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Moje pierwsze samobójstwo❰Reading❯ ➿ Moje pierwsze samobójstwo Author Jerzy Pilch – Neither strictly a collection of stories nor a novel the ten short stories that comprise My First Suicide straddle the line between intimate revelation and drunken confession These stories reveal a no Neither strictly a collection of stories nor a novel the ten short stories that comprise My First Suicide straddle the line between intimate revelation and drunken confession These stories reveal a nostalgic and poetic Pilch one who can pen a character’s lyrical ode to the fate Moje pierwsze PDF/EPUB ² of his father’s perfect chess table in one story examine a teacher’s desperate and dangerous infatuation with a student in the next and then always true to his obsessions tell a remarkably touching story that begins by describing his narrator’s excitement at the possibility of a three way with the seductive soccer fan Anka Chow Chow The stories of My First Suicide combine irony and humor anecdote and gossip love and desire with an irresistibly readable style that is vintage Pilch. Jerzy Pilch is either incredibly brilliant or incredibly disturbed I'm leaning towards brilliant Although I've rated it only two stars based on my personal reaction I believe this will rate four or five stars in the hands of the right reader probably a maleTen chapters in the book each telling a different snippet of the man's life story Which man? The author or the character? It's not clear which is certainly a mark in favor of his storytelling ability It took four or five chapters before I noticed that the main character's air rifle was a recurring theme so I was able to link the stories as part of a larger whole But was this some sort of autobiography? The main character is a writerSadly I just don't think I'm the target market for this book It so vividly portrays the inner workings of the male psyche that I'm incapable of connecting Is it because I'm a female and therefore disturbed offended confused? Is it because there's a cultural gap at play and certain behaviors or attitudes sex smoking sex violence sex are accepted in Poland than in America? No I really do think it IS because I'm a female and I'm just not interested in getting THAT DEEP into the male psycheWhile there aren't any detailed descriptive scenes sex is a recurring thought for our main character More accurately the conuest or challenge of successfully obtaining these interludes are a constant thought This is MAN's prose at it's finestI learned about First Position Not in the ballet sense in the sense of WHERE do you make your first move so that there can be a second position without interupting the flow of things so she doesn't change her mind I learned about some interesting LutheranPolish customs such as having the curtains drawn each morning to indicate nobody has died There were even some parts that made me snicker such as the use of phrases such as wheelchair velocity and hallucinogenic panicI have to assume here that the translator did an amazing job I say this because the story did not seem to be stilted or meaningless as works translated from another language can sometimes be The writing was smooth and it was clear that if a word couldn't or shouldn't be translated then Frick simply left the original word in the text and allowed the reader to intuit the meaning from context BrilliantWhile I didn't get a lot out of it one part in particular will stick with me anytime the author or book is mentioned Page 126 utterly disturbing And so I produce the rusty spoke from my breast pocket and poof in her neck and poof just in case in the liver and the seemingly not bad student of archeology is no Poof in the aorta and poof in the artery and no the tramp from Kotlarski Roundabout is no Poof in the ear and poof in the eye and no The Most Beautiful Woman in the World is no Poof in the spleen and poof in the pancreas and alcoholic auntie is no Poof in the snout and poof in the noodle and Father Mother and the neighbor lady are no Poof in the belly and poof in the jelly and The Greatest Love of My Life is no Poof in the broom and poof in the womb and Viola Caracas is no Poof Poof PoofTo the ladies I know right???Oh and to satisfy the FTC I should also say that I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads My First Suicide tells the story of Jerzy Pilch a lonely meat shop worker who is near his breaking point The book is set in New York during the late 1800's when he barely just began his journey for love Hoping to end his loneliness and find love Jerzy Pilch must search for the right women that would satisfy his interests Jerzy Pilch does everything he could to find the right girl searching far and wide going on random blind dates and even asking random women he thought were right The book is mainly the explanation of how cruel or hard finding true love can be which can also drive some people crazy or to their breaking pointThe most memorable moment in the book so far was when Jerzy Pilch finds a beautiful blond girl at the meat shop he works at He came up to her barely being able to speak stuttering making what he was trying to say unclear She left the shop and he wasn't able to get her name so his search for the new blond girl has begun Ultimately the story of Jerzy Pilch's journey to find true love is a story of his adventure searching far and wide going through many difficult challenges and being pushed to his breaking point It all adds up to a tale of the difficulties of love and the madness it may cause an example for all people which loneliness may overcome and drive them crazy unless they do something about it and look for love My First Suicide tells that story very well showing us how love can either change a persons life for the good or drive them to madness pushing them to their limits maybe ending itI would recommend this book to those who love romantic books or have had hard thoughts It stowed that just because you've lost a loved one have been alone for a long time or haven't found the one that you must keep your head up Instead of giving up because it feels like the end of the world keep searching because love can find a way Never give up and keep your head held up high because maybe one day love will find you DAMN IT GOODREADS YOU DONE ATE MY REVIEWI'll just repeat in much condensed form see Sunny she said it first and best and I'm pretty sure there are two occurrences of the discretediscreet homophone error which makes me want to write a letter to David Frick and see if he has some kind of literary Polish justification for it as I am trying to give him the benefit of the doubt here and it really just happens to be a bugaboo of mine Otherwise very different from what I remember of His Current Woman and generally worth it but also très difficile TAKE BREAKS and don't feel bad about doing so At times brilliant but also frustrating Pilch remains an interesting writer though not every moment of this one added up to much Still liked it but I found myself wondering why What a relief I have finished this bookWhereas I think Pilch can write there are original metaphors in this book sharp observations of character society and customs the book had nothing of the “readable style” claimed on the backThis book was a struggle on several levels There was no story line of significance hundreds of pages of stream of consciousness are loaded upon the reader in a layout that makes the text even harder to read The overuse of repetition as a style figure becomes uickly irritating On top of that the characters are consistently sexistAt least it’s finished now time for something entertaining Beyond a rather literary language this is a mediocre piece of misogynistic crap disguised as a collection of short stories A great disappointment after a truly brilliant “The Mighty Angel” There is one stellar short story however “A Corpse with Folded Wings” If you have this book do yourself a favor and read only this one by Tyler Malone“I am composing short stories now A collection of short stories of a different sort” says the narrator of Polish writer Jerzy Pilch’s recently translated My First Suicide his third book to be published in English by Open Letter Books The beautiful woman to whom he is speaking taunts him with the following uestion “A novel is less than a novel but a volume of short stories is than a volume of short stories?”Like The Streets of Crocodiles by Pilch’s countryman Bruno Schulz My First Suicide is not uite a novel proper nor is it merely a collection of stories It is a novel that is than a novel and a volume of short stories that is than a volume of short stories Pilch utilizes the strengths of each medium in the same way Sherwood Anderson did with Winesburg Ohio or William Faulkner did with Go Down Moses He creates a reading experience that might never become as iconic as the ones Schulz and Anderson and Faulkner provide in their respective collections but it is one that is as enthralling as any of those and undoubtedly humorous It is unlikely that a reader will be able to get through any of these ten stories without at the very least cracking a smileThe first story in the collection “The Most Beautiful Woman in the World” announces its subject up front even though the narrator uickly admits that “if she wasn’t The Most Beautiful Woman in the World in the strict sense she was in the top ten and if it wasn’t the top ten then the top one hundred — the details are unimportant” And yet those final words “the details are unimportant” ironically highlight exactly how the details are important for it is in these details and digressions that his prose takes on both a wry humor and a poetic eleganceRead here DISCLAIMER I am the publisher of the book and thus spent approximately two years reading and editing and working on it So take my review with a grain of salt or the understanding that I am deeply invested in this text and know it uite well Also I would really appreciate it if you would purchase this book since it would benefit Open Letter directlyThis is a brilliant novel in stories that will definitely satisfy fans of Pilch's other works Funny touching occasionally and always stylistically impressive This uirky little gem is part of an exciting series of translated literature from Open Letter at the University of Rochester Brimming with dark humor and nostalgia eroticism and innocence these ten short connected pieces coalesce into a literary whole that is almost as unexpected as it is pleasurable Last piece was not my favorite otherwise pretty close to five stars At turns funny poignant but always entertaining it felt like I was sitting in a Warsaw cafe with Pilch while he was drinking and telling stories about his life his loves his losses his desires his routines his habitsI loved it and highly recommend it

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