Extension du domaine de la lutte

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Endless AdolescenceMeh An amalgam of Harry Enfield as Kevin the Teenager Charles Anthony Bruno Strangers on a Train with a smackerol of Patrick Bateman American Psycho Praised in some uarters for its balance of philosophy and gritty dialogue it's difficult to tell whether Whatever is really meant to be taken seriouslyand if so as what An angry possibly psychotic 30ish IT nerd with an awkward adolescence has a breakdown and recoversor perhaps he doesn't It doesn't matter much either way Maybe it's necessary to be French to get it The British translator or publisher should be beheaded for calling this book Whatever when its French title is something amazing like Extension of the Domain of the Struggle if we otherwise lived in a total utopia I'd say restoring the English translation's title to something closer to the original would be a major issue in this year's elections This one seemed at first like it was written by someone other than the masterful dude who did The Elementary Particles and The Possibility of an Island I blamed the translator at first then Houellebec's youth and considered it in the 23 star range intemittently clever but otherwise eh But then the narrator goes to a club for young singles and things take off steam gathers themes condense the prose pushes ahead and doesn't just muse about the connection between moving furniture especially beds and suicide What's cool too is that many of the themes are the same ones he develops in later books but here he's a little flatly vulgar or theoretical his tonestyle shifts occasionally exuberantly purple and then also a bit sparepoetic at times too regionally French But then things really rise and end well in the 34 star range nails the landing Definitely worth reading and maybe even re reading considering it's 154 not so dense pages Anyway whatever I'd like to petition for a new translation by Gavin Bowd or Frank Wynne someone who'd respect the original title and maybe debritishify things a bit A Naked Lunch minus all that heroin; or a Fight Club minus the cast of rambunctious spacemonkeysA voice as singular and freshly French as Francoise Sagan's A Novella that is ambitious small bitter it hints at the horrible and barely makes note of the magical in the everyday Boredom is the biggest enemy as WE ALL KNOW Brutal smart crazy incredibly edgy a stylish nouvelle classiue at only 155 pages The pervasive emptiness of human life is the main theme of this book Thirty year old narrator is a computer engineer in France and he is living alone in his apartment In his spare time he writes about animals smokes four packs of cigarettes a day has no friends he has no sex life While reading even if I am already 49 I could feel the narrator's loneliness I have all those he lacks I write book reviews and read a lot and all those keep my idle mind busy when I am supposed to be relaxing We know that evil thoughts normally lurk in one's idle mind I am an IT manager and have been in IT or related fields for most of my 30 year corporate life I can say that IT is oftentimes really a sad profession You deal with a machine every hour of your working day You make sure that it runs and your users are happy You make sure that the behavior of the program is predictable efficient and repetitive You make sure that the reports the big shots in the company are accurate and always available at their fingertipsThe narrator in this first book by Michel Houllebec is an unnamed person does not find meaning in anything he does At 30 he is still a virgin and so he freuently masturbates along in his apartment Probably because of this he finds women as pure sexual objects or object of his masturbatory fantasies Probably because of this he has difficulty relating to them One day he and his co worker Tisserand are sent to Rouen to train users on a software It this there when twists to their empty lives happen that eventually lead to fatal death to one of themThe prevalent mood of the book is bleak and sad There are some funny moments because I always find humor in solitude that's how weird I sometimes get Houellebec's writing is sparse and edgy Sometimes his thoughts go everywhere ie directionless but I supposed that he is just trying to reflect to his readers the nature of the character This is my first Houellebec and I am happy that I finally tried reading him Definitely not my last You have this friend who works in IT He is rendered sick at the torturous formality and bureaucratic inevitability of existence and slaps you on the face twice before bursting into tears You phone his friend Tisserand who is unbearably ugly and hits on you twice for help You say “You are so hideous no woman would go anywhere near you you disgusting pustule of a man” Tisserand breaks down in tears but comes back with a brutal salvo “You women are callous stiff planks who’re only out for yourselves” Or words to that effect But your friend who works in IT is looking extremely peaky He naturally has no problem getting laid despite his own physical shortcomings ie he looks like Michel Houellebec but he does seem to be coming down with a bad case of lifesickness Clearly traveling around France training people in IT packages is no sound basis for a life So your friend writes strange animal stories then checks himself into a psych ward You don’t hear from him for a while for he is a gone man A long gone man PS Worst cover and mistranslated title ever Original Extension du domaine de la lutte Favourite passage“Writing brings scant relief It retraces it delimits It lends a touch of coherence the idea of a kind of realism One stumbles around in a cruel fog but there is the odd pointer Chaos is no than a few feet away A meagre victory in truth What a contrast with the absolute miraculous power of reading An entire life spent reading would have fulfilled my every desire; I already knew that at the age of seven The texture of the world is painful inadeuate; unalterable or so it seems to me Really I believe that an entire life spent reading would have suited me best Such a life has not been granted me” p12 275 starsIf there was ever a writer who has dished out multiple blows to society’s nervous system then Houellebec is that writer He writes with a declaration of hostilities with a filthy minded stronghold for abjection like he has nothing to lose He knows a lot of people probably despise him but does he really care? While I can't say I would want him as a friend I will say that I've read much worse writers than him I actually thought Atomised was really good thought Platform was not bad but didn't think much of Lanzarote which featured a totally dislikeable narrator I so wanted to kick in the nuts I guess this novel sits somewhere in the middle probably trying to grope the others Our protagonist here could have easily appeared in any of those later novels above so not a lot has changed there in that respect basically our guy is a sexually frustrated asshole Reflecting bitterly on his inability to seduce the opposite sex and the exhaustion of even trying that goes with it our disaffected computer expert takes a work trip to the provinces with a gormless colleague After a series of humiliations at foul discotheues he encourages his colleague to commit a killing in revenge for his exclusion from an erotic paradise With a mood of sexual paranoia Houellebec brutally with malicious intent writes of sexuality as a system of social hierarchy and how sexual liberation would have been better off out of fashion Might have thought of this had I not read the others but he's now starting to become a bit of a bore I'm just hoping Submission is something entirely different if I decide to read that This is my first Houellebec so I still give him the benefit of doubt Even so since it's only his debut novel Poor writing and sexist A critiue of society that supposed to be his main forte is flat and banal Yet another story about emptiness of corporate life and a guy that sees the point of life in love Love not meaning creating a partnership with a woman but simply fucking her In the same time constantly whining how the only woman in his life that mattered was selfish and damaged by shallowness of modern relations and basically was a bitch and a loose one Another antihero of modern literature? Ok I could take that but only if it wasn't so trivial Grand Prix national des lettres It's funny that Houellebec's debut novel from 1994 was deemed scandalous upon publication especially considering what he wrote later In Extension of the Combat Zone idiotic English title Whatever we get a remarkable amount of themes that will later be turned into major plot points or whole novels and the story culminates in an evil spin on Camus' The Stranger that leads straight into madness à la Büchner's Lenz Our nameless 30 ish protagonist works for a software firm in Paris earns well but has hardly any social contacts as he is also the narrator his overall feeling of defeat lingers on every page and it's also the main provocation here A fairly rich guy feels defeated by the way the world is structured and his overwhelming alienation drives him to commit an hideous act Think American Psycho if Bateman was a middle class French depressive Until we get there though we accompany him on business trips implementing software for the French Ministry of Agriculture meeting various corporate and administrative types Houellebec an agricultural engineer who himself worked for the Ministry of Agriculture would discuss the clash between naturefarming and automationefficiency again in 2019's Serotonin As the protagonist is already deemed unstable he is teamed up with his colleague Tisserand a 28 year old virgin who is desperately seeking to connect with a woman Meanwhile the depression and cynicism of the protagonist worsens leading to a heart condition go figure and prompting him to make a fatal suggestion to TisserandThe narrative frame is also already very typical for this author although he would later considerably step up his game The language remains true to the narrator ergo it is plain and cynical and there are numerous discursive passages pondering the state of the world Houellebec would later reach peek debate literature in Plattform and of course Submission The title refers to the world view of the narrator as well The combat zone is the realm of the world adolescents enter and grown ups live in a world structured he argues by mechanisms of power money and domination on the one hand and sex on the other Interestingly the narrator who has given up fighting in this battle is freuently addresssing his readers directly elaborating on his views regarding a society dominated by the logic of neo liberal capitalism and social Darwinism there is even a sub story about euthanasia hello The Map and the Territory I'm endlessly fascinated by Houellebec's writing and while this certainly isn't his best effort Extension and Lanzarote read like books that lay the foundation for other works and are thus interesting for people trying to get to the core of his narratolgy THE GREAT COMPLETIST CHALLENGE In which I revisit older authors and attempt to read every book they ever wroteCurrently in the challenge Margaret Atwood | Christopher Buckley | Daphne Du Maurier | Michel Houellebec | John Irving | Kazuo Ishiguro | Shirley Jackson | Bernard Malamud | VS Naipaul | Tim Powers | Philip Roth | John Updike | Kurt VonnegutI've already read and enjoyed professional misanthrope Michel Houellebec's two newest novels The Possibility of an Island and Submission so that made it only natural to add him to my Completist Challenge after recently being reminded of him specifically because of a recent article in the New York Times about how the sexual politics Houellebec foretold in his early novels seems to be eerily coming true in an age of meninists GamerGate and incels especially enticing here because Houellebec has only published six novels over the course of his career making it easier than normal to get him checked off my list and done for goodLike many of the authors in this challenge Houellebec seems to have started out rather inauspiciously with his first book 1994's Whatever first published in English in 1998 a much simpler and inconseuential story than the absurdist sagas he would become known for later in his career It's the tale of one of those sour unpleasant autistic sociopaths in your company's IT department who you always dread dealing with the one time every three months he's forced to crawl out from his basement hole and help you Did you try turning it off and back on again? God; narrated in his voice it's ostensibly a ho hum record of his aggressively uninteresting life but through throwaway comments it slyly paints a portrait of white male entitlement obsessive hatred of women and sex and barely contained homicidal rage that lies at the heart of our seemingly miluetoast narratorIt's easy to see with this book why so many academic intellectuals were attracted to Houellebec when he first started publishing this book was often compared to Camus' The Stranger when it first came out; because here in his first novel Houellebec still has a kind of emotional distance from his narrator and and doesn't declare a judgement of his actions making it a traditional kind of character portrait that lets readers assume that the author means for us to have some disdain for this deeply flawed protagonist It wasn't until later novels that Houellebec made it explicit that he agrees 100 percent with the opinions of his repulsive narrators and sees these kinds of 4chan trolls and school shooters as the true unsung heroes of our dirty corrupted society about as close to pure nihilism as a contemporary artist gets who is still managing to crank out commercial bestsellers Well and filmmaker Michael Haneke as wellThat makes Houellebec troubling as a popular author because he's essentially not only holding up a dark mirror to society but also gleefully declaring that the sexist racist murderous monster you see in the reflection is a much better human being than you because at least they're pure in their convictions and actually follow through on their hatred while the most you can manage is to post some snotty tweets about how much Donald Trump sucks If you were really a person worth admiring Houellebec's increasingly outrageous novels claim you would've already stormed the White House with your assault rifle; and the fact that you haven't means your opinion is worthless about his tales of the people who have This message gets clearer and clearer with each subseuent book Houellebec has written; but it's all right there in Whatever as well just sublimated enough that many at the time mistakenly thought he was a good little liberal who was criticizing such behavior Spoiler alert HE WASN'TNext up The joy train keeps chugging along with 1998's The Elementary Particles about a man who has devoted his life to pioneering work in cloning specifically so that the human race will never again have to deal with sex or love in order to keep propagating the species Good times Our long national nightmare is over I really really hated this book I wish I could give it negative eleventy stars The narrator was both despicable and unspeakably boring here is an incomplete list of boring things about him his misogyny his racism his treatises on animals his old breakup his job and his depression I gather the book was supposed to be shocking and edgy like how hipster racism is edgy and that his philosophical musings were meant to be deep and provoke serious thought on post modern alienation and the emptiness of life If only his philosophical musings were not just the puerile ravings of a child it might have worked But it's the same old song dude is lonely because he is an asshole and blames women for his lack of touch and Life Is Empty and Women Are Cunts Grow upI switched to the French version pretty early on figuring that at least the exercise of reading in French would keep me going and also the English translation is terrible I was right and now I know way words for bitch in French than I did before so I guess that's something I ended up switching back to English when I could no longer tell if I wanted to kill myself or the narrator