Conjuring the Flesh (Pledged to Magic, #2)

Conjuring the Flesh (Pledged to Magic, #2)[Read] ➵ Conjuring the Flesh (Pledged to Magic, #2) By Brandon Fox – Pledged to Magic Book 2 Ander’s days as a musician in a hall of companions are over Initiation into a secret band of mages strained Ander’s body and dazzled his senses but mastering the ecstasy re Pledged to Magic Book Ander’s days as a musician in a hall of companions are over Initiation into a secret band of mages strained Ander’s body and dazzled his senses but mastering the ecstasy reuired to perform magic was only part of the challenge Fighting a tyrant’s scheme to seize the vast power concealed in the magical realm had nearly cost his life—and joining forces with Thane Conjuring the PDF/EPUB or the leader of the mages who use pleasure to gain power has definitely cost him his heart Ander’s talent as a musician and his budding prowess with sex magic are no match for an empire’s legions and even Thane’s brilliant plans can’t defeat the zamindar and his fearsome weapons Ander and Thane will have to not only take their powers of ecstasy to new heights but also confront Thane’s painful past a past that may contain the key to overthrowing the tyranny that threatens not just them but all they hold dear Second EditionFirst Edition published by Leyland Publications June . Sex Magic and use of the Kei is dominantly themed in this 2nd novel of the series along with ample amounts of outdoor adventures Horseback travel and outdoor sex scenes are two of the glorious constants contained in all of the Pledged to Magic novels which I unrelentingly enjoy and could never do withoutHowever you need to mentally prepare yourself Brandon Fox holds nothing back in this novel when he details some of the horrific scenes and issues the evil ruler The Zamidar had brought forth upon the lands of his kingdom and any who dare uestion or oppose himNo wonder Thane Ander Nicolai Sorel and Ander's closest friend Leif have no shortage of challenges to overcome in defeating the Zamidar his evil blood sorcery cronies and his loyal misguided military commandersIn this novel I was also thrilled to see Skorri another horny super hottie sex magic hero helper play a larger role in the development of the story He also becomes a dominant character in the final book of the series Sex RitesFor a complete review of Conjuring the Flesh I would suggest the following web sitehttpwwwreviewsbyjessewavecom?s The seuel to Apprenticed to Pleasure propels the story of young Ander his lover the mage Thane and the others of the lyceum in their battle against the wicked zamindar and his evil sorcerers of blood in a breathless rush of successes and setbacks Ander's world feels real and what fun that good magic comes from an excess of roaring sex Erotic but also very romantic Brandon Fox's characters really do love each other and if the end of this story doesn't cause a catch in the throat or raise a tear you obviously have the heart of a zamindar MM erotica in the fantasy genre with a specialized magic system While I guess it will appeal to erotica fans this series has little else to offer If you are interested in GLBT fantasy I'd suggest the far superior Wraeththu Series by Storm Constantine3 of 10 stars I took one off for the cover image Swords and sorcery and sex magic oh myWhen young Ander leaves the bordello in which he's been raised accompanied by the lithe and sexy Sorel and Nicolai he meets Thane and is uickly initiated into a group of mages who use sex magic to oppose the evil zamandir who is looking to rule the kingdom through force of arms torture and blood magic Book 1 Apprenticed to Pleasure sees them defeat the zamandir's early plot but there's no time to rest Now that the zamandir knows he has opposition will the mages have the time to conceal themselves work on their arts and to recruit new members? Those uestions are answered in book two Conjuring the FleshIn addition to all the hot pairings reuired that are absolutely reuired to fuel their magic exploring the boundaries of their magic means recruiting new members and there's plenty of willing volunteers in book two Yes this is MM erotica but there's a story that is so well intertwined into the action that one is sometimes torn between wanting another hot sex scene and wanting a new plot development And as with the best sex magic this reuires a careful balancing of titillation and pleasure with restraint and patience For the most part that balance is achieved in this book but to be truly sure one should check for oneself Note I received a copy of this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest and impartial review 45 StarsConjuring the Flesh is the second in the series and is just as riveting as the first Everything that made Apprenticed to Pleasure such wonderful book to read has carried over to the second book the magic the fantasy the adventure the hot steamy sex and that beautiful romance between Thane and Ander continue without missing a step The supporting characters from the first book are back and some new ones have been added I loved them all This book concentrates on the fight to overcome the evil that threatens that wonderful world that Brandon Fox has created so be warned it is much brutal there are some very hard scenes to read which are graphic and disturbing but ultimately sigh the ending had my heart aching in a good way and brought tears to my eyes I can’t wait to get started on the last of the series I read this book about a year ago and in all honesty I loved the whole concept behind conjuring the flesh or sex magic I'm not saying much other than yeah hot damn I wish I'd have thought of this Holy Jehosafat this book is awesome Can't wait for the third book This book is the second of a trilogy It was nice to read about the further sensual adventures of the characters from Apprenticed to PleasureOther books in the trilogyBook 1 Apprenticed to PleasureBook 3 Sex Rites I'm not normally a fan of paranormal stories I read this as i won a copy on Reviews by Jessewave It is a second book and no doubt this one would be easier to get into having read the first or other work by the author However when i got into the story of thane and ander i did enjoy it It was easier for me if i had a a good period of time to read if i only had small say 10 min reads it took a while to get into again but thats probably me not being overly into strange realms The story moved along uickly and kept interest with an ending suitable for the standalone but leading nicely to book 3 If anything this was even better than the first volume These boys are adorable and sweet which by itself is probably pretty fanciful I like all of the characters and the story is sometimes gripping and sometimes poignant The magic theme is ingrained solidly into the story and it makes sense to have sex as the portal

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