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Burn Mark[PDF] ❤ Burn Mark Author Laura Powell – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Glory is from a family of witches She is desperate to develop the 'Fae' and become a witch herself Lucas is the son of the chief prosecutor of the inuisition and his privileged life is very different Glory is from a family of witches She is desperate to develop the 'Fae' and become a witch herself Lucas is the son of the chief prosecutor of the inuisition and his privileged life is very different to the world of witches that he lives alongside And then one day both Glory and Lucas develop the Fae in one stroke they are bound together. Solid 3 stars but not what I was hoping for The premise is that the Witch Trials were real trials for real witches and now all witches have to be registeredfor the safety of the public Of course there are illegal witches who operate outside the law and criminal witches who are given a trial and then burned Supposedly they are given an anesthesia beforehand though so they don't actually feel anything prepare yourself for a creepy opening scene shudderIn other words the humans are very fair and humane when it comes to their treatment of themOr so one boy named Lucas thinksHis father is the chief prosecutor for the Inuisition and he's been raised to believe that the laws are fair and that the witches are just naturally predisposed to evil and deserving of pity His father isn't a bad man In fact he tries his best to raise Lucas not to believe that cruelty is necessary when dealing with witches And over the course of his career he's done his best to be an honorable manBut not everyone in the organization feels the same way Unfortunately for him Lucas is about to learn all about how the other half lives when his witchmark pops up and he has to go register Enter GloryUnlike Lucas Glory comes from a long line of powerful unregistered witches and she can't wait for her witchmark to show up Everyone she knows lives outside the law and in her neighborhood being a witch is a good thing Her family pretty much runs a mafia like organization and she's looking forward to having some real Power Ok There's a lot of different themes packed into this story but the biggest one seems to be about how insert minority here is abused privately or uietly while the majority of people are blissfully unaware And uite honestly this had some fantastically accurate insights into how that happens and why most people choose to ignore andor justify itBUTI just couldn't get into this one the way I wanted to because so much of the book was borderline dull Everything kind of plodded along slowly There was for me too much information and not enough action I guess?It's not a bad book at all but for whatever reason it just didn't blow me away 45 stars It really really is refreshing to see teenage characters in a YA novel acting and reacting to the harsh environment and difficult situations like actual people would Laura Powell had taken on three different topics at once witchcraft alternative historyalternative world and the underground world of organized crime and guess what? She made it She has withstood the testsThe world of Burn Mark is an alternative version of the modern United Kingdom people in this alternative world live or less like us modern citizens do they have computer and iPhone for one thing but with one major difference witchcraft and magic are real so are witch hunting and witch burningBut the existence of witches and magic has already been institutionalized in this fictional UK the witches are now called 'witchkind' and each of them has to register themselves once their magic starts showing witchkinds have or less the same citizen rights like the non witches but they are also easily subjected to mistrust and discrimination there also is an official Inuisition Department to hunt down criminal witches And the most dangerous criminal witches would still be burnt at a stakeOur main characters Glory is from a covencrime family of witches; while as Lucas is the son of a high ranking Inuisitor But dangerous secrets from the past and a scheme to break the unstable peace between non witches and witchkinds forces these two teenagers to form an unlikely partnership What I really like about this book is how Ms Powell managed to breath realism into her characters and her world So Glory is a girl brought up by a local crime family? Her actions and attitude speaks that for her before her creator has to step in and tell you Look see This is a girl who has a tough life behind herJust for the record I also like how Glory's older cousin Tory the heir of the powerful Wednesday Coven is written I like how he manages to show his capability as the future leader of a crime family instead of being stereotyped into some assholeMs Powell's world is also neatly and reasonably explained as well not once did I feel like Ms Powell is making wild claim or unwisely making things up to suit her story It's so refreshing to see an author being serious about world building instead of thinking her readers are all foolsStill I can understand some readers might find this book to be a bit slow paced and too uneventful and the plot twists at the end might be a bit forced but as a whole the story is nice enough for me to look forward for the seuel I’ve been sitting on this review for a while now and it’s because I’ve not really been able to sort my thoughts out What is it with these British authors who make me think about their books?GawwwdI’ve had trouble with paranormal books before and I often avoid them like I would avoid a zombie Or you know minus the hysterical screaming and basically causing a nuisance to everyone who is involved They’re just not my thing But something about this book really interested me Witches in London? IN GANGS? Seriously doesn’t that sound brilliant?I always like to get the negative stuff out of the way when I review books so I’m going to try and sort out how I felt about this one I have to warn you though it’s going to be a bit difficult because the main problem I had with this book is actually my favourite thing aboutI understand that makes no senseOK the thing that I simultaneously loved and disliked about this book the world buildingLet me attempt to explain This book is Shameless with witches Well except it’s set in London One of my main issues with paranormal books or actually any books where odd things happen is how authors tend to insist that these paranormal beings are secret and no one knows about them Chances are this would never happen I know we mere mortals are a bit oblivious but come on I mean if there were werewolves running around Manchester I’d like to think I was on the ball enough to notice right? In this book however witches exist and everyone knows about them and their existence is woven into daily life For better or worseObviously selling the idea that witches exist in London where they have public burnings in Trafalgar Suare and witches are employed by the NHS I know brilliant right? is difficult I couldn’t do it but Ms Powell really can I know it sounds weird but I honestly think if there were witches in London it would be exactly like thisUnfortunately and this is probably just me I sometimes found that this book kind of got a bit bogged down with nitty gritty details of things The story is fast paced there are a lot of characters maybe a little too many and there are a lot of little side stories which is fine but when you add in all the details of witch politics the intricate details of the spells the entire character’s family tree whoosh It was an incredibly dense book and no stone was left unturnedI know a lot of people will love and appreciate this but for me it kind of slowed it down and I found some bits really difficult to get throughAnd this is where I’m struggling because if Ms Powell hadn’t included and thought about all of these details then I would have hated it and chalked it up as yet another paranormal book where plot doesn’t matter because there’s kissing and angst I really appreciated how much thought Ms Powell put into the world building because seriously not a detail was spared I just wondered whether some details could and should have been sparedI know it makes no sense Poor Ms Powell really is damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t and I know I’m being unfairBut what I’m thinking is that now all that pesky world building is out of the way and the stage has well and truly been set Ms Powell is going to be able to focus on her brilliant story and her fantastic characters and really get into her stride for the next book And I for one can’t waitSo now all that’s out of the way and you’re just as confused as I am let’s talk about the things I did loveAs I mentioned this world was fantastic It was different and it was so fresh We’ve all read books and seen films where the heroine is a witch and she’s in a flouncy nightie and she’s doing dainty spells to get a boy to love her or to protect her house from a boy who she’s inexplicably attracted to haven’t we? In this book the witch is a chav She is next in line to run a coven which in this world is like a gang with magic and she could probably bottle you if she fancied it She’s the kind of girl who would carry her PE kit in a Jane Norman bag and she wears big hoops and way too much make up She probably even has a Hooch coat lurking in the back of her wardrobe She doesn’t cast spells to get herself a boyfriend; she casts them so she can take part in a heist That’s right A HEIST TO STEAL JEWELSI loved both Glory and Lucas the Witchfinder General’s son by the way who is just as brilliant in his own way genuinely hated each other and not in that ‘Oh I hate you but my body is drawn to you’ kind of way But in a ‘You’re a vile chavvy hag’ and a ‘You’re a rich poshboy twat’ kind of waySo you know the best kind of wayBut what I really enjoyed was how there wasn’t even a hint that the two of them were going to start kissing all over the shop They both have their issues they both have their secrets and they both have their flaws But they still respect each other and each other’s individual talents and it was great to see this progress at a normal and natural paceWhether they’ll get together and start respecting each other’s talents I guess I’ll have to wait and see for the next book I always have this thing when authors write a series and the lovers get together in the first book and then everything sparky and exciting is just forgotten in the subseuent books and is replaced by googly eyes and sharing ice cream sundaes and life altering destiniesYawwwwnWhat’s the rush authors?But I think that Ms Powell has something up her sleeve with these two and she’s taking her time No rush for the second book or anything Laura Powell taps footWhat? Oh don’t look at me like that Of course I know that just because a book contains a boy and a girl who don’t like each other but have to work together and SPARKS and SARCASTIC COMMENTS fly doesn’t mean they have to become an item But it will be a cold day in hell when I don’t root for the boy and the girl from different backgrounds to share a bag of crisps and a cheeky snog at a bus stopI know that’s not as romantic as kissing in a dreamy and lovely and sweet way after they’ve just saved the world But this book isn’t dreamy and lovely and sweetFine OK seeing as it’s a YA book we’re talking about here it can be raining or something and the boy can give the girl his posh boy blazer and a cagouleBetter?I have absolutely no idea what I was talking aboutOH YES These characters Yeah I really liked themAnd I did really like this book the world building is rich although too much richness sometimes um too much and the plot is really clever and most importantly considering the genre it’s different And if you are a fan of paranormalurban fantasy books and don’t mind a lot of world building I wholly recommend that you keep your eye out for this oneI received an advanced copy of this book from Bloomsbury You can read this review and lots of other exciting things on my blog Wear the Old Coat This is book is part Harry Potter and part Godfather I have definitely had an awesome year with my book selections and this one is no exceptionThe story is about Lucas and Glory two teenagers who live in a world filled with witches Witches are liked by some hated by others and there are some who would do anything to become one Glory and Lucas each have their secrets and these secrets take them into the heart of the Inuisition a police like organization that tries to keep all bad witches off the street and also into the lions den of one of the toughest covens on the street What happens throughout is an exciting tale and I honestly never knew what would happen next This one is definitely a story for fans of mob stories and magic loversI have to give MsPowell major credit for her world building This book is filled with loads of history and so many intricate details I really appreciated the time and effort spent on building everything up I found that I could just get lost in the story because even though their was a lot of details Ms Powell has a gift for storytelling that makes it all flow like waterI loved loved loved the whole mob witch coven organizations They were so much fun I would love to learn about each one of them They really added a whole new level to your typical witch story Glory and Lucas were also awesome additions I have to say that I didn’t miss the romance and I am actually glad that the author chose not to have it as a major plot line Lucas and Glory are so young and they each had so much on their plate that it would have felt forced to have any type of romance in this book I liked that the story focused on the plot and mystery it was a very nice change of paceThis was an awesome book that I think most everyone will like and find interesting I really hope that there will be a seuel because there were uite a few loose ends and I am dying to see them all play out Genre YA Paranormal WitchcraftRating 25Gizmo's First ThoughtsGloriana Starling Wilde is a 15 year old teenager who as the book opens is having nightmares about the burning times The burning times is in essence the same as our Salem Witch trials which happened in both the UK and the US and are still happening today in small countries in Africa She believes she is seeing things from her mothers prospective She knows that her mother disappeared without a trace when she was 3 years old She has been her Auntie Angeline Starling for the past 12 years She knows that one day soon she will be a powerful witch and lead the coven if only she could finally come into her powers Lucas Stearne is also 15 years old but from a prominent family of Inuisitors His father is the current prosecutor for the Inuisitor court In this alternative era United Kingdom witches are put to death by balefire for crimes such as first degree murder treason and terrorism Lucas as history has shown is supposed to follow in his father's footsteps once he graduates from school Lucas's own mother was killed several years before and her murder hasn't been solvedOn the same exact day Glory and Lucas come into their Fae For Lucas it's a devastating surprise that will have massive implications on his family life Fae is what the writer is calling witchcraft Fae runs thicker than blood uicker than water and wild as wind Both Glory and Lucas's mothers were witches or so it appears Both have been missing from their lives since separate and unusual circumstances took them away from the kidsGlory is a little git who is both strong and brave She takes crap from nobody including her no account father who sits around his apartment all day playing video games Glory is also a glory hound and everyone around her knows it She's supposed to be married off to her cousin to make things interesting in the coven but she doesn't rightly care about anyone choices that people have made for her When she first meets Lucas she's hates the very core of him because he has been sent to infiltrate the covens and find out if they are a danger to the Kingdom Later they become partners in crime and maybe even respect the other just enough to get along in order to work togetherLucas falls into the category of doing the right things under the wrong situations Until he comes into his fae he was set to become yet another member of the Stearne family who went after witches and prosecuted them fully under the UK law Lucas ends up being brought into the Witchkind Intelligence Covert Affairs WICA after his father tries to ensure that his craft isn't exposed before a very important trial is wrapped up It is up to Lucas to get to the bottom of the threats against the court before the trial is thrown for a loop Lucas really gets put through a bunch of tests in order to prove himself He even puts himself in harms way just to dig deeper into a major conspiracy happening within the UK's eliteI don't mind diving into new story's by new authors to me I don't mind reading about witches instead of vampires fae and werewolves all the time I didn't even mind that this was intended for a YA audience and yet most of the central characters were adults who went about choosing who should be condemned and who should live Perhaps the one negative I have is the alternating POV's It's fine that they were every other chapter What wasn't fine was when they suddenly merged without a warning You really had to pay attention to each chapter in order to see who was speaking as it wereAnother negative for me is that the story seemingly dragged on and that put me at odds at trying to finish it I ended up putting it aside for other books interesting until I finally said enough is enough finish the damn book or DNF itI will give credit to the world building It was pretty interesting to read about an alternative history UK where witchcraft is treated like scum on the bottom of a pool Overall I liked it enough but it just didn't blow the wind up my skirtARC recvd 02152012 via Netgalleycom Expected publication June 19th 2012 by Bloomsbury USA Childrens This was something different and special The modern witches and witch hunt theme worked really well and I loved the two main characters the heroine's a white trash mafia type a bit hard to like at first but you really cheer for her by the end of the book The hero Lucas is her complete opposite but just as intriguing I thought the witchcraft stuff was very original It's a bit like voodoo no magic wands or made up words and you can totally see why ordinary people would be so scared by itCan't wait to find out what happens next Just wasn't my cup of tea but good storyline and interesting character dynamics I couldn't really connect to any of the characters though My rating 35 Burn Mark by Laura Powell is an interesting urban fantasy set in an alternate London Filled with witches inuisitions burnings the mob and corruption We meet two young people from different worlds who develop the Fae on the same day and suddenly find their lives intertwinedThe tale begins when we meet fifteen year old Gloriana Starling Wilde She is having a nightmare about a woman being burned as a witch She has had this dream since her mother disappeared when she was just three years old She lives with her Auntie Angeline Starling and father They belong to a mafia type witch family They are unregistered and make their living in petty crime and running the neighborhood Every night she prays for the mark of the Fae We then meet fifteen year old Lucas Stearne His family comes from a long line of Inuisitors and he is expected to fill his father’s shoes On the very same day these two come into Fae power The tale that unfolds takes us deep into the world of both witches and Inuisitors Unexpectedly Gloriana and Lucas find themselves working together undercover Both enter this arrangement for different reasons and on different sides of a war againstfor witchcraft They soon discover that not everything is black and whiteThe characters Powell creates are uniue Gloriana in her dark eye make up appears hard and streetwise She has come into her Fae and she is powerful While she wants to scream this from the tree tops she is forced to keep it a secret She is tough and life has taught her not to take crap from anybody Her boisterous ways had me laughing aloud She shows no fear and feels a sense of loyalty; even to those who don’t treat her well In the beginning she had clear opinions about witchkind and humans Her prejudice runs deep and it’s her time spent with Lucas that changes her Lucas is the perfect son on track to follow in his father’s footsteps; even if he silently disagrees As he comes into his Fae we see a change in him He sets out to prove himself to his father but uickly forges his own path and begins to be firm in his own beliefs While I didn’t always approve of him jumping into action without back up I liked him Together their personalities worked of each other and made them each a better person Other characters add to the story line and present us with characters to love and loatheThe world building reminded me of a modern day version of Salem Massachusetts during the Salem Witch trials Today they declare themselves much civilized They have rules by which all Fae are governor They must declare themselves and be tested They can choose to give up their Fae by wearing irons or once they reach adult hood seek work using their skills Witchkind are constantly monitored by the Inuisitors and police By all accounts they are second class citizens They are sent to trial and burned at the stake for acts of witchcraft and treason As we enter Powell’s world it is on the cusp of change The Inuisitors are recruiting and working with Fae This has caused a crack in the balance and some fear this change will lead to euality Some might go to great expense to see that it never happens I enjoyed this novel but I am afraid the pace might turn some readers off I found the world building fascinating and the writing flowed well but there was very little action until the last few chapters The conflict in this novel was resolved and this works well as a standalone however Powell has left the door open for a seriesFans of witches and witch trials should enjoy Burn Mark While the pace is slow the detail is rich I am hoping a second book develops and that Powell’s next plot has action I am keeping this author on my watch listI want to thank Bloomsbury Publishing and netGalley for providing this ARC in exchange for my unbiased review For reviews and giveaways go to George's Bookz and Bitz45 Stars Following my success with witches in the Winter Trilogy I braved another witch based book I’m so glad I did Burn Mark is set in modern day London with one big exception Witches are very real and live among us They have been instrumental in every major even as far back as history records go from the wars to the plague sometimes not on the side of ‘good’ There are a multitude of organisations set to control the witches and where those gifted with the ‘fae’ powers can work or if they so choose they can be brindledbound with iron cuffs which stops their powers working But witches slip through the net a terrorist group Endor have been all but eliminated now but for year causes panic in London streets Witch Burning is a punishment saved for the worst of the worst child murderers and the like but they still happen and when they do they are public eventsThe book revolves around two teens who come in to their fae on the same day although they don’t know it and who are both incredibly powerful First is Glory or Gloriana who uite brilliantly is a complete chav for those US readers who don’t know what a chav is think white trash with gold hoop earrings and foul mouths she’s a coven witch and her covens one of the worst think mob or cray brothers Glory’s illegal and hidden from the inuisition and from her fellow coven members for fear that if they find out how strong she is they’ll use her for their bidding Then their’s Lucas son of the very top inuisitor from a long line of pure bloods no witch or fae traces as far back as they can see yet his powers appear He struggles with who he is what this means for his future his fathers future he can’t keep working at the inuisition now none with witch family members can and controlling his fae Lucas and Glory and slung together in a tale of undercover mastery deception and a few near misses I loved the book Glory was a brilliant lead character her chavtastic essence was pure brilliance and such a lovely balance to Lucas’ stuffiness Lucas was good to read too its nice to read a book where the teens trust their parents enough to tell them whats going on rather than trying to hide or handle it themselves Lucas and Glory’s relationship was a refreshing change Powell hasn’t tried to push them together and build a love triangle or forbidden relationship around them she’s kept the story about friendship and looking past the exterior to learn to trust someone completely different yet strangely similar at the core to you There were few faults with the book the story rocked on uickly was suitably dark and twisted in places but fun and light in others the characters were well written and even the supporting cast were deep and powerful The only one I disliked was Glory’s father who one minute is saving her from bad dreams and the next is a complete waste of space who plays computer games all day whilst this is explained a little its still a bit of a contrast The only real gripe I had was some of the scene setting it felt a little like ‘oh I’d better explain this here’ and then we’d get a completely unrelated paragraph about a building before we could get back to the story which made it seem a little disjointed However this scene building was really contained in the first half and didn’t affect the overall experience too muchin summary a good fun read with a new take on witches and a world where they are part of the scenery was brilliant to break into I’ve already started on book 2 I just couldn't find myself getting into this book I could barely get past 90 pages without wanting to hit something It didn't have to do anything with the bad writing or errors it was just boring to me Nothing was happening and I didn't like not having any actionCoverI really like the cover It has this powerful meaning to it Or it just looks pretty one of the two It reminds me a lot of the cover of Divergent by Veronica Roth because of the flame behind the fireball I mean look at it It looks similarPlotWritingAs I said above nothing was happening It was just the boring mundane lives of a confused rich kid and a lower east side girl Which how I set that up reminds me of a different story I don't like stories that go nowhere in the first 50 or so pages If you don't have a good hook then I will give up on your story I'm a teenager I get bored easilyThere wasn't anything wrong per say with the writing It didn't express many details that I would like to know about and my copy of the book doesn't have a Cleo it has a Glory Instead of uotation marks above dialogue she used apostrophes Which I don't know why it really bothered meCharactersGlory? Or Cleo? I don't know which The summary says one thing and the book says another I'm gonna go with Glory because that is what she is called up until I stopped reading She was very strong willed and brave She just wanted to get her power and become an amazing witch She didn't let anyone push her around and stood on her ownThen there's Lucas He is one of those privileged kids Going to the right school and being the rich and popular kid Yet Lucas still has really good morals in place He stands up for what he thinks is right and doesn't let other people intimidate him into doing the things that he wouldn't normally do He's also confused and scared but that is because he got a power that no one ever thought he was going to getAll in AllI don't exactly reuest this book If you like magic and wizards then go ahead and read this one 2 out of 5 tacos

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