Lyra's Oxford

Lyra's Oxford[PDF / Epub] ☄ Lyra's Oxford Author Philip Pullman – LENGTH 48 minsAn exciting new tale set in the world of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials saga Lyra's Oxford opens in the thrilling comfort and familiarity of Jordan College where Lyra and her daemon LENGTH minsAn exciting new tale set in the world of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials saga Lyra's Oxford opens in the thrilling comfort and familiarity of Jordan College where Lyra and her daemon Pantalaimon sit on the sun drenched roof looking out over all of Oxford But their peace is shattered when a strange bird a witch's daemon on its own tumbles out of the sky It is Ragi daemon of Yelena Pazhets and he seeks a healing elixir from an infamous Oxford alchemist and rud man slaughterer to cure his witch of a strange new disease from the South Lyra and Pan decide to help and guide him witches are friends of course but the closer their winding walk leads them to the alchemist's house the stronger Lyra's sense that she's walking into a deadly trap. B 74% | More than Satisfactory Notes Accomplishes its purpose as a solid 'bonus' story but is too thin both figuratively and literally to be anything “Everything has a meaning if only we could read it” Lyra's Oxford is a lovely addition to His Dark Materials trilogy Neat and fast paced it's another great adventure for Lyra and Pan A must read for Pullman's fans Everything means something Lyra said severely We just have to find out how to read itI finished His Dark Materials maybe better known as The Golden Compass trilogy this summer for the second time and finally turned to this short story seuel set in Lyra’s home after her travels Oxford The book is small and packaged beautifully with wonderful engravings and a map of Lyra’s Oxford It also includes a cruise brochure pages from Baedecker’s guide to Oxford a post card from Mary Malone and an epigraph from that suggests that Oxford is a place where “windows open up to other worlds”The story is entitled Lyra’s Oxford but the subtitle within is and on every page appears “Lyra and the Birds” which made me think that this story just might be the opening of this big book that he says he is writing The Book of Dust set in the Gold Compass worldThe pace of it is slow as if it were the beginning of a novel though things here also happen uickly finally and somewhat satisfyingly which is to say the writing is wonderful but not very much actually happensThe story begins with Lyra Silvertongue and her daemon Pantalaimon watching a flock of birds from which emerges someone’s daemon The daemon tells Lyra that it needs to find a local alchemist and Lyra decides to help That happens and there is some reflection on the complex nature of meaningAs a story it may not warrant four stars but the package is cool and to go backin such an elegant way yay I still have to read the short story preuel he wrote Once Upon a Time in the North More Everything means something Lyra said severely We just have to find out how to read itLyra the little liar is back in full force she gets to use her special power of super lying at least twice so it's clear that despite the amazing and horrible and life changing adventures of the preceding trilogy some things will never change a witch and an alchemist cameo and naturally her daemon Pantalaimon remains by her side all is well in Golden Compass Land at least for this reader things are actually especially well now that I know the author is working on a couple follow up books that promise to be elephantine in size and scope yay for elephantine and yay for little liars and adorable little daemons who are uite handy at sneaking up on other daemons and uickly grabbing them so that Lyra can do some impromptu interrogationyay for Philip Pullman too he really is the best it's great how a slim children's book like this one is able to cast such an all encompassing spell on its reader so uickly the combination of idiosyncratic heroine and perfectly chosen details of her Oxford world all worked out just right plus some sweet bonuses such as a map and snippets of a catalog a guidebook a postcard etc overall this was a trifle but such an appealing oneoh and the moral of the tale see first paragraph Another lavishly beautiful book by Philip Pullman Again this little volume is cloth bound and contains a number of illustrations along with theseThe story takes place 2 years after the end of the trilogy His Dark Materials and tells of Lyra watching a flock of starlings when they suddenly attack a witch's daemon it has to be a witch's daemon because it is alone She saves the daemon and then lets him persuade her to find a man who supposedly can help him save his witch who is ill The man they seek is supposed to be able to help because he is the last alchemist There is uite a bit of a treasure hunt and even a fight followed by a relevation Because everything has meaning according to LyraI won't say any of the plot as that would give away too much it is only a short story after all Suffice it to say that I was delighted to be back in this world one time I won't count the new trilogy as that takes place before Lyra's time Lyra was vivid as usual and in perfect sync with Pantalaimon The story had several layers a nice twist as well as the usual wonderful feeling about itNot to mention the slight promise at least I read it that way that there is still a connection between the worlds of the multiverse I'd enjoy reading Pullman's grocery list so my rating isn't to be trusted at all here Phillip Pullman lite Treat either as an amuse bouche for those who are yet to read His Dark Materials but want a little hint of the tone and content of the sub oxfordian world of little girls and their daemons or for those au fait with the excellent His Dark Materials trilogy this is a little unexpected extraA short story complete with pages of ephemera and published to look a little like an old skool Baedecker guide the look of the thing is perhaps of a joy than the short story but as you can read the whole story in under half an hour it's a pleasant thing to find Is there such a thing as literary roots If so this series is part of mine This particular story is an easy short and very enjoyable read that is if you've formerly enjoyed His Dark Materials books and why wouldn't you have they're fantastic Perhaps this short story novella isn't deserving of 4 stars in itself but it filled me with nostalgic longing and I was reminded of the immense love I have for this series and how much it still means to me We forget these things sometimes because other books happen and time with them but this was a great reminder of a world I if I have any keep in my soul This is a novella following the events that occur during His Dark Materials series and featuring central character Lyra Belacua falling into mischief whilst she is at school in Oxford Events here occur during Lyra's teenage years and whilst unrelated to the previous story line do produce new mysteries and pose uestions for Lyra's future adventures My only wish for this short story was that it was longer It measured in at under 50 pages and packed secrets mysteries and an abundance of action scenes throughout it I also adored how the Lyra featured was just as wild and independent as the Lyra from Northern Lights and was glad not to have to witness the loss of her free spirited nature as she maturedThis beautiful little hardback book also came with illustrations peppered throughout and some mock documents at the close of it including a postcard from a character not featured here and travel advertisements unrelated to the current setting Very intriguing