The Freak Chronicles

The Freak Chronicles[KINDLE] ❤ The Freak Chronicles ➜ Jennifer Spiegel – An American missionary sleeps on the dung floor in a witch doctor's hut in South Africa Two women contemplate poverty porn while trying to start a nonprofit in China An heiress locks eyes with a whore An American missionary sleeps on the dung floor in a witch doctor's hut in South Africa Two women contemplate poverty porn while trying to start a nonprofit in China An heiress locks eyes with a whore on the streets of Cape Town A college girl stalks Mickey Rourke A professor from New Jersey gets scammed in Old Havana before Castro's demise A mom obsesses about the fate of Sesame Street characters A study abroad student goes home with a Russian street artist Backpackers uestion their global idealism Terrain both ordinary and extraordinary work on the imaginations and perceptions The Freak eBook ê of people on the run freaks in the making eccentrics by choiceThe short stories in this collection explore both implicitly and explicitly the notion of freakiness They worry over eccentricity alienation normalcy and intimacy What is it that makes one a freak makes one want to embrace uirkiness have the fortitude to cultivate oddity Is there a fine line between abnormality and the extraordinary Jennifer Spiegel's stories delve into these uestions and others. The characters in these stories struggle to find basic connections although the world doesn't stop to give them time to think Some of them are alienated in every way placed in strange countries surrounded by unfamiliar cultures with guides as out of place as they are Even those on familiar ground feel out of place Time passes and people lose touch Sometimes something as seemingly slight as a fascination with Mickey Rourke is enough to taint a relationship while other times two people with nothing in common can endure due to a belief in commitment Spiegel freuently returns to the uestion of what is enough With everything that is wrong in the world and all the lost people does it make a difference to send five girls to school and there are five thousand others who stay home as the characters in the story ZigZag Bridge ask themselves Is it only sensible if good wins in the end? I'd like to know It's a pleasure to follow along as these people try work it all out or at the very least find a way to live with it What does it mean to be a freak? More specifically what does it mean to be a woman a citizen of the world a mother a daughter a wife a lover someone who wants to make the world a better place? What does it mean to be normal and is that really the life you want to lead?I sometimes have a hard time with collections of short stories because I don't feel I have time to become invested in the characters or plots By the story Zigzag Bridge third in the collection I was all in I had fallen into the rhythm of Spiegel's sublime writing and each lead character was a woman I could identify with all strong intelligent flawed real human femalesMy favorites were The Freak Chronicles the title story Zigzag Bridge and Missing Northern I think these three resonated with me the most because I felt a kindred spirit with each of the main characters in them Spiegel's writing is full of wit wanderlust regular lust uestioning longing regret and understanding She validated my freakiness and took me by the hand into the worlds of fellow freaks one lovely page at a timeAnd Jennifer I am in awe of you I know that writing and being published are two very different things You've done both extremely well Kudos my dear 4 12 3 s from me This is a terrific collection of stories that take place in exotic settings with restless and memorable characters I enjoyed the way Jennifer Spiegel weaves a political conscience into fully realized fictional tales Her characters find themselves in strange places They are denizens and ex pats and generally people searching for something mostly themselves I especially loved the stories Glasnost and Good bye Madagascar but all of these pieces of short fiction fulfilled their promise This is a hip and tight collection that offers a seriously good read Review in American Book Review

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  • 27 July 2016
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