The Uncanny Valley

The Uncanny Valley❰EPUB❯ ✰ The Uncanny Valley Author Bryan R. Dennis – The Uncanny Valley is a collection of 16 unsettling tales that draws inspiration from old school science fiction horror and dark fantasy series such as the Twilight ZoneA Chance in Hell Life is about The Uncanny Valley is a collection of unsettling tales that draws inspiration from old school science fiction horror and dark fantasy series such as the Twilight ZoneA Chance in Hell Life is about to get worse for one troubled youth after he breaks into a house he thought was emptyGreet the World A company employee is told he'll die if he tries to resignNox Noctis What would happen if one day all light ceased to exist The characters in this story are about The Uncanny PDF/EPUB ² to find outScents of Life A husband has a late night encounter with a mysterious woman cloaked in disarmingly familiar fragrancesThe Uncanny Valley The war between man and machines is the least of one survivor's problems in this post apocalyptic futureThese and eleven tales will launch you on a journey from the comforts of normalcy to a valley in which nature refuses to tread. Anthologiescollections are always so difficult to review I like to keep my thoughts short and to the point thus I am unable and honestly unwilling to single out each individual story to discuss So I do my best and hope I am able to portray some of my thoughts to you in a clear and concise manner That being said The Uncanny Valley a collection of 16 tales from the mind Bryan R Dennis was darn near right down the middle of the road for me There were some tales that grabbed me and made me want and there were a few that left me feeling deflated There were times that I felt like I was reading work from a variety of authors within the same story and that just felt wrong to me especially knowing that it was the same author writing each story Now to be fair I have no idea when each of these stories were written so the author's voice may have changed and developed with each story written The detail and description within the pages of each story was highly visual The characters all seemed to have their own voice and didn't blend into each other Some characters just jumped off the page and forced me to pay attention to them while a few stayed off to the sidelines waiting for me to learn about them There was no excessive sex or violence in any of the tales but there definitely was some high levels of tension and fearful elements which I enjoyed greatly Overall for me personally this collection was a bit off but still enjoyable That being said for the mere cost of 099 it is DEFINITELY well worth purchasing because the stories that may not have tweaked my interest just might rock your socks That's what I love about reading not everyone likes the same things Fluttering ThoughtsWorld Building By large the world of this anthology is what I'd call a dark fantasy world it's beautiful daring edgy and outright scary in many places The world itself isn't a big shift from regular life rather the nuances and characters populating it events that unfold give the deliciously dark perspectiveCharacters The happy medium description for them from all stories would be interesting Some I found utterly captivating some a tad bit odd and a few scaryPlot A few of the stories were really fascinating to me posing a series of What if? s that I utterly enjoyed Though they all revolved around the main concept of uncanny only a few of the plots were outright scary like Noah Nox Noctis and The Uncanny Valley this last was especially creepy for meWriting Neat to make a long story short The clear straightforward style accompanies the stories well it's especially the imagery and atmosphere that I loved in most of the storiesCurb Appeal Low I'm afraid The cover doesn't speak to me much though it does give off the uncanny feel well The blurb idea did get me curious Considering it's a 099 read I might have gone for it just because I got curious about Nox Noctis particularlyOverall a cool read thought provoking and well done it has its peaks of greatness in my opinion like Noah and Scents of Life my favorite stories in the collection If you like smart stories that Butterfly o Meter Books The element of the common meets the unfamiliar injects these stories with a distinct unsettling feel Cover to cover each story thrusts the characters out of their familiar surroundings into bizarre often terrifying environments Dennis even goes so far as to throw extraordinary characters into ordinary situations for which they are ill prepared In worlds turned upside down Dennis forces his protagonists to confront the essence of their humanity; to decide what is right and wrong and good and evil Along the way the reader must ask not only what it means to be human but what it means to truly feel human At worst some stories in Uncanny are merely good Eight Legs to Doomsday and One Good Joke are satisfying sci fi fare The book only has one true horror tale Noah about an emerging sociopath Even the weakest story Super Temps will still put a smile on your face At best however many of Bryan R Dennis’s stories are simply brilliant The Uncanny Valley suffers from only a mild case of the bane of the self published mechanical and formatting errors However it wasn’t enough to detract from the book This book is suitable for ages twelve and up with only minor violence and some suggestive themes Good short stories are hard to come by and these are exactly the kind I loved as a teenager Read the rest of this review at Underground Book Reviews It's hard writing a review for a collection of short stories as each is very different from the other I can't say that I enjoyed the writing style it didn't feel comfortable some writers you feel like you're reading with an old friend but this was just someone telling a storyHowever writing style aside I did like some of the stories very muchOne Good Joke was my favourite in a way it brought to mind the Low Men in Stephen King's Hearts in Atlantis There's no explanation for the strange passenger and the events that follow it just is I really liked itThe one I disliked the most was Manling this was just plain stupid yet the start of the story had a great capacity to be a creepy horror I think it should be re written as such There are 16 tales in this book but these are the two that have stuck with me Give it a go you'll probably enjoy it I usually don't read books with several short stories but this one was recommended by my husband so I gave it a go I really enjoyed the opening tale of these stories being submitted to a newspaper contest and those stories in turn were published since they were all from the same town Some of the stories left me on edge while others were just okay but I found the order in which the stories were revealed and the ending uiet amusing making this book a 3 star rating