Stout Hearts and Whizzing Biscuits

Stout Hearts and Whizzing Biscuits[Download] ➽ Stout Hearts and Whizzing Biscuits Author Daniel McInerny – When Oliver Stoop age 11 moves with his family to a remote piece of land in northern Indiana he soon discovers that someone is already living there an entire kingdom of someones in fact These are the When Oliver Stoop age moves with his and Whizzing eBook ↠ family to a remote piece of land in northern Indiana he soon discovers that someone is already living there an entire kingdom of someones in fact These are the good citizens of Patria a secret land founded by refugees from the Trojan War who sailed across the Atlantic in a reconfigured Trojan Horse years ago For Oliver Patria is a land of wonders and for the first time in his life friendship There's Stout Hearts MOBI :¼ young Prince Farnsworth Vesuvius inventor of the Magna Pneumatic Whizzing Biscuit Blaster and his formidable sister Princess Rose whose inedible stone hard biscuits provide the blaster's ammunition But there's also the rest of the eccentric and lovable Patrian Royal Family the boy warriors in the Potawatomi Indian Camp not to mention the Viking kids from the Geat Village newcomers to the area who only arrived years ago Yet when the noble Knights of the Blue Sock threaten to drive off the Stoops Hearts and Whizzing PDF/EPUB Ã by force of arms Oliver has to decide where his loyalties lie and whether he has the courage to undertake the uest that is both Patria's and his family's last best hope of peaceJoin Oliver now as he discovers a new world of fun and excitement right in his backyard. I love love love this bookMeet Oliver Stoop a young boy who lives in his tentmobile home his auntie has his room He is lucky enough to discover the magical land of Patria even if it is by being hit on the head by a whizzing biscuitThis is the first of a series about the land of Patria and Oliver Stoop's family Without the risk of sounding predictable this book is the start of something very special for both children and adults This is definitely a book I would sit and enjoy with my two sonsThe characters are hilarious and loveable The author has such a vivid imagination I would uestion whether he himself discovered Patria as a young boyThere are some laugh out loud parts in the book and here are a few of my favourites The fact that they are arguing over ownership of the cow park field The little Elfin boy speaks our language English the description of Mr Stoop's job he works in a staple factory but they say he is the chief of The Republic of Staplers Mr Stoop says if one of the staplers act up you just pull back their heads and shake them and my absolute favourite expression was good gravyI also loved the in depth descriptions the author gave about the clothing the people from Patria were wearingI found the King's poems extremely funny especially the words he was trying to find to rhyme with others Wagon Hitch for SandwichThis book kept me interested throughout and I am glad I had a copy of the second book in the series so I could immediately start the next oneWatch this space I think we'll be hearing a lot from Patria in the future THIS BOOK IS AN ANSWER TO PRAYER  I kid  You  Not  As alluded to in a previous post about how hard it is to find suitable reading material for young kids with high Lexile scores well it's really hard to find reading material suitable for young kids with high Lexile scores  I once put my then eight year old's score into a Lexile find a book page and the first recommendation to come up was Twilight by Stephenie Meyer  FOR AN EIGHT YEAR OLD??  I won't even let them read The Hunger Games yet someday just not yet precisely because they are old enough to understand what is going on in the story and have a month of nightmares because of it  Thanks but no thanksAnd then along came Stout Hearts and Whizzing Biscuits A Patria Novel by Daniel McInerney We have Oliver a young American hero who accidentally finds himself in the middle of a war  There's Farnsworth a wisecracking biscuit shooting prince from the country in conflict who we absolutely know will never be friends with American Oliver Stoop  Like neverrrr  Then there's Princess Rose who is a hilarious combination of Princess Giselle and a far mentally stable River Tam   The plot zips along with just the right pacing and just the right level of complications to keep minds young and old working for their entertainment  There are just enough go get your dictionary words in there to provide a nice stretch for the younger reader and to prove that the novel is never dumbed down  I laughed out loud through the whole reading of it and am I very excited to pass it along to my kids old enough to read independentlyIf there were six stars on I'd give them to Stout Hearts and Whizzing Biscuits  Alas there are not  There is however a brilliant Web site for all things Patria where kids adults too why not? can explore Patria interact with Oliver Farnsworth and Princess Rose and buy the next book in the series  I hope it's the next of many many Positive PointsThe setting and characters both featured historical elements mixed with modern ones creating a very interesting combination I mean what other book has Vikings a castle an Indian tribe a mobile home knights a very fancy lawn mower with a DVD player a princess all dressed in pink and a war re enactment troop all combined in one story? The characters are well developed and have uniue traits that make them memorable Oliver is a regular boy among all these unusual characters It kind of makes him stand outThe plot was engaging and entertaining It hooked me from the first chapter and kept me interested until the end I would definitely want to read its seuel Stoop of Mastodon MeadowI love humor in stories and this was just my type not too wacky not too subtle either just in between; the kind of humor that would certainly appeal to young readers It made me smile a lot and even laugh out loud uite a few timesThe book cover caught my attention Very professional and appealing Same thing with the author's website It's not part of the book but I thought I'd mention it because it's a great example of what an author website should look like to my opinion It has games and little extras that complement the book This shows that the author is confident about his book series and invested himself in making an outstanding website for itNegative PointsAlthough I found several grammar and formatting mistakes throughout the book I was already into the story when I came across the first one and I couldn't stop reading so I continued It did distract me from the story though A published book should be 100% error free and professionally edited I really can't find anything else negative to say about this book Very well written I was impressedWhat makes this book uniueSo many things The setting the characters the plot just about everything was uniue about this book But probably the most unusual thing was the gun that shot hard biscuits baked by a princessOverall ImpressionI think this book would be good for reluctant readers in particular because it's full of action and humor Oliver Stoop is 11 years old and is living in a small mobile home on a piece of property that his Dad has bought to build his dream castle His bedroom is a small tent assembled in the living room Oliverhis Mom and Dad and Aunt Hazel are all living together The property they live on is extremely secluded with no neighbor’s in sightWhile Oliver is test driving and mowing with his dad’s new Lawn Beast X Pro Groundskeeper 6000 mower he encounters a band of children warriors and their leader Princess Rose They inform him that he is trespassing in the Cow Park of the Kingdom of Patria and must vacate the property Oliver informs them that his dad bought the land and they won’t be leaving Because Oliver’s dad is the president of the stapler company he works for they call it The Republic of StaplesThis encounter is the beginning of an adventure in which Oliver and his family and friends become entangled The search begins to find the Treaty between the United States and the Kingdom of Patria to determine the rightful owner of the Cow ParkThis story is filled with unconventional characters and circumstances that reflect the imagination of the Author Daniel McInerny The story is entertaining and mesmerizing as Oliver is introduced to the Kingdom of Patria and its citizens and tries to solve the mystery he is embroiled inThis book is an enchanting read for middle grade children and for adults as wellThe description of the Kingdom and all the characters will come alive as you go from page to page The story will hook you immediately and take you on an amazing adventure I recommend this book to all readers young and old who will let their imagination take over and enjoy the rideLong Live the Kingdom of Patria Meet 11 year old Oliver Stoop who moves into a mobile home and tent 'house' waiting for his father's dream castle to be built on a vast piece of secluded green land with his parents Mr and Mrs Stoop and Aunt Hazel in tow Soon after arriving Oliver encounters a rag tag bunch of children led by a Princess who state that he is encroaching on the Land of Patria and must leave or face all out warWith his eccentric stubborn father leading the defense Oliver soon finds himself embroiled in a land of Trojan Horses Knights and shields bearing a blue sock emblem These little touches really show the effort and thought put into this story a theme that is consistent throughout the tale This story is spellbinding I fully intend to purchase this book for the little boys and girls in my life and I wish it had been around when I was a child for I would have only loved it One classic funny line from the book 'Report away by all means said Mr Stoop And while you're at it be sure to tell your king I think he's a raving lunatic too Nighty night you nutcasesThis will delight children and adults alike It's fresh highly amusing and with Oliver Stoop being such an identifiable lovable character and a bookworm himself to boot I can see this book uickly becoming a modern classic that will stay with children long after the last page Does that make me a child? I wonder This book is hot off the presses so I am aware of not dropping too many spoilers Buy it now and lose yourself in the story When Oliver Stoop was riding a lawn mower he accidentally drove into the Kingdom of Patria unknown to Oliver a regular American kid there is a secret hidden country called Patria smack in the middle of the USA While he is there he finds out that the land that his father is going to build a house on belongs to Patria Sir Hector the general of the army in Patria declares war on Mr Stoop Oliver’s father Oliver tries to convince both sides that they don’t need to go to war but his dad and Sir Hector both won’t listen Oliver realizes that the only way to stop this war is to find the long lost treaty between the US and Patria With the help of his new friends Farnsworth and Rose Oliver goes to find the treaty before it is too lateThis book seriously made me laugh out loud It is full of something for everyone – jokes puns sarcasm action and much It also has some mystery action and excitement in it I loved this book It has all the things I like Even the title was great I really like Oliver’s cleverness Rose’s smartness and Farnsworth’s ability to act without hesitating unless if it could badly hurt him I like the cover a lot I also like how the author describes Oliver’s hair “With a head of brown hair that perpetually looked like it had been hanging out the window of a car going ninety miles per hour”I recommend this awesome book to kids 8 I was in a book club with the author's wife a lovely family and I was sad that they moved away This is his first book for kids and I look forward to sharing it with our little ones once they are a bit bigger I wrote the following review on for himStout hearts and Whizzing Biscuits is a jaunty fast paced adventure book that is fun for the entire family It is set in the hidden realm of Patria which is nestled somewhere in contemporary Indiana while uaintly retaining knights castles royalty and everything you need for a perfect middle reader setting Author Daniel McInerny son of the late great Ralph McInerny packs the book with clever dialogue and a captivating tight storyline that had me laughing out loud particularly as the father attempts to explain the concept of staplers to the parchment wielding Patrians While the book is certainly not preachy or overt in inculcating virtues it is nice to read about a young hero being careful to tell the truth obeying his father and accepting discipline even when undeserved Any book that can entertain and manage seamless references to St Brendan the Library of Alexandria Aeneas the Lost Dialogues of Aristotle and the Etruscans is certainly worth a read I would strongly recommend this delightful book I initially read it on Kindle and then purchased several paperback copies to share as gifts This was such an imaginative amazing book Daniel McInerny is such an amazing middle grade writer His style takes on a life of its own From the very first chapter his writing hooked me into the story I immediately had to know what was going to happen I can not wait to read books from him Patria was a magical peter pan like place that really made me want to be able to visit the land itself Every little kid dreams that there is a magical land right beyond the barriers of their own backyard That is what really made this book so special Patria had a castle with royalty indians from a tribe and even vikings I totally recommend this book to any kids They will just devour this awesome read There is a mystery in the book that I couldn't even solve and I even really tried my hardest to and I couldn't get it There could have been back story and explainations of the other minor characters but other than that I loved the story This book also isn't just for kids It can be read by any adult and should be enjoyed It was such a fantastic imaginative read I am so glad I go the opportunity to read it Author Daniel McInerny has created the ultimate adventure for Tweens—one that never ends How has he done it? He begins with an eleven year old character that's curious and has the bravery to back it up Add to that an entire kingdom at the edge of his property a mystery to be solved and a uest and Oliver is the one that can sort it all out Like Oliver you will find yourself confused as you start to piece together what is going on all the characters and a huge shot of alternate history Once you get your bearings you will find this story difficult to put down which makes it incredibly convenient that it is an ebook But that's not all the adventure continues online with added content character interaction and games Instead of closing the cover and impatiently waiting for the seuel Tweens will engage actively with the story and the author taking an active role in creating and interacting with the world of Patria See the rest of the review at soimfiftyblogspotcom Daniel McInerny will also be interviewed on June 13th on the blog Stout Hearts Whizzing Biscuits is an amusing story of 11 year old Oliver Stoop whose family inadvertently stumbles on the kingdom of Patria a sovereign nation nestled in Indiana and founded thousands of years ago by ancient Greeks It’s somewhat inexplicably similar to medieval Europe with castles and knights plus an old Studebaker although its inhabitants also include Native Americans Irish monks and Geat warriors Oliver befriends Farnsworth and Rose who are prince and princess of Patria and together they unravel the mystery of the missing Treaty of Alliance between Patria and the United StatesThe adventure is amusing and fast paced I appreciated that it stays fairly light—although the mystery is important you don’t get the “OMG the world is going to END” feel that so many books for tweens have For a full review with spoilers see