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Miracle Pets[Reading] ➶ Miracle Pets By Allan Zullo – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Like humans every animal possesses a survival instinct that takes over when facing a life or death situation Whether that instinct is triggered by a predator or by thirst hunger cold heat pain or terr Like humans every animal possesses a survival instinct that takes over when facing a life or death situation Whether that instinct is triggered by a predator or by thirst hunger cold heat pain or terror the animal will try something anything to live another day This book is a celebration of true cases of pets and wild animals that survived what appeared to be hopeless predicaments You'll read for example about the survival of the dog that was hit by a train lay between the rails for three days as dozens of trains roared over him suffered the loss of two legs and twice faced attempts to shoot him the cat that was trapped for two months under a concrete floor of a building under construction the small water buffalo that was being pulled in a tug of war between a crocodile and a pride of lions If there is one common thread among the accounts in this book it's the animals' refusal to give in to death They simply weren't ready to dieFrom Allan Zullo's website. Miracle Pets True Tales of Courage and SurvivalBy Allan Zullo122 pagesNonfiction Miracle Pets is a book full of many true stories about animals being in a situation where all odds are against them and surviving The stories are about your normal house pet such as a dog or cat falling off cliffs or down sewage pipes to a baby hippo being fought over by two alligators All the stories that are told are true and have happy endings where the animal gets healed from any injuries and finds it’s old or gets a new loving home All of these stories have tragic things happen but with a little help from others the animals over come it all I really liked this book and I think it’s great for any one who loves animals which is most people These stories were really inspiring because the animals could have gave up and died but all the animals in this book had a will to live and survive My favorite story was a story about a cat which was built into a building The cat got into a crawl space when a building was under construction and got stuck Once the cat was heard it took two months to get her out She survived on water droplets and moisture until people dropped food down to her I like this the best because the people weren’t willing to give up until they saved her even if it meant two months of working and lots of money to replace what they dug out of the building I love animals and think this is a great nonfiction book for anyone who does to My daughter highly recommended this book to me after checking it out at her school library and in fact she heavily INSISTED I read it because she was so blown away by the true life stories of rescue and survival that boggle the mind The collection lists story after story of loosely organized dog cat pig horse buffalo etc triumphs in the face of certain demise I read the book to humor my daughter but as I read I was shocked at how it was able to draw emotion out of me like few books or general situations are able I cringed as one dog was flattened by a train I gasped as an eagle swooped down to carry another away as prey I grimaced when a cat drug it's frozen body with two broken legs for miles through the snow And each and every time the animal triumphed Mere mortals should bring a box of tissue to read this I recommend it particularly for the young and anyone looking for inspiration when facing the unknown It is truly an excellent book In this book Miracle Pets it is about pets that have survived tragic accidents that maybe humans wouldn't be able to survive It gives a lot of examples in the section of Back From The Dead One example I thought was very important is about the 8 month old kitty that was struck by a car And was on the side of the road for at least a week Another one that was very shocking and sad was a cat that was in an earthuake in Twain on September 22 1999 He was badly hurt and injured He was found alive in the house after 80 DAYS I think those were the most fascinating ones I think it is a awesome book but the book IS kind of long The reason I rated it a 4 star is because it's long and there should be a second andor 3 book that includes maybe 7 10 short stories? It is an awesome book for bedtime stories or when you are feeling like reading a good book Please read it but not all at once Thank you Allan Zullo for writing an amazing book This is an enjoyable book for kids It tells many ways in which animals can save people physically or emotionally or spiritually My students couldn’t get enough of this book especially my usually reluctant readers A book full of interesting true stories I felt the book would have been better if there had been fewer stories and perhaps they were fleshed out as the stories seemed to get repetitive uickly But to a child the book is aimed at a child could read 1 or 2 stories at a time and likely enjoy the book uite a bit Zullo is of course a very popular writer and obviously this book is not aimed at adults but I have a feeling it wouldn't hold up well for children older than 8 10 or so Miracle Pets True Tales of Courage and SurvivalAuthor Allan ZulloGenre Non FictionPages 122This book is about many animals going to through a rough time in their life They get treated bad or by one mistake the animals go to the brink of death One of my favorite survival was that two hogs that survived from being meat at a slaughterhouse They somehow escape the area by finding a part of the fence that is broke They sueeze right out and about to reach freedom Police workers and searching dogs are trying there best to hunt them down The most heroic thing was that the two hogs jumped into the river that surrounded the slaughter house and swim safely across to shore and most importantly freedom Another story I really liked was about a humpback whale being tangled into twenty nylon ropes which were attached to crab pots Luckily a fisherman spotted the tangled whale and called for safety A few people from the Marine Mammal Center of Marin County reached there and dived for safety The big problem was that one flip of a humpback's massive tail can kill a person Four divers took the risk and dived for safety THe good thing was that nothing happened to the divers or the whale I liked this book because it shows that not only humans are brave but also animals are We all deserve some freedom and should be treated safely This book thought me that a person can really love an animal and will do anything to save them I also liked this book because it shows many incidents that are kind of like the same which means this can happen to any animal so treat them nice because they will do anything for you like you would do anything for your pet Miracle Pets Allan ZulloNon fictioninformational122 pages Miracle Pets is a book that has different tales of different animal and how they survive in severe conditions The stories are very encouraging and all true In all of the different stories all of the animals survive Some of the stories are sad at first and sounds like its impossible for the animal to survive but it always ends up happy at the end The stories sound like they could never happen but they're all true In one story a small dog gets picked up by an eagle and is dropped in mid air I thought this was a great book if you love animals The stories are really good and its so cool that all of the stories are true and that all of the animals live I think that the saddest stories are the ones about the dogs Thats probably because I have a dog and if the thing in the stories were to happen to her it would be really sad and I wouldn't think that she could survive In one of the stories a cat got stuck under a cement building and I could have sworn she was going to die but a construction worker found the cat and they got her out I loved reading this book and would recommend this to people who love animals and encouraging stories It was a really great book and I wish there were stories in it Miracle PetsAllan ZulloinformationMiracle pets is the story of amazing animals who overcome life threating situations Stories of dogs cats pigs even turtles surviving near death expirances 122 pages consisting of smaller stories of different petsI am a cat owner myself and i found this book very touching all the stories of beloved pets making it through rough times Some stories i found hard to believe but others were very interesting and suspensful I would recommend this book to all pet owners and any animal lovers

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