The Other Daughter

The Other Daughter[Reading] ➿ The Other Daughter Author Lisa Gardner – Auilo ue não sabemos pode matar nos Melanie perdera todas as recordações anteriores à adopção e agora alguém uer devolver lhas Mesmo ue isso inclua o pesadelo mais tenebroso ue a família Stoke Auilo ue não sabemos pode matar nos Melanie perdera todas as recordações anteriores à adopção e agora alguém The Other PDF \ uer devolver lhas Mesmo ue isso inclua o pesadelo mais tenebroso ue a família Stokes já enfrentou o assassínio da sua primeira filha no Texas À medida ue Melanie persegue toda e ualuer pista em busca da sua verdadeira identidade dois acontecimentos aparentemente não relacionados de há vinte anos juntam se numa perigosa explosão de verdade E com a própria vida em perigo Melanie receia ue as pessoas ue mais ama as da sua família sejam auelas em ue menos deve confiar. What a great read this author always delivers so glad I chose this one when I did I read a lot during a holiday commute and could not put it downMelanie has been adopted into a troubled rich family who hold many secrets Most of which could she be the daughter of a serial killer? She’s always felt loved by her grieving mum her troubled brother her hard working but gruff father and lastly her seemingly loving Godfather She’s taken the place of the ‘other’ daughter Meagan who was brutally murdered at 4 years of age Refusing to believe there could be trouble in this weird paradiseThe moment things start going pear shaped we meet FBI Agent David Griffin the character I most loved to read about I could see him having his own series I love my cool broody protagonists He has a past all of his own as don’t they all? and patiently helps Melanie work out the murky waters that are her adopted family This was a fabulously un put down able thriller of a read and as I type this review on a balcony at the beach this was a perfect read for me Recommended reading absolutely 455A real page turnerThe Other Daughter was my first Lisa Gardner's book and I was utterly pleased with it This book had me glued to every single page from the very start to the endThis was a great and entertaining suspense story full of suspicion danger and many puzzles to solve It kept me curious and edgy almost the entire time The plot was exceptional and the characters were appealing especially the hero David Riggs who has such a strong character He’s consistent clever courageous and most of all he never gives in This book gave me the chills while I was reading far into the night and the storyline kept me guessing constantly all the way through Moreover there were a lot of twists and turns that never stopped surprising me again and againThe Other Daughter had everything I could possibly want in suspense story great plot interesting and well developed characters and good twist ending The story was very engaging perfectly paced and thoroughly grippingAll in all this was an amazing suspense mystery thriller story with a slight touch of romance one of the most incredibly intense reading experiences I’ve ever had I absolutely enjoyed reading this book “She should have let it be Everyone deserves their walls” First Lisa Gardner book for me and I’m impressed As of September It is the best mysterythriller I’ve read this year we’ll see if it will hold until the year ends I really enjoyed the audiobook as well somehow it just got released last year even though the book has been published since 1999 but I’m happy it did another terrific performance from Brittany Pressley Another great book by Lisa Gardner Likeable characters a believable love interest and an intriguing mystery make this a very readable book It was very hard to put down A nice little twist at the end meant that even though I had guessed the person who had committed the crime the crime was not what I thought it was Very clever Highly recommended if you enjoy a good crime story This is not the first book that I read by Lisa Gardner and it's a good thing If I had I would not read anything else by her Fortunately the first book I read by her is part of the DD Warren series and I've become caught up in the lives of Ms Warren and her former lover Bobby Dodge The Other Daughter has an interesting premise On the day that a convicted serial killer is executed a young girl is found abandoned in a hospital across the country She's adopted by the Stokes parents of Meagan Stokes one of the girls the serial killer has confessed to killing Years later a reporter down on his luck shows up at the Stokes home and tells Melanie that he believes she's the serial killer's daughter Then everyone is receiving notes saying You get what you deserve What does it all mean?Cool right? That's what I thought Unfortunately there is so much going on in this book that you have the worst time keeping up By the end the suspenseful twist isn't that suspenseful any because there's all these other suspenseful twists thrown in There's too much details about each character Melanie's ex fiance cheated on her but also told her that he was worse off than her because she was adopted but he wasn't So when she's recounting the story to the FBI agent it's not clear why she broke up with him Harper Melanie's father is charming and wonderful but also cheats on his wife There's the recovering alcoholic mother the awesome god father who halfway through the book isn't so charming but runs guns There's the FBI agent working under cover that just happens to rescue Melanie from the reporter and her horrible migraine Melanie manages to eavesdrop on a call where the FBI agent is carrying on a monologue about how his partner rookie Chenney should follow the ex fiance The profiler from uantico not only has no problem talking to the FBI agent over speaker phone he's okay with letting Melanie hear the entire thing as well AND dun dun dun it's possible that someone in Melanie's family was responsible for Meagan's deathI have no problem suspending disbelief but this book reuired me to not only suspend disbelief but take it out back shoot it and bury it An addictive story you will not want to end SUMMARYThe Other Daughter was published over 20 years ago but was only now released in audio Melanie Stokes was nine years old when she was abandoned in a Boston hospital with a narcotic overdose She was subseuently adopted by a young wealthy couple who had earlier suffered the tragic loss of their four year old daughter Melanie’s grew up knowing she was loved by her parents her older brother and her favorite uncle She has no memory of her life before the adoption but now at age 29 someone wants her to remember One night she received a threatening message “you get what you deserve” As she struggles to figure out who she really is danger is lurking around every corner“The truth did not always set you free sometimes it bound you to dark bloody deeds and costs you the people you love”REVIEWThe Other Daughter was the winner of the 1999 Reviewer’s Choice Award and winner of the 2000 Daphne’s Du Maurier Award for suspense And I now know why it is being republished in audio It’s a mystery full of twists that will have you holding your breath till the end The writing was fluid and listening to the story was addictive Lisa Gardner’s character development was robust and narrator Brittany Presley did a fabulous job with the various voices My favorite part was the tension created by Melanie’s amnesia of her life before being abandoned in the hospital and I really loved the David Riggs character he was so full of feelings emotions and strength “A parent’s approval always mattered regardless of age”Publisher Brilliance AudioPublished December 2019Narrated Brittany PresleyReview wwwbluestockingreviewscom I purchased this book for my Nook because it was only 5 I feel like I completely overpaid I'm really shocked to read all the rave reviews on this site It's as though I've read a totally different book The writing is amatuerish The dialogue is awful and often awkward The characters are melodramatic and whiney The mystery isn't really much of a mystery at all I had all of the twists figured out before they were revealed The characters in this book are unbelievable Their development pretty much stops at Dad is a greedy yet spineless old man; Mom is a weak dependent alcoholic etc There is repetition around these characteristics but nothing deeper ever emerges The main characters are awful as well I had a really hard time with David the cop because in one paragraph he is made out to be this aging ex athlete with a degenerative spine which doesn't paint a pretty picture in my mind And then on the next page Melanie will place her hand on his lean stomach or notice the musculature of his pectorals or something horribly cheesy like that Attention authors you can't take an aging out of shape old guy and then make him some sort of sex God in the following chapter It doesn't work My mind just had a really hard time creating a picture of him because there were so many details about him that were at odds with each otherThe drama surrounding Melanie and her uest to find out who she really is just made me gag I understand the desire to find out your true parentage and all of that But everyone acting like oh poor Melanie we should have protected her How could we have treated her this way? The girl is 29 She isn't 7 yet everyone feels some sort of need to protect her I don't know it was just really odd to me Like I said very unbelievableI really thought this was an awful book There's no two ways about it But I did finish it which says something Granted my reason for perservering every time I picked it up was so I could move on to something better eventually But I did continue to go back Even after putting it away for awhile to read a different book i went back to The Other Daughter So there had to be something there that brought me back For that reason and that reason alone I granted two stars Otherwise I would have given one WOW I have no clue how I missed this audiobook I was literally glued to my iphone and then synced it to my audio night mask I loved it THE OTHER DAUGHTER will keep you on the edge of your seat to the very end Twisty and shocking I have read all Lisa Gardner's new books one of my favorite authors but now I am uickly buying all her older audiobooks to catch up I just found it by accident and the narrator Brittany Pressley was superb Highly recommend Melanie Stokes was found in an empty Boston hospital room at the age of 9 with no memory of her life before then or knowledge of her name She was adopted by Dr Harper Stokes and his wife Patricia who were still reeling over the loss of their daughter Meagan 5 years earlierFlash forward to the present and Melanie is accosted by a report Larry Digger who claims she is the daughter of the serial killer who killed the Stokes's first daughter DUN DUN DUNAnd then you need to relax our mind and forget that you will uestion the rest ; Or maybe it is just meThe story got completely crazy and out of control and I predicted half of it but it was mindless and a uick readI just can't really handle the I smelled him and now I love him I must protect the girl let's become crazy close fast Let's break the laws andor rules of my job because I just met you and OMG I LOVE YOU Or alllll the people conspire to be bad people and well you get the hintBut in the end I did read it and it did keep my attention and I only rolled my eyes a couple times ;I also used to read stuff like this all the time between the ages of 12 21 haha The Other Daughter Lisa Gardner A psychological suspense Thriller Melanie Stokes has it all A prominent wealthy Surgeon father beautiful loving mother and a Godfather who dotes on her She knows she is lucky because she is adopted and never gave thought to her real parents She also lives with a family tragedy one that is never spoken of Her sister Meagan was murdered 20 years ago by the child serial killer Russell Lee HolmesMelanie starts to ask about her sister she has memory loss can not remember anything prior to her adoption Yet these un rememorable memories begin to haunt her She starts to uestion her family coming up on dead ends She wonders if she really is loved who are her parents and can this crazy man be her biological father? An intense read with surprises along the way Lisa Gardner knows how to draw in a reader and keep you hanging on until the last page All night reading suspense