Photograph 51

Photograph 51➯ [Read] ➫ Photograph 51 By Anna Ziegler ➻ – Script describing the efforts of Rosalind Franklin who attempted to determine the exact shape and replication of DNA Watson and Crick supposedly stole the success of her photograph #51 without providi Script describing the efforts of Rosalind Franklin who attempted to determine the exact shape and replication of DNA Watson and Crick supposedly stole the success of her photograph without providing her the credit She died from radiation poisoning from her research. I really enjoyed reading ‘Photograph 51’ and would love to see it on stage Even in simply reading the script Ziegler created a sense of urgency and electric momentum as Crick and Watson race to be the first to present the structure of DNA on the back of Franklin and Wilkin’s work but unbeknownst to themThe play is tightly written with only six actors to depict and tell the story of how we came to understand DNA which is well researched with admitted and embraced artistic licence Notably five of those actors are men who also share the narration speaking for Rosalind who lacks the agency to tell her own story even in this play that seeks to enlighten audiences about her significant but overlooked role in the history of science Ziegler’s work revolves around an academic system imbued with casual sexism that belittles and impedes women However she avoids a simple condemnation by creating a realistic cast who are all endearing admirable and flawed Watson is ambitious and underhanded but also an idealistic dreamer who pursues his goals tenaciously and fearlessly places himself in vulnerable positions of ridicule in the name of progress Crick shows reluctance and remorse than Watson in their devious pursuit of answers to the world’s greatest mysteries but is eually complicit Wilkins can seem bumbling and gauche in his constant attempts to ‘start again’ but there is also a poignant tragedy to his desire to right all wrongs and ingratiate himself to others Gosling is delightfully self effacing in a world of savage intellects but misguided in his efforts to always placate and remain neutral Caspar relies on Franklin to achieve his doctorate and find work but sincerely and openly admires her without feeling he should be thought of any less by acknowledging her greatness And Franklin herself is brash and jaded but understandably independent and resolute Audiences helplessly hope her story will end differently but there are so many factors at play in the way she was cut from the historic discovery including her own stubbornness We mourn for her root for her and chide her simultaneously Ziegler’s discussion of Hermione’s resurrection in A Winter’s Tale as either an example of the chance to start anew and repair the past or a fantasy serving only to ameliorate her husband’s crimes can lead audiences to apply the same uestion to Photograph 51 Can we revive Rosalind Franklin’s story by presenting it now? Or is the damage irrevocable and a mere exercise in easing society’s guilty conscience? holy fucking shitCASPAR You know I have this theoryI think the things we want but can’t have are probably the things that define us And I’ve spent time than I’d like to admit coming to this pretty simple conclusion so I hope you don’t think it’s completely ridiculous ButI guess I’m talking aboutI don’t knowyearning? ROSALIND Yearning? CASPAR I meanwhat do you want Rosalind? ROSALIND So many things to wake up without feeling the weight of the day pressing down to fall asleep easily without wondering what it is that’s keeping me awake to eat greens and also beetroot to be kissed to feel important to learn how to be okay being with other people and also how to be alone To be a child again held up and admired the world full of endless future To see my father look at me with uncomplicated pride To be kissed To feel every day what it would be to stand at the summit of a mountain in Wales or Switzerland or America looking out over the world on a late afternoon with this man sitting across from me Or to feel it once GOSLING But instead she said ROSALIND Sadly I don’t know Crick and Watson are household names but this play adds another name to this list of contributors Rosalind Franklin She seems to have been an extraordinary scientist when women were not welcome in this industry A book with a two word title a book revolving around a puzzle or game A wonderful look at the work of Rosalind Franklin the woman whose photograph of DNA's helical structure led to Watson and Crick's DNA model which earned them the Nobel Prize while Rosalind received no credit for her contribution Another script for evaluation for the Staged Reading series Loved it The characters are serious funny human and motivated The dialog is real The focus and detachment are real Cannot wait to see this on stage Moving portrait of the death of Rosalind Franklin the first person to photograph the structure of DNA who died of radiation poisoning before she could get her share of the Nobel Prize