The Little Island

The Little Island[Reading] ➶ The Little Island ➽ Golden MacDonald – Written by Margaret Wise Brown using the pseudonym Golden MacDonald Once there was a little island in the ocean That little island changes as the seasons come and go The storm and the day and night ch Written by Margaret Wise Brown using the pseudonym Golden MacDonald Once there was a little island in the ocean That little island changes as the seasons come and go The storm and the day and night change it So do the lobsters and seals and gulls that stop by Then one day a kitten visits The Little Island and learns a secret The Little MOBI :¼ that every child will enjoy. If I do simply approach The Little Island with regard to Leonard Weisgard's evocatively painterly nature imbued illustrations I can both easily and without any doubt understand the 1947 Caldecott Medal designation for the illustrations are truly absolutely exuisite presenting a delightful combination of both reality and descriptive esoteric splendor of a tiny island a tiny spot of nature and its flora and fauna throughout a given year throughout the four seasonsHowever and all the above having been said Margaret Wise Brown's accompanying narrative and please note that the book is also available as having been penned under the pseudonym of Golden MacDonald which actually seems to be how The Little Island was first released while I indeed do very much enjoy the beginning and later the ending the middle section with the kitten of vast proportions that wants to know what lies below the waves and threatens to devour the fish it has caught unless said fish can adeuately answer said posed uestion well that part and its implication of potential almost folkloristic violence just does not at ALL seem to fit with the gently descriptive beauty and caressingness of the beginning and ending of The Little Island of the rhythm of the seasons and how both plants and animals respond to spring summer autumn and lastly winter feeling than a trifle awkward and strange and with a rather heavy does of didacticism also thrown in for good measureNow don't get me wrong the narrative bit about the kitten with its folkloric intent and somewhat faith based philosophy is not in fact problematic in and of itself However as an out of the blue insertion into basically a gentle flowing depiction of a small island through the seasons in a typical year the kitten text just does not seem to work all that well as it feels pretty much artificial breaks and majorly disrupts the narrative flow and above all has the annoying tendency to be uite massively distracting or I guess I should say that the part about the kitten has definitely both frustrated and hugely distracted me And thus but three stars for The Little Island with a full five stars for Leonard Weisgard's wonderful illustrations but only two rather grudging stars for Margaret Wise Brown's a bit unorganised and choppy narrative albeit I do still very much love parts thereof I was so confused The cover says Golden MacDonald and the Title page says it's Margaret Wise Brown and I found out that Margaret wrote this as Golden Mystery solved WowI loved the illustrations here and I like the story We learn the history of this island and the animals and plants that live on it Then a small kitten comes and learns that the island is connected to the land even though it surrounded by water A simple story about an island told in a lovely wayThe kids liked this book too Beautiful illustrations show the natural wildlife of an island throughout the year The illustrations are wonderful to look at this illustrator is certainly talented at portraying the natural world A boat comes to the island with a kitten this part could have been left out for me I was worried the kitten was going to get left behind for the kitten and for the sake of the wildlife but this doesn't happen and thankfully the island gets left in peaceRead on openlibrary Beautiful book for small children I really loved the beginning and ending of this book a loving look at a little island as if told by a poet and naturalist The seasons change different flora and fauna cover the island etc The mid section with the little kitten that comes to the island is just too didactic and out of place for me though The bit about the kitty being an island yet the island being connected to the world and about the meaning of faith just don't seem to fit the rest of the story and seemed dare I say it just a bit odd Of course I appreciate the underlying message it just felt like two different stories and was a bit um odd But that is only my personal taste as I know this is a much beloved story and the illustrations are definitely worthy of the award Margaret Wise Brown is the author of many beloved childrens' classics most famously Goodnight Moon I recently reread that and several other of her books This one which I found today at the Cabrillo Lighthouse gift shop was new to me Perhaps because it has no associations with my childhood I looked at it a bit critically and thought Brown is really kind of surrealDon't get me wrong that is not a complaint I enjoy surrealism especially in picture books It was just a bit unexpected The first half of the book goes along very peacefully detailing the animals and plants on a little island It could be a non fiction book about wildlife And then with the abruptness of dreams a kitten arrives in a boat and starts talking to the island They have a strangely philosophical exchange beginning with the kitten remarking This little Island is as littleas Big is BigSo are you said the IslandMaybe I am a little Island toosaid the kitten a little fur Island in the airAnd he left the groundThe illustration shows the kitten hovering in the stratosphere with the Island a little green blob belowThey go on to argue about connectedness to the world Faith and the secrets of the deep sea Then the kitten sails away Night comes There is a storm The seasons passThe End The Little Island is alone in a sea of crystal blue water but enjoys the change of seasons A little cat visits the island and learns something about nature Flowers bloom animals molt or have babies birds migrate and fruit ripens Margaret Wise Brown best known perhaps for wrote this book under the pen name of Golden MacDonald It’s a very nice story that gives a young child an introduction to the natural world Leonard Weisgard’s illustrations are beautifully rendered This started out as a pleasant book with lovely flora and fauna illustrations but then a cat visits the island and I thought the text became a little weird; it just sort of stopped the rhythm and flow of the story It did get back on track though and ended well A perfect marriage of text and illustrations Clouds passed over itFish swam around itAnd the fog came in from the seaand hid the little Islandin a soft wet shadowGolden MacDonald Margaret Wise Brown acuaints us with all the flora and fauna of the little island including underwater as the four seasons pass One day a kitten on a sailboat visits the island the island explains itself to the kitten with help from a fish and the kitten sails away againText and grayscale illustrations are on the left side of the page Leonard Weisgard's color illustrations are on the right hand side Weisgard's art always takes me to my happy place 1947 Caldecott AwardMargaret Wise Brown does a good job of showing the passing of the seasons on a small island surrounded by ocean While I am not a great fan of Leonard Weisgard's artwork he does faithfully depict in his illustrations what the text says The colors are uite muted and some of the side illustrations are in shades of gray brown and black This is a uiet little book and nothing much happens except that the kitten learns that the island is connected to land far underneath the ocean

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