Confessio Amantis, Volume 1

Confessio Amantis, Volume 1[Download] ➶ Confessio Amantis, Volume 1 By John Gower – Confessio Amantis The Lover's Confession is a 33000 line Middle English poem by John Gower which uses the confession made by an ageing lover to the chaplain of Venus as a frame story for a collection Confessio Amantis The Lover's Confession is a line Middle English poem by John Gower which Confessio Amantis, eBook µ uses the confession made by an ageing lover to the chaplain of Venus as a frame story for a collection of shorter narrative poems According to its prologue it was composed at the reuest of Richard II It stands with the works of Chaucer Langland and the Pearl poet as one of the great works of late th century English literature The Index of Middle English Verse shows that in the era before the printing press it was one of the most often copied manuscripts copies along with Canterbury Tales copies and Piers Plowman copiesIn genre it is usually considered a poem of consolation a medieval form inspired by Boethius' Consolation of Philosophy and typified by works such as Pearl Despite this it is usually studied alongside other tale collections with similar structures such as the Decameron of Boccaccio and particularly Chaucer's Canterbury Tales with which the Confessio has several stories in commonWikipedia. Gower rules If you love couplets and twists on Ovidian tales look no farther If you are a non academic reader maybe start by reading individual stories side by side with Ovid or Chaucer to appreciate how he shifts meanings in the old stories I don't normally rate medieval books that are normally read only by an academic audience but this is Gower so I'm pleased to promote him He deserves a wider readership Middle English is hard but I think Gower's writing makes it a little easier Confessio Amantis is sort of fun for all the struggle it takes to read it I really enjoy the many stories it contains and the dynamic ways Gower deals with the 7 sins Today we've boiled the sins down to simple concepts The sins weren't like that in Gower's time so it's refreshing to read about how meaningful and deep sins and virtues were for these people Striking truly This was the book that nearly converted a 20th century BritIrish literature student to a Medievalist I did not take the time I needed to process the prologue book 1 and book 8 but what I did understand was profoundly creative I've only read book 8 at this stage and my grand conclusion is I need to read Might moral Gower really be refashioned into the kind of chivalric lover that the Confessio suggests? In a brilliant reversal in the end vision of the Confessio Amantis what the reader at first thought was primarily the education and moral mental regulating of chivalric romance in light of christian charity turns on its heel and asks what creative beauty has in common with divine beauty Be warned this work reuires a holymythic juggernaut of energy to blast through It's worth it in the end however This very helpfully glossed Middle English text is readable even for those who have no formal training in Middle English The work itself contains myriad fascinating moral examples drawn from a wide variety of biblical and classical stories I have found herein many great illustrations that can be used well in preaching as the images are powerful and difficult to forgetIf you enjoyed the Consolation of Philosophy of Boethius this may be right up your alley Not one of my favorite medieval texts but the idealized description of the 3 estates model in book 1 is an interesting perspective I CAN'T rate this I CAN'T A uite long didactic poem At least the prologue and the epilogue are essential read for any fourteenth century enthusiast ugh

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