Ghost of a Threat (Betty Boo, Ghost Hunter, #1)

Ghost of a Threat (Betty Boo, Ghost Hunter, #1)➜ [Epub] ❧ Ghost of a Threat (Betty Boo, Ghost Hunter, #1) By Beth Dolgner ➦ – Normal young women go on dates on Saturday nights Paranormal investigator Betty “Boo” Boorman goes on ghost hunts in Savannah Georgia America’s most haunted city She’s comfortable around ghost Normal young women go on dates on Saturday nights Paranormal investigator Betty “Boo” Boorman goes on ghost hunts in Savannah Georgia America’s most haunted city She’s comfortable around ghosts than guys anywayA violent haunting forces Betty to team up with her rival ghost hunter the arrogant Carter Lansford When the violence is turned Ghost of PDF/EPUB or toward her though Betty knows she needs additional expertise She enlists the help of a handsome stranger who introduces himself simply as Maxwell DemonBetty’s ghost hunting is cut short when she’s threatened and finally attacked Either someone wants her to stay away from an investigation or a demon hunter is targeting her As Betty begins to fall for Maxwell’s mysterious charm she starts to wonder if her life—and her soul—are worth the risk. 35 Stars A cute paranormal romance featuring ghost hunters ghosts demons murder kidnapping and an unlikely romanceBetty Boo Boorman is a member of the Savannah Spirit Seekers who have been investigating reported hauntings in Savannah Georgia for the past two yearsThey get called to investigate a haunting with another Savannah ghost hunting team During a press conference for the case Betty notices a man staring at her from the shadows with red eyes When the press conference is over she tries to find him but he's goneLater that night while finishing her wine at the bar she meets a most beautiful man who tells her it's his job to know what to do to help her other client and gives her a card which reads Maxwell Demon He tells her When you decide you want to know what’s haunting Sam MacIntosh give me a call and leaves When Sam's case gets physical Betty decides to call Maxwell for insight into the case They have dinner and he gives her something to get rid of Sam's haunting entity She still doesn't believe Maxwell is a demon until after their second 'date' and then he proves it to her in several ways Much to her consternation she finds she's falling for him When he tells her he's falling for her she's lostA uick read and fans of ghost hunting stories and television shows should like this Author Beth Dolgner certainly knows how to dole out the shivers I pretty much screamed my way through the Prologue and loved it Turns out I was frightened with good reason for the case which Betty and her Savannah Spirit Seekers set to investigate involves not just a scary haunt but a malicious spirit who trails physical injury in its wake But Betty and her crew find they have competition in locating this elusive haunting egotistical paranormal diva Carter Lansford the media darling is on the hunt as well and Carter entangles “Betty Boo” into researching an important investigation he has contracted at a historic downtown Savannah law firm where there is than meets a surface examination Certainly this is the first case in which Betty has encountered someone who claims to be a demon introducing himself as the man with the answers to the malicious spirit haunting the McIntosh homeDelightfully written and filled with wonderful geographical and historical input of Savannah Georgia and its near environs “Ghost of a Threat” will have you racing to turn pages in expectancy of the next event The pacing is fast but the attitude is cosy inspiring readers to warm up to the characters wishing to get to know them better as if we’re making friends for the first time Protagonist Betty Boorman is a decisive determined individual one who is distinctly comfortable in her own skin and her own life cognizant of the choices she has made and not particularly anxious for anything she may or may not be missing I found her unusual as a female paranormal investigator in charge but given her character and interests this fits right in and she does a marvelous job of operating The Savannah Spirit Seekers even when the competition is intense and the media spotlight is trained on the vain Carter Lansford“Ghost of a Threat” is a good read and I anticipate from this talented author This is Book One of the “Betty Boo Ghost Hunter” Series Ever since first discovering the TV series Ghost Whisperer I've become and interested in these ghost hunting novels obsessed with tv shows like Pretty Little Liars Supernatural and Medium Though when I think about it even when I was little I loved Ghost solving movies like Ghostbusters and one that used to play on TV called Ghost Writer Ghost of a Threat is the first book in a new series by Beth Dolgner called the Betty Book Ghost Hunter I loved the character's name because it reminded me of Betty Boop In Ghost of a threat we meet Betty Boo who runs the ghost hunting business in Savannah When she is called to investigate a haunting in Thunderbolt she packs up and arrives only to find that the client as also phoned her arch rival Carter who has turned his ghost business into a media frenzy and is in it for the money rather than helping the people At first the haunting seems a little suspicious as it's only been happening a few nights and as the nights progress it seems someone is definitely up to something as Carter's team is injured and odd things are happening When Betty meets Maxwell who claims to be a Demon is she going crazy or are there really demons like there are ghosts and if so what has demons got to do with this haunting ? Soon Betty finds herself heavily involved in a world of crazy haunts ghosts and demons and what happens when Betty starts to fall Maxwell the demon ?Find out in Ghost of a Threat by Beth Dolgner Oh myI don't usually give books a 5 star ratingbecause they have to be especially life altering to get that in my mind ButGhost of a Threat definitely deserves this 5 star rating as far as I am concernedIt is not just another paranormal plotMs Dolgner had taken it up several notches and made it increasingly appealingfor me at least because there are NO vampiresIn Ghost of a Threat Beth Dolgner takes the reader on a paranormal journey with mysterious happenings She kept me on the edge of my seat with all the mysterious activities that were evolving within the plot The characters were totally realistic and believableI for onecan not wait for the second book in this seriesThank you Ms Dolgner for allowing me to review this book for you I Loved This Book Is that to the point enough? wink Ghost of a Threat is the first book I have ever read by Beth Dolgner and I am officially a fan The story starts out introducing us to the star of this new series – Betty “Boo” Boorman She’s independent and strong willed yet still vulnerable And she’s a ghost hunter Well paranormal investigator to be politically correct I happen to be a “from the ground up” fan of the show Ghost Hunters on Discovery I watched that show when it was brand new and loved it Now not so much as I feel that it’s become a little too Hollywood sound effects inserted and everyone is an over actor This series sort of gives you a look into what a paranormal investigation can really be like – sometimes exciting sometimes boring It’s definitely a fun aspect of this book However definitely NOT the only thing the book has going for it Betty is part of an investigation team called The Savannah Spirit Seekers The cast of characters Betty has surrounding her are fantastic Through Beth’s writing you really get a sense of the solidity of their friendship This group of friends will do anything for one another and you really feel that Aside from the great cast Ms Dolgner has put together a very well written mystery I can honestly say that I did not see that ending coming You will be left slack jawed and bug eyed when you read the ending There are mysteries within mysteries that will keep you guessing until the last few pages And then there’s Maxwell Oh Maxwell I think Maxwell may have taken the place of Eric Northman in my heart as my favorite literary badass Ladies – He’s hot He’s complicated He’s hot He’s witty He’s hot He’s mysterious He’swell a good word that comes to mind to describe Maxwell is debonair He’s well put together well spoken and he’s got a wicked jones for our heroine I think I need to add #TeamMaxwell to my list of “team” tags now I highly recommend this book It’s got a fluid storyline and you never get left behind or confused If you have any uestions about what this book has in store for you just read the very first chapter only a couple pages long I LITERALLY got goose bumps I give Ghost of a Threat 5 stars Ghost of a ThreatByBeth DolgnerGhost of a Threat Betty Boo Ghost Hunter #1I really wanted to like “Ghost of a Chance” I did like that this book had a diversity of characters a storyline that seemed interesting and fun than the typical ghost hauntings I enjoyed the authors creativity and found that there were even a few twists that surprised me What I didn’t like was the book didn’t flow for me The writing seemed jerky Going from scene to scene felt very abrupt and I felt many of the scenes were not connected or segwayed into properly I even tripped over the grammar a lot finding myself pulled out of the story to wonder “how could that be phrased to sound better”? Or to wonder “what was the point of that”? I kept unconsciously skimming and skipping ahead then forcing myself to backtrackI initially liked the main character and how she seemed to know who she was She presented as an honest intelligent genuine person who happened to have a talent for ghost hunting Then she agrees to work with someone she despises and dates a demon who has made it clear in deeds and explanations that he is evil Her internal struggle over this issue is lukewarm at best and I found her irritating and shallow The characters and plot all seemed rather underdeveloped and I wish I could have gotten a better sense of who these people were It’s almost as if they were altered to fit the story instead of the story forming around them This book felt like a good “first draft” to meWhen I read a good book it’s like a movie playing in my head In this case the movie kept being stopped by random thoughts about grammar as well as noticing the abrupt jerky starts and stops All these interruptions were enough that I had a hard time finishing this book I rated this book a 2 out of 5 flower book It had no major faults but too many small ones that prevented me from enjoying this read I am going to give the second book in the series a try as I like the author’s ideas and imagination I am hoping that each book will get better with the experience of the previous one behind her Okay confession time When I saw this book I became interested because of the title After I read the book description I thought I would give it a try I'm really glad I did because it really is a very interesting read It also makes me want to go to Savannah GeorgiaBetty Boorman works for a healthcare company by day and investigates ghost sighting on the weekend because everyone knows that Savannah is the capital for ectoplasmic activity Betty is single and it seems her friends are uite unwilling to let her forgot about her strange ex boyfriend the mortician However she handles their teasing in style Additionally Betty is not the only one active in the ghost hunting community there is of course her nemesis and media whore Carter LansfordBetty receives a phone call from a very frightened potential client Sam has been attacked in his home and he is afraid to stay there any longer When Betty arrives her team is already there but so it the infuriating Carter They will soon learn that there are than ghosts to be concerned with Betty meets an alluring stranger who is able to assist her in ridding Sam of his 'ghost' Except it really isn't a ghost and the stranger Maxwell is really a demonI enjoyed this story immensely So why didn't I give this book 5 stars Well as much as I enjoyed it I would have like a little comedy action and comedy in the storyline After all when you have a herione with the nickname of 'Betty Boo' how serious can the story be? Don't let my one criticism stop you from picking up this book It really was terrific Now I plan to read the next book in the series I love me a good ghost story and this one definitely fits into that category The story concerns Betty; by day she is a marketing exec and by night she’s a paranormal investigator Betty and her crew go around Savannah Ga investigating the local’s claims of their houses being haunted I was hoping there would be concentration on the paranormal investigation parts however Beth made up for the lack of that with the story line The first case discussed is Sam McIntosh’s house; this turns out to be than a ghost which leads a dateless Betty into meeting the man she eventually falls in love with I’ve never read a book that kept me engrossed as this one did I literally read this in about two days I wanted to know just what was going to become of Betty and her new beau Maxwell You see he is no ordinary man; Maxwell is a demon Beth's description of Maxwell's charisma and looks makes it understandable why Betty fell head over heels for him I never thought I would look at a demon in a romantic sense but Beth makes one think that not all demons are out to torment everyone they come in contact with This book is a very good read and I am looking forward to reading of Beth’s work and to follow the Ghost series She has a very flowing and easy manner of writing It’s down to earth and what I call normal every day people talk I love that I give this book 5 stars I love books about ghosts so of course I had to check this one out What really sold me on getting this book was having the heroine be a professional ghost hunter A great angle The story from beginning to end held my attention and kept me riveted until it was over This book I didn't set aside to finish reading later I HAD to find out how it was all going to end The introduction of a demon was a little unexpected and I wasn't sure if I was going to like that angle but it totally worked for this story Future stories in this series should be really interesting I am curious to see how they will develop I really like the heroine She's got spunk and brains The author knows her subject matter and that helps make the story all the engaging Paranormal mystery lovers who also enjoy some romance will like this book Hats off to the author for a well written story When Ms Dolgner contacted me to read Ghost of a Threat I was unsure but it sounded interesting so I decided to give it a chance OMG I am so glad I did I couldn't put it downBetty Boo Boorman was a wonderful main character that I loved getting to know Ms Dolgner created a uniue and realistic character She is a strong and decisive woman who brings a wonderful dimension to this novel Betty's friengs were great supporting characters I only wished we got to know about them Maxwell um what can I say he is tall dark and handsomeoh and RICH What can we ask for for a leading guy Did I mention he is a demonThis was a cute and uick read I enjoyed reading every minute of Betty Boo Boorman's story I just couldn't put it down I cant wait for the next one in the series