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Blue Belle[Download] ➹ Blue Belle By Andrew Vachss – Burke works the darkest sides of the meanest city streets Now those streets are even shadowed by a Ghost Van snuffing teenage prostitutes To stop it pimps have given Burke a war chest stuffed with dir Burke works the darkest sides of the meanest city streets Now those streets are even shadowed by a Ghost Van snuffing teenage prostitutes To stop it pimps have given Burke a war chest stuffed with dirty money and help in the fabulous form of a blonde stripper whose naked offer of heavenly sex masks a secret hell Burke thinks he is shockproof about the evil men and women do He is wrong. If Andrew Vachss did his books Sesame Street style then this one would be brought to you by the letter M because in addition to Max Michelle Mama and the Mole he adds characters named Mortay McGowan Morelli Morales and Marues Of course if Vachss did Sesame Street then Bert and Ernie would turn out to be pedophiles that would lure Elmo into their house with promises of candy while Big Bird filmed it And you don't even want to know what that freak Mr Snuffleupagus would be doing Vachss’s hero Burke is back for another lighthearted and fun filled adventure in a glittering New York filled with rainbows and unicorns Someone has been rolling around in a van and randomly shooting prostitutes A stripper named Belle contacts Burke to arrange a meeting with a pimp who wants to offer a bounty on the so called Ghost Van Burke accepts the gig and strikes up a relationship with Belle Since this is a Vachss novel Belle turns out to have a history messed up enough to keep Dr Phil booked for years Things take a dark turn when Burke’s friend Prof is badly injured while making inuiries on the street about the van Prof’s attacker was a crazy kung fu master named Mortay who wants to draw their buddy Max into a fight to the death Burke scrambles to protect Max learn Mortay’s connection to the Ghost Van and deal with his new romanceWhile I generally like the Burke novels they wear me down Burke’s world is a relentlessly grim place with freaks and criminals waiting around every corner While I like the idea of this urban survivor living off the grid and working these crazy jobs the stories are just so goddamn bleak that I don’t dare read them too often lest I fall into a dark depression that would leave me weeping under the covers for days at a timeI had a lot of other problems with this one too Far too much time is spent with his relationship with Belle Essentially they instantly fall in love and Burke is showing her every aspect of his life which doesn’t really fit with the character's paranoid nature And as you’d expect from two people with traumatic issues in their childhoods their relationship is pretty fucked up She’s needy and constantly demanding while Burke is always instructing her on how he expects his woman to behave And of course view spoiler Belle ends up sacrificing her life for Burke at the end Was it even necessary? Didn’t seem like it hide spoiler While working to collect the 50000 bounty on the Ghost Van a mysterious vehicle whose appearance marks the disappearance of one or prostitutes Burke gets entangled with a buxom stripper named Belle Can Burke keep Belle out of harm's way as he tracks the Ghost Van? And what if anything does the Ghost Van have to do with Mortay the insane karate master who's gunning for Max the Silent?Wow Burke bit off than he could easily chew in this one The relationship with Belle really complicated Burke's life of scamming and surviving by his wits Like the other Burke books I've read Burke and his associates were made to look like angels when compared to the big bad villain Mortay in this case The scariest thing about Vachss's books is that he draws the villains from his real life experiences Chilling stuffIt was nice to see the old supporting characters and I'm glad Vachss kept Terry around While Burke is much the same as he was in the two previous books his supporting cast continues to evolve Burke's concern for Max was both believable and well done The disgusting underbelly of New York is almost a character in the Burke series and Blue Belle is no exception I could easily see Lawrence Block's Matthew Scudder inhabiting the same New York as Burke Any gripes? Yeah The plot came together a little too neatly It seemed like Burke took a couple really big leaps in deduction But that problem was minuscule compared to my other problem with the book Burke's relationship with Belle I just didn't buy the way she was desperate for Burke to love her a minute or two after they met The way Burke treated her was in character for him not wanting anyone getting too close but I didn't believe that she'd stay with him Burke's one cold bastard although he redeemed himself to Belle at the end All in all I enjoyed Blue Belle Four easy stars Burke is asked by a pimp named Marues to take on a bounty for the operators of the Ghost Van a vehicle patrolling the streets of Manhattan killing prostitutes His contact with Marues is initiated through Belle a buxom stripper who thinks Burke is her savior Turns out she is an excellent wheelman The search for the Ghost Van brings Burke to Mortay a psychotic killer who wants to fight Burke's close friend Silent Max to the death and breaks the legs of the Prof to get Burke's attention Violent gritty stuff but Burke's love of his ad hoc family sets him apart from the scumReading the Burke series at the same time as the Parker series is very interesting Burke is much prone to violence but also seems to be in the game to protect those who cannot defend themselves Parker is all about the score himself and often his team So disappointed This book is part 'Carry On' part violent revenge and the rest is misogynistic cod's wallop I fail to understand why a woman need's to be 'slapped' 'nipped' and 'patted on the rump' to reassure her insecurities What is she a farm animal The character of Belle is so deeply annoying that i started to skip the Belle Burke scenes just to get on with the story Andrew Vachss clearly has a thing for large mentally unstable obsessive women she's only met Burke for a few hour's and before you know it she's pledging undying love whilst naked talking about having babies whilst naked And WTF is with the 'little girl voice' it's just plain weird an unsettling insight into AV view of the fairer sex The story is not too bad when it finally get's going However Belle is such a whinging whinning manic obsessive that think's getting her enormous of course Oooh Matron tit's out every 2 second's constantly dropping her pant's whilst 'bending from the waist' Oh please stop is the solution to all life's problem's disappointingly Burke is only to happy to oblige A poor addition to the Burke series but Thank God for the ending I was always astounded at the uality of this hard hitting writer but with 'Blue Bell' he really nails it Best of breed Its just incredible detective fiction Belle is Vachss' most well drawn female character topping 'Strega' and the plot of this story where he no longer has to introduce Burke and all Burke's exposition is taut and economical than any of the preceding titles in the series Vachss writes with the veracity which stems from his career in law enforcement and with a nasty rawness none of his peers match Robert B Parker may have revived the hard boiled detective for contemporary times but if he hadn't Vachss certainly would have done it This is a form of lean muscular prose set in the seamiest urban sub strata you can imagine Belongs among the best 'New York City books' ever written Vachss is just out there He delivers a uniue inventiveness so convincing that it borders on surreal Are there really characters like Burke and his pals in our cities? I think Vachss comes pretty close to the truth; if not the difference is too small to live on Creepy creepy dudes populate these pages Tougher than any you'll likely meet elsewhere Unpleasant hombres; weird lifestyles survivors though; and once you accept them you'll relish following the schemes they're all pursuing Highest recommendation The only other modern detective fiction to compare to it is James Crumley's Last Good Kiss This book saved my life How's THAT for a review? When I discovered this Author and read this book I suddenly realized that the abuse or let's call it what it is the terrorisation of children by their so called parentsI was suffering wasn't my fault as I had been made to believe Even though mine was emotionalnot sexual I recognized power and it's ab useTook some time but eventually I got awayThank you Mr Vachss once againHow's the book? One of my absolute favourites without the above being involved here A love story a brilliant thriller and an atmosphere you can taste This is a CLASSIC and I have given it to people with that introduction Forget Chandler this is THE TRUTH I bought Blue Belle pretty much motivated solely because I heard Vachss wrote good crime stuff and also because if the cover of this book was the cover to an album I would buy that album It's wonderfully garish and mildly unsettling with an undeniable '80s flavor The typeset seriously looks like mold The matching cover to the next book Hard Candy is even better Anywaysthe point is that I really had no idea what to expect Not only is it my first Vachss but it's the third Burke novel so a good deal of stuff and people have been established by this point Thankfully I was able to figure it out pretty uickly and had a good time with this novel although I definitely felt like I needed a scalding psychic shower afterBurke isI don't even know what to describe him as I don't think the usual PI applies here He definitely does some investigative work but he's also a straight up criminal that did a stint in prison and has this very Punisher like crusade of ripping off and ruining people who commit crimes against children The theme of protecting and avenging wronged children and often women as well was prominent to me from within the first hundred pages or so Burke is paranoid and lives off of the grid but still has a surprisingly close knit family of other outcasts and weirdos or outlaws as they call themselves opposed to citizens These range from Mama a restaurant owner with extensive underworld connections to the transsexual lady of mystery Michelle to the Nazi hunting Mole to the mute Mongolian warrior Max If not fully fleshed out the characters are always at least interesting They kind of remind me of the people that inhabit Miller's Sin City comics which was a plus because I love thoseYes this series can be a bit over the top at times but all that really serves to do is keep things entertaining and provide a bit of fantastical respite from the utterly grim and often revolting world Burke inhabits Vachss' apparently extensive life experience with the world of crime as an attorney only adds to the novel's weight and his obvious close familiarity with New York provides a wonderful detail mood and atmosphere to the surroundings The story moves all over Manhattan and as someone who has never been anywhere near New York I loved that Most authors will tell you the characters are on 53rd and 7th or whatever but like I said I have no idea what 53rd and 7th looks like I have trouble even envisioning having that many streets My city goes up to like 30th at the most With Vachss you get vivid descriptions of what's actually going on with each block the characters are visiting and it's awesome Setting and atmosphere is vital with this type of novel and Vachss has itThe plotyou know your basic mysterious van murdering hookers around the city for a totally unknown reason with some ill fated love story thrown in It certainly kept the pages turning I'm not a fast reader by any means but I did finish it in a day or two The villain was pretty goddamn creepy which I always love although I was kind of baffled by the occasional dips into martial arts stuffI'm just gonna blame it on the general '80s obsession with karate and that kind of thing I will say that this novel had a decent bit of gratuitous sex what with the whole repeated descriptions of how overpoweringly buxom Belle was and the lovely cherry on top with the view spoilerfour page anal sex scene hide spoiler If you ever were to ask me to reccommend a book without any criteria or caveats at all THIS is the book I would tell you you MUST read Why? Why would I specifically choose this book out of all of the many books I have read over the manymanyyears?Heart THIS book has heartor properly perhaps it has A hearta livingbeatingpalpable heart that drives this story much as an actual heart pumps blood through the body in which it residesAndrew Vachss is not an author for the casual readerhis characters are criminals Thievesgun runnerscon artists They are hard and unkind to those outsiders whom they do not deem as being familybut to one another they are a true family caring for each other in the ways that only a family composed of those who have chosen to be family to one another could beThe head of this familyas much as it actually has one is Burkean angry man with an even angrier past He and his family exist in the underworld of society in New York where citizens don't dare to tread Burke is a criminal but he isn't without those things inside each of us that make us humanhe's just better at ignoring them than we areBurke is the man the world tells you not to trust but he's honest than those who would warn us against him That honesty and spark of integrity which he closely gaurds agains those that would rather see both it and him extinguished are at once his Achilles' Heel and most redeeming ualityBlue Belle reads like Raymond Chandler channeling Truman Capote's In Cold Bloodit's harshit's cruelbut it's damned good and you can't help but be hooked on this modern day Manhattan style gumshoe It's noirNew York style Much like Chandler's Phillip Marlowe Burke's life becomes suddenly and irreversibly complicated by what Marlowe would have called a dameand not unlike Marlowe Burke finds himself drawn to ths damsel in distress as than hust his clientI refuse to give you any information about thismy absolute favorite bookexcept to tell you that Burke has taught me a lot about being a man and having a familyand that family doesn't have to be the folks you were born to This is a novel about honorredemptionlove and pain and I think it's a true modern masterpiece and it has a most revered place on my bookshelf ★ ★ ★ 12The third Burke novel and as with the previous two titled after the woman central to the story As I was reading this was easily my least favorite so far and by a wide margin I’ll put aside the transparent mystery of the Ghost Van That’s a time issue In 1988 when Blue Belle was published it would take than half the book to figure it out It’s hardly fair to hold that against Vachss since it’s because of the tireless work of him and others like him that these things are no longer a dirty secret here in 2016 It was Belle I had the problem with We got essentially the same scene between her and Burke over and over her desperate need for his love his need for her to conform to the rules by which he lives his life the clash of the two and an accepted agreement or stalemate Mix and repeat And repeat And repeatNot that Belle wasn’t an interesting character Sprinkling her past into scenes like these is one of Vachss’ premier skills Unfortunately there wasn’t enough history to invigorate these exchanges as they started to repeat themselves But remember I ualified my comments with “as I was reading” Once we got down to dealing with the main villain and the cost of doing so Blue Belle was as good as anything Vachss has written conceding I’m three novels and one co written short story into his work A great ending can cover a multitude of sins And this hardly ualified as a multitude Another great story about Burke and his merry band Max the Silent Mama The Mole The Prof Michelle and never forget Pansy the Neapolitan Mastiff Sadly the reason I can't bring myself to give this four or stars is the title character and Burke's love interest Belle Vachss draws her as this one dimensional sex obsessed well Burke obsessed embarrassment and I really wanted to skip over the parts where she appeared adding precious little to the story actually But it's still a great story and that's all you can ask

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