Ao Encontro do Nosso Amor

Ao Encontro do Nosso Amor[KINDLE] ❄ Ao Encontro do Nosso Amor By Michael Baron – Joseph um homem à beira dos uarenta anos acorda desorientado e constrangido num local ue não reconhece Parte numa viagem para encontrar a sua casa sem saber para onde vai orientado apenas pela visã Joseph um do Nosso MOBI õ homem à beira dos uarenta anos acorda desorientado e constrangido num local ue não reconhece Parte numa viagem para encontrar a sua casa sem saber para onde vai orientado apenas pela visão preciosa e indelével da mulher ue amaAntoinette é uma mulher Ao Encontro PDF \ de idade ue vive numa residência para séniores e ue se refugiou no seu mundo interior Aí o corpo e a mente não a atraiçoaram Aí é uma jovem recém casada com um marido ue a idolatra e uma vida inteira de sonhos para viver Encontro do Nosso MOBI õ Aí ela está verdadeiramente em casaWarren filho de Antoinette é um uarentão anos ue atravessa uma das fases mais difíceis da sua vida Com tempo a mais resolve tentar recriar as recordações de casa confeccionando os melhores pratos da mãe e saboreá los com elaJoseph Antoinette e Warren são três pessoas ue andam à procura de casa cada uma à sua maneira No modo como se ligam umas às outras nesta fase crítica das suas vidas reside o fundamento do tipo de história profunda e comovente ue nos habituámos a esperar de Michael Baron. He started well but he tripped and fell I like that little rhyme and it applied perfectly to this book for meThe story started with a nice little mystery and went right downhill for me from there In the end the mystery really didn’t amount to anything than a plot device and in between the beginning and the end I went back and forth between feeling like I was reading a cookbook and watching a Lifetime Movie Network movie The writing felt stunted to me and the dialogue was sometimes a little bit awkwardI don’t mean to say this was a bad book It was good enough to keep me reading until the end and when I finished despite my complaints I was left with a good feeling and there's something to be said for that I think fans of this genre will enjoy this book very much I probably would have enjoyed it if the story had a gun or a zombie or a six foot redhead so take my little review here for what it’s worth Got it on a free Friday for my Nook uite some time ago and kept putting off reading it because I had better books to read It was a fairly uick read at only 133 pages and it drew me in pretty uickly It was suggested as if you like Nicholas Sparks and I can see why they would relate the two although it had none of the classic Sparks elements Overall I would recommend it to others Especially if the price was good A good book Free nook bookI enjoyed this book It was reminiscent of a Mitch Albom type of book with a sweet ending I figured out the plot of the book fairly early but overall it was a heartfelt novel I was hooked at the beginning of this book Yet midway I began to suspect what direction it was leading and I was correct I will not say due to the fact it would be spoilers Yet that direction took away what had the potential to be a uite good novel Nevertheless the story does affirm loyalty and love The culinary theme adds a layer of interest to the storyline I found this to be a nice well written fiction novel I was surprised later to learn that it is considered a Christian novel My surprise was that it was not preachy or read like a Jack Chick tract it's a novel about regular people When memory has almost entirely gone can the senses of taste and smell revive it? Sitting by the bedside of his mother Warren decides to try to cook for her some of the recipes she created for family and friends with amazing results Joseph wakes up totally disoriented no memory of who he is only a vague memory of his wife Will finds him standing on the street the next day and volunteers to take him on a journey to find his home so so It took me most of the book to figure it out but it was worth it Thank you Mr Baron You did that hungry I loved it every twist and turn caught me by surprise I can’t wait to read of your books A poignant love story tying three separate characters together in an unimaginable way The Journey Home will pull readers in from the beginning and captivate them throughout With endearing and sensitive writing beautifully crafted characters and stunning plot lines Baron has created another romantic masterpiece This book focuses on three characters two of whom are related and one who is completely separate and forms a connection with each of them to the readerJoseph is the first character introduced a man who wakes up in a house full of strangers and missing most of his names Apart from knowing his first name but no last name and having a strong feeling he is married Joseph is at a complete loss for what to do and where to go His pain over the distance from his wife is tangible written in a stunning way to easily make the reader see from his eyes how it feels to know somewhere his wife loves him and misses him with no word on whether he's safe or not His journey is surprising as he meets a 17 year old boy named Will who openly offers to drive him aimlessly across the country in an effort to find his home The kinship between these two adult man and teenager caught between boy and man is moving and memorableNext introduced is Antoinette a woman suffering the effects of Alzheimer's compounded by her grievance over the loss of her husband a few years before This is a woman who was devoted to her husband entwined in him and the definition of soul mate Without him Antoinette lives in a constant state of pain missing him and wanting nothing than to be with him Her days are spent by preference locked away in her memories reliving her entire relationship with her husband and offering heartfelt looks into various points in their decades together They most certainly had the kind of idealized romance many can only dream about from the raw passion to the intense devotion and Baron has painted that picture enchantinglyThe final player in this work is Warren Antoinette's son who is struggling to understand her mental decline With little other ideas to try to pull her attention coupled with the goings on in his personal life Warren begins creating all the heartfelt homemade dishes he grew up These are dishes Antoinette made from the heart with her family and friends in mind doing her own spin on well known dishes and naming them after those she loves Though it seems irrelevant Baron has weaved not only the titles of the dishes but the stories behind the names and the slow change they create in Warren seamlessly making the reader want to find out of these dishes This story line overlaps with Antoinette's as much as can be expected when one character prefers to be alone creating the allusion of a solitary life even in the midst of familyThroughout the book all three characters' personalities come through strongly and develop masterfully The mystery behind Joseph's amnesia and what will become of Warren and Antoinette provide intrigue while the simple romantic element of not only Antoinette's memories but a potential spark between Warren and a caretaker at the senior complex his mother lives at builds the bonds The manner in which these three finally connect is stunning and something hard to piece together even if the reader can predict some aspects The overall layout is hidden until the perfect moment in which Baron sideswipes the reader uniting these three and providing closureThis is a story that will resonate after the final word filling the reader with the climax of intense emotion built throughout As with Baron's previous novel Crossing The Bridge his understandable of not only the English language but the complexities of emotion come through the pages a series of words weaved beautifully yet simply This is a romance to pick up a story to engage in and a plot to remember