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Shields of Pride➽ [Download] ✤ Shields of Pride By Elizabeth Chadwick ➲ – The year is 1173 King Henry's efforts to crush his rebellious sons ignite bloody border skirmishes throughout the land Yet it is a time of triumph for mercenary Josceline de Gael bastard son of the ki The year is King Henry's efforts to crush his rebellious sons ignite bloody border skirmishes throughout the land Yet it is a time of triumph for mercenary Josceline de Gael bastard son of the king's most trusted ally Victorious on the battlefield de Gael suffers sweet defeat when his heart is conuered by the lovely Linnet de Montsorrel But their love will find its greatest challenge as the torments of jealousy suspicion pride and an enemy from beyond the grave threaten all they hold dear. This book by Elizabeth Chadwick is not one of her finest but it is certainly a pleasant recourse to fending off my reading slump and inane habit of randomly picking up books when bored She sets the story during the time of Henry the Young King’s rebellion against his father Henry II and while it details the romance between a reputable mercenary and a widow with a gloomy past what stirred up in me is the memory of reading Sharon Kay Penman’s Devil's Brood and the antipathy I’d harbored towards this particular bunch of ungrateful Plantagenet brats because of it and it’s never a good thing to dwell on from a book like this one that should be by rights light and romantic Not the author's best but still a good read Although in my opinion Chadwick's second best is heads and tails above most of the rest One of Chadwick's earlier books this is the story of mercenary Joscelin de Gael the illegitimate son of a promient knight and Linnet de Montsorrel Linnet's abusive husband dies in an accident and Joscelin is given the care of Linnet's holdings and young son and marries her The story then focuses on the after affects of the abuse Linnet suffered at the hands of her now dead husband and father in law along with the constant plotting of Joscelin's treacherous half brother the heir and step mother As always with Chadwick's books the way she brings the medieval period to life in such a graceful and effortless way be it the sights sounds smells food clothes and battles is just awesome I see that it's been revised by the author and republished in the UK and Canada and finally listed at US This is my first Elizabeth Chadwick and I listened to it as an audiobook free from my local libraryHaving heard consistently good things about Elizabeth Chadwick's books I was in no doubt that I'd be onto a winner if I ever got round to picking up one of them but had previously passed them over simply due to the fact of my existing shamefully mountainous to be read pile Having obtained this one free from my library as an audiobook to listen to on the train ride in and out of London however I plunged right inI can't say the uality of writing was surprising or unexpected to me having heard so much about it already through word of mouth I had reasonably high expectations and in fact found the actual uality to fully meet those expectations In certain respects I found Chadwick's writing style to be reminiscent of Sharon Penman always a good thing in my book in terms of the attention to detail and understanding of the era that Chadwick writes about Such traits always recommend an historical fiction author highly to me as I feel that such attention to detail when of course used judiciously and in the context of the story and not in the form of flooding one's readers with ALL of one's research as certain authors tend to do demonstrates care and attentiveness that has gone into the manuscript and as for understanding of the era about which an author writes I think in an historical fiction author this is absolutely critical the fine line between fully realising an era and bringing it to life in written form and creating something that feels anachronistic confused disjointed and as a result not authentic at all and for me it's important when reading historical fiction that it retains plausibility and believability otherwise I tend to have trouble engaging with the storyIn terms of the actual story I liked it a lot but there was some room for me to have liked it even Shields of Pride is what Chadwick terms one of her lighter historical romances and is about the fictional characters Joscelin de Gael and Linnet de Montsorrel set against the historical backdrop of tension and conflict between King Henry II and his son and heir of the same name rather than that actual history taking centre stage I think I would have enjoyed even a story that really delved into the actual history just because that's the kind of historical fiction reader I am though I enjoyed Shields of Pride a good deal so I think my next Chadwick will be one of her heavier reads I liked the way most of the characters were written especially Joscelin de Gael though I admit his behaviour in the scene with the seneschal's daughter did slightly baffle though I didn't warm to the heroine as much I didn't dislike Linnet as such but I just didn't find her that compelling and didn't feel like I really connected with her or rooted for her I think possibly because her character seemed uite timid and anxiousI found the first half of the book to be the most interesting discovering the characters the mounting tension lots of conflict Joscelin's struggles and investigations and overcoming those plenty of unexpected twists in the tale and the climax and ending of the novel built up the pace and excitment once however I did observe that in between there was the very slightest hint of pedestrianism just because view spoilerafter Joscelin and Linnet married but before the exciting events of the climax which once again turn everything upside down they face a couple of obstacles that kind of felt a little bit like a predictable up and down obstacle and resolution formula but only because I really sensed that nothing was going to tear the couple apart once married and so from that place of security the obstacles they faced in that section of the book felt a little bit arbitrary or not uite as tense or thrilling hide spoiler When I purchased this book I thought that Elizabeth Chadwick was a historical writer I didn't realise that she was previously a historical romance writer If this book was written as a historical romance than it was ok I've read so much better if it was written as a historical then it lacked any historical content I was familiar with the setting and the time period because of all the Plantagenet novels I've read but that was not really a big feature in the story I have to be honest and say that I was really disappointed in this book The first hook was around page 50 and it was a romantic hook and that was the only thing that kept the story interesting I am glad it wasn't a long book but I really wanted to love Elizabeth Chadwick Everyone has recommended 'The Greatest Knight' so I will try reading that down the track and hopefully that will be better Shields of Pride is set amidst the ill fated rebellion of the young king Henry against his father Henry II The story focuses on Joscelin de Gael illegitimate and oldest son of William de Rocher After the death of his mother when Joscelin is only four years old he's sent to live with his father and step family who deeply resent his presence He runs away at fifteen to join his Uncle Conan and fight as a mercenary He returns seven years later to his father's delight but the relationship between him and his half brothers and step mother remains strainedReturning from a mission Joscelin comes across a broken cart and the ungrateful Giles de Montsorrel While offering his assistance Joscelin meets Linnet and her son Robert and takes pity on their predicament When Giles later falls from a horse and dies Joscelin is asked to escort Linnet and her son Robert home and soon finds himself nominated as Roberts warden and offered Linnet's hand in marriage Linnet has spent the past six years of her life in an abusive marriage and is hiding a dark secret of her own but gradually she comes to trust and love Joscelin Joscelin has had his own heartache in the past having lost a young son to the bloody flux as well as his beloved mother Morwenna His father William has never gotten over the death of Morwenna either and as a result his wife Agnes and sons have harboured ill intentions towards both William and Joscellin When Ralf finally makes his move to get rid of William and Joscellin once and for all Linnet must use all her wits to save them allI almost didn't read this book as I was put off by the abuse suffered by Linnet at the hands of Giles at the beginning of the book as well as the other unpleasant characters ie Ralf and Agnes I'm so glad I persevered however as once the marriage between Joscellin and Linnet took place the book really took off The last half of the book was particularly hard to put down as the book reached it's climaxThe books biggest strength lies in the flawed complex characters My favourites were Joscellin William and Conan William's relationship with Linnet was especially interesting to read and poignant at times as she saw underneath the gruff exterior The added bonus was the presence of the ghost of Morwenna which I though was a stroke of genius Even Morwenna's gown at the end played a crucial role during the scuffle with Ralf and seemed like Morwenna was reaching out from beyond the grave A must read I do love an Elizabeth Chadwick she writes of people fair enough rich born widows and all that who lived through my favourite period in history 1000 years ago This is no exception set in the late 12th century during Henry II and his son's rebellion's and set in the town of Nottingham and its' environs' The reader can almost taste the street and winding alleys of this town can almost feel the air of rebellion and hatred and this is a story told through the eyes of a widow and a bastard born son whose birth is made much of in the book the only criticism I can think of as if the king's grandfather good ol' Billy the conueror was one then why was it such a big deal a century later? In the country where he made his biggest mark on history? a story of love envy and hatred which makes it a story of life in any century really Definitely a read worthy of publishing and a recommendation for any fan of historical fiction x Extremely well written historical fiction A really enjoyable read Had trouble putting it down Sure it's a light romance gazes are cast swords are wielded and bodices are ripped but looking past that EC still has a plenty to say about family How bonds are formed and broken and change over time and how different sorts of family relationships impact different character and behaviorsIt's a fun book not too serious but not completely dumb either This is one of Chadwick's earlier novels and it does show She notes that she was able to revise it for this new edition but it is not as complex or as vivid as her recent work Interestingly though it is set in an era which she has since explored in detail in other novels and you can spot names of characters whose stories will be explored It's as if the seeds of those ideas and that interest were being sown in this 1994 book although it is possible she may have added them later during the revisionsThe story itself is a fairly straightforward romance a little predictable if I'm honest but it is nice to have a medieval novel that is focused just as much on the women where other authors would neglect them It is something I'm noticing and enjoying in historical fiction that there are increasing numbers of female authors such as Elizabeth Chadwick telling the stories of historical women Some are fictional women but many were real and a few like Eleanor of Auitane featured in three of Chadwick's most recent books are well known It certainly starts to balance things out in a genre that has previously seemed focused on the stories of men Elizabeth Chadwick in full splendor at least I love her stories told in such a wayI think I have told everything that is important to know about Chadwick's novels see here my other reviews They take me to the medieval world to live with and understand those people to be with them through ordinary and unordinary duties without pretending without smoothingI have savoured 'Shields of Pride' After only a few sentences I fell in love with Josceline From the beginning I just knew he was 'my hero' I sympathized deeply with Linnet her fears and insecurities and William his broken heart and inability to cope with it All with glances at life in the castle action twists and a romance

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