Line of Fire

Line of Fire❄ [EPUB] ✼ Line of Fire By Stephen White ➝ – Dr Gregory is starting to feel settled hopeful that a long period of upheaval in his private life is behind him He refocuses his energy on his clinical psychology practice where a beguiling new patien Dr Gregory is starting to feel settled hopeful that a long period of upheaval in his private life is behind him He refocuses his energy on his clinical psychology practice where a beguiling new patient captivates him but the interlude of calm doesn’t last Devastating fires are threatening Boulder Alan’s dear friend Diane is showing signs of a long simmering emotional collapse And Alan’s most pressing fear — the exposure of a dangerous secret — Line of PDF or has become a peril too real to ignoreA new witness has surfaced causing the police to reopen their investigation into the suicide of a woman named Justine Winter Brown When Alan and his eually culpable friend Sam Purdy inadvertently disclose their involvement in her death to a stranger any confidence they feel about riding out a renewed investigation evaporates The trail that leads to Alan and Sam once cold has turned white hotWith his vulnerability mounting daily Alan suspects that his mesmerizing new patient may be the catalyst that could cause everything he treasures — his marriage his family his friendships and his future — to implode As flames lick at the city the story hurtles toward a shocking conclusion that leaves the stage set for a jaw dropping last act — the upcoming final book in the two decades long Alan Gregory saga. How Stephen Got His Groove Back I was disappointed by The Last Lie but White is back in fine form with this one I blew through it lickety split I might have even gone with five stars if not for all the stuff about Amanda's brother's boners yes THAT kind of boner That got old and didn't contribute much to the plot Things get pretty chaotic in Boulder for Alan Gregory and Sam Purdy what with forest fires and psychos and friends who lose their coping skills not to mention the stirring up of old diabolical deeds that Alan and Sam thought they'd gotten away with If anyone really had a life like these guys they'd have perpetual PTSD The next Alan Gregory book will be the last in this 20 year long series White left a lot of things wide open at the end of Line of Fire so he's got plenty of options for how to tie it all up in the grand finale To call this book explosive is the understatement of the year Anyone wishing to pick this book up ought to be prepared before doing so Let's do a uick checklist to ensure all areas have been covered a have read all the previous books in the series in order b be ready for some hefty psycho therapeutic language in the opening third of the book and c refrain from skimming or reading the book without paying full attention While White is known for his anti climactic story lines and his twists and turns from beginning to end this book takes it all to a new level Weaving together all the known characters into two major plot lines that keep the fast paced action moving and leave devastation in its rearview mirror White has moved things up into high gear for his readers and does not disappoint While some areas do tie off nicely others are left with loose ends and no apparent conclusionPlacing the regular protagonists in their opposing roles is something with which White has little background We assume the good ones will always remain good and the villains will always perpetrate evil Alas this idea is turned on its head and the reader is left to wonder what does White have in store if he can so easily reverse the roles that have been fostered and have grown over 18 novelsWhen White released the news that his editor would permit him only two books in the Alan Gregory series I was greatly distressed Having listened to the entire series with Dick Hill at the audio helm I have come to know these characters so well When LINE OF FIRE was released I was not sure what to expect but reviews began flooding in with praise and 'warning cliffhanger' comments from many Instead of playing the literary possum White delivers a spectacular penultimate novel He forges ahead and leaves nothing in the writer's tank which is much to the reader's liking I can only imagine what White has in store for us in the last of the series And the itching uestion will there be a new series to replace it?Kudos do not seem to be enough Mr White A true master As I move forward to the last book in this series I think it is both bittersweet and yet appropriate for the series to end Stephen White has chosen to weave a lot of threads through the series and they were starting to unravel a bit This is a much morally ambiguous series than say Jonathan Kellerman's Alex Delaware series and it is definitely beginning to be difficult to understand and accept the choices all the characters are makingHaving said that this was an interesting fast paced twist filled entry in the series that left me in a bit of shock at the end Coincidences are rampant and yet if you can look past that the story holds together fairly well until the end I will say there was a lot happening in the final 50 pages the pieces of which were a bit difficult to follow but overall I enjoyed this This is the next to last book in the Alan Gregory series and it may very well be the best yet I was lucky enough to get an ARC from the moderator of my Stephen White group who got ten from the author to give out to our group The story is far superior to the last one in the series The Last Lie which I found disappointing This entry is gripping from beginning to end continuing major story lines from Missing Persons and Dry Ice and dropping in references to other entries as well The interaction between Alan and Sam is especially strong as is the depiction of the deterioration of Alan's relationship with his colleague Diane The story focuses primarily on the ramifications of the dirty deed committed by Sam with Alan's later knowledge and approval of at the end of Dry Ice as well as Diane's emotional meltdown following her kidnapping and friend's arrest in Missing Persons Alan's patients find their way into the stroyline mix in very interesting and conseuential ways The ending is surprising and powerful and sets up major complications to be resolved in the final chapter This is a must for fans of White's Alan Gregory series and will make you sad that the series is coming to a close Highly recommended re reading this to prepare myself for final book in the series wanted to have all the back story fresh in my mind so the final book would flow for me 35 stars only reason it didn't get stars from me is because I had a hard time in the beginning all the back and forth between previous story lines I kept trying to figure the previous stuff out go back in my memory to remember what happened with McClennanetc When I let that go I enjoyed the book then at a point everything just starts to explode and happen Of course this leaves it set up for the final book and I know I'm not going to like finding out what really happened at the end of this book In some ways I'm hoping it's like a soap opera and the character you like didn't really die it just seemed they didI am fortunate enough to get an advanced copy to read This is one of my very favorite series so reading it may be bitter sweet knowing it's going to end OMG I was blithely listening to this book thinking maybe it is just as well that the series is coming to an end Then White draws me back into the life of Alan Gregory with a bombshell not literally but enough to grab me The book ends in such a way I want to start the next It will be the last as it was written in 2013; so I don't think White will write any Maybe by reading the book I'll know why I really enjoyed this series Some books are better than others but overall they have kept me coming back Stephen White’s fictional novel “Line of Fire” starts so disappointedly slow that both my wife and I considered setting it aside but as the wife forged ahead into this next to last novel in White’s long running saga of Boulder psychologist Alan Gregory she found herself engaged I would soon follow entering the can’t put it down stage“Line of Fire” is the 19th and next to last book about Dr Gregory his wife Lauren and their good friend police Detective Sam Purdy I am already looking with great anticipation to the finale but also with a bit of dread because White’s novels built around these characters have been a huge part of my reading life for many yearsIn “Line of Fire” some elements of the past come back with vengeance against Purdy and Gregory The antagonists are new but the roots of the primary story line is tied with Purdy and Gregory’s most intense arch villain who is in prisonThe ending is a shocker But to give any hints of what happens may well be a disservice to what is to comeIn this fabulous series the confidential aspect of Gregory’s psychotherapy practice often becomes part of the storyline of criminal activity; Gregory’s friendship with Detective Purdy often is strained but still their friendship and trust flourishes Gregory’s wife Lauren is a deputy district attorney thus she represents a prosecution office that often is at odds with Purdy’s police department Lauren as well is slowed by having multiple sclerosis and occasionally uses marijuana to ease her discomfortOther running characters are Gregory’s business partner Diane and her husband a rich entrepreneur and investor Alan and Lauren’s children include their own child a daughter and the very bright young son of their neighbors who died gruesomely in separate books Sam divorced also is faced with raising his own sonIn “Line of Fire” the key characters are a savant 8 year old boy who appears out of seemingly nowhere as a witness of a three years in the past incident directly involving Purdy and Gregory; a beautiful young woman who is a paid escort and torn by years earlier sexual encounters with her older brother as he was dying of cancer and the life she is now living; and most troubling a no account drifter on parole who while in a coma in an intensive care unit overhears a conversation between Purdy and Gregory about the three year old incident and moves to bring them down to avoid his potential imprisonment related to the incident that had sent him to the hospitalAn undercurrent of this book are massive wildfires that burning areas near Boulder and threaten the city itselfWhite masterfully blends all of these individual story lines into a path with a destination that will bring them to a startling crossroadsI cannot wait for the finale Book 20 to be published I may take a vacation just to read it Thanks Dustin My book arrived yesterday and I have some extra reading time right now so I ready to get startedOh my I didn't see any of this coming I didn't want this book to end didn't like to think about what was happening to these characters that I have liked so much and don't want the series to end I won't say don't want to spoil it for my fellow Alan GregorySam Purdy fans I was fortunate to receive this ARC of the book since it doesn't release until August but that means it is just that much longer that I have to wait for the next and last boo hoo book to be out This has been a great series; I hope Stephen White has plans to write great stories when he is through with this series Coming into a series at the nineteenth book is not a good idea This story was filled with allusions to earlier books in the series that would have evoked memories and emotions for fans of the series but I just found them vague and incomprehensible The protagonist of this story is Dr Alan Gregory who is a psychotherapist in Boulder Colorado He is married to an Assistant District Attorney He is good friends with a Boulder police officer named Sam Apparently some time about three years in the past Sam murdered an ex girlfriend who was threatening his child and Alan's child and made it look like suicide Alan knew about the murder after the fact but didn't tell anyone Now a new witness has come forward and it looks like their carefully constructed tissue of lies is about to be exposedMeanwhile Alan's partner Diane is falling apart from a combination of traumas that occurred in earlier books marital troubles with her venture capitalist husband and hatred for her home outside of Boulder All during the book Boulder is under threat from various wildfires raging through the area Alan also has a couple of new patients One is the young man who was in a coma in the room where Sam and Alan discussed the new investigation of Sam's murder The young man that Sam and Alan call Coma Doe intends to blackmail Alan into helping him find Sam in order to get some leverage for his own potential drug conviction Alan's other new patient is a woman who is having a relationship with Diane's husband and who seems to be using Alan for her own purposesThe story was complex and the different plot threads were entwined in many ways I will have to say that I didn't like Alan or Sam very much at all I couldn't understand their decision to force someone to commit suicide and then cover it up I also thought that Alan was over analytical He never seemed to turn off his role as a psychotherapist He also seemed to skate around his ethics fairly often Sam was also an ambiguous character Some of the vocabulary in the story also sent me to my online dictionary I am assuming that the word choices were specific vocabulary to psychotherapy I know there were two or three words that I had never heard of or had never encountered in anything else I had read This almost never happens to me as a reader and slowed down the flow of the story for meThis story may well work better for those who have read previous volumes and who have an emotional connection to the main characters While I thought the story was interesting I didn't make an emotional connection to it This one is only recommended to those who have read other books in the series I didn't find it a good entry point bittersweet Knowing that this is the beginning of the end makes this a hard book to pick up As if by not reading it I can postpone the ending of this series Of course I can't and once I picked it up it was hard to put down I haven't read all the books in this series yet but I was given an oppertunity to read an ARC of this book and I couldn't pass that up There was a LOT of catching up to do and honestly I had no idea what was going on at the beginning of this book I was able to catch up and the story was great I think that for those that have read each and every book it would be a better story but I really had a hard time putting this one down I know I may have missed a lot but I have no doubt that I will read the ones I have thus far not and then reread this one in order so that I can fully enjoy this one 4 stars only because of the confusion at the beginning and picking up a lot of the background was hard this won't be an issue for those that have read all the books but for those of us that haven't it was hard at the start

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