based series where the lead female is a customs pilot and has a major role in solving the investigation that ensues in ueensland’s northern tropical regionAn arsonist is wreaking havoc in a rural town outside of Cairns during an already ferocious fire season When Kaitlyn Scott moved into town with her son Dan and her mother Julia and joined the local fire brigade as a volunteer it wasn’t just to help the community save houses and their livelihood but it was personal She’s guilt ridden over the fire that was allegedly started by her husband five years ago that ultimately took his life her father’s and their family homeRyan O’Donnell is an undercover cop who moves in next door to Kaitlyn and has a role in uncovering the arsonist but must keep his identity hidden Kaitlyn immediately suspects that Ryan isn’t exactly who he says he is but she is drawn to him despite her unresolved hurts Ryan is cocky and flirty but that’s the side of him that forms part of his pseudo identity there’s also a side of him that is caring and maintains strong valuesIt’s not long before Kaitlyn’s past comes back to haunt her and there’s some evidence to believe that perhaps her husband isn’t dead perhaps he is behind the current fires in the area Kaitlyn as a character has many layers of depth which slowly unravelled from the strong independent and headstrong woman to a vulnerable emotive woman who becomes open to relying on others and trusting someone RyanAs a love interest Ryan is a loveable guy who is playful sexy and committed to protecting Kaitlyn Another side of him emerges through his relationship with Kaitlyn the side that he has repressed because of the nature of his work Burning Lies has plenty of action and suspense which is fast paced right up until the very end I love Helene’s writing style and character development and can’t wait to see what she has in store after this series I’ll definitely have to get a printed version of this book to sit alongside Young’s first two novels Wings of Fear and Shattered Sky I highly recommend this series Originally posted hereThe premise of Burning Lies definitely attracted me as – like so many people around here – I was caught up in the middle of the 2003 bushfires in Canberra and knew plenty of people who lost their homes To see a book like this begin in Canberra and then continue to involve a pretend version of what happened here less than a decade ago was very interesting to meHélène Young is one of those writers who makes sure she gets her facts right down to the little details Sometimes you’ll read a book in this genre and you just know that the author was making it up on the go; not the case hereThough this book holds up one hundred percent on its own it is the third book in a loosely linked series that features the men and women working for Border Watch There was a development with book one pair Morgan and Rafe that was completely unexpected to me I do love how Young updated the characters without wading right back into their lives for gratuitous follow up storylines that overtake the book I really dislike when a series struggles to move on from past charactersAustralian suspense is a very different beast I mean “beast” in the best possible way to what you’ll find coming out of America A major factor is that the balance of romance to suspense is usually completely different Australian books are heavier on the suspense and lighter on the romanceI’m not saying I have a preference for either kind; simply that there’re some big cultural differences I have noticed Of course there’re always exceptions to the rule tooThis very authentically Australian book would appeal to crime fiction readers as much as to the romantic suspense crowd Burning Lies is a well written thriller that would be enjoyed by all readers regardless of gender Its themes are ingrained in our Australian psyche and there would be few of us who have not been touched by bushfires and their devastating effects The author's experience as a pilot and her familiarity with the setting show through in the wonderful detail that helps power the story to life I cannot recall one incidence where I thought she got it wrong everything from tow points on cars to firefighting hose delivery volumes was impeccably researchedThe characters came to life on the pages Complex human beings with both weaknesses and strengths All thoroughly believable I recommend Burning Lies for anyone who enjoys a good story especially a good Aussie suspense story with a touch of crime and romanceFour and a half stars Another fabulous story by Helene Young Set in North ueensland in a fictional area because she couldn't bear to write about her beloved REAL country burning Totally understandableI love that we still got a snippet of the Border Watch folk some from past books in the series but that it also took a different turn focussing a lot on the Volunteer Fire Fighters What a wonderful job they do Great suspense and plot nail biting in lots of areasIt's obviously a well researched novel and again it's evident of the author's love for this country I love a good Aussie book I loved this book I have really enjoyed Helene's other novels as well but this is my new favourite I borrowed a copy from the library but it was so good now I'm going to have to buy it too Brilliant intriguing and likeable characters a captivating rural setting and a plot intense enough to keep the pages turning well past bedtime Highly recommended

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