Mercedes-Benz. Z listów do Hrabala

Mercedes-Benz. Z listów do Hrabala[PDF] ✍ Mercedes-Benz. Z listów do Hrabala By Paweł Huelle – Творчеството на Хюле е привлекателен и завладяващ микс от история и генеалогия на духовното в него голяма ро Творчеството на Хюле е привлекателен listów do PDF/EPUB Ä и завладяващ микс от история и генеалогия на духовното в него голяма роля играе паметта за чужди прочути литературни текстове изразяваща се в диалог и игра на алюзии Това е характерно и за чудесния му минироман „Мерцедес Бенц Из писмата до Храбал“ Историята в него започва с притеснението на младия герой почти отъждествен с Хюле от това как ще се справи като курсист с кормуването в присъствието Mercedes-Benz. Z PDF/EPUB or на привлекателна и интелигентна инструкторка За да не се изложи той изпробва познатия метод на „забаламосване“ по време на урок разказва за автомобилите на своя дядо и драматичните истории свързани с тях Разказът става многоетажен и многоизмерен почитта към Храбал се преплита с картини от Европа между двете войни чак до наши дни превръща се в пътешествие към хора събития великолепни стари автомобили от онова време изпълнен с топъл хумор и известна носталгия Z listów do ePUB ¹ на фона на днешното ежедневие Книгата на Хюле е преведена на английски френски испански португалски руски немски унгарски и други езици. Huelle is one of the most eminent modern Polish writers Mercedes Benz has an unrelenting narrative that drives literally through the defining moments of modern Polish historyTruthfully you have never read sentences this long but the style does complement the tale Constructed in the format of a descriptive letter to Czech writer Bohumil Hrabal the book fuses the challenge of driving lessons in the early 1990's Gdańsk with the broader story of Pawel's father grandfather and the fate of Poland fused into one It really is a wonderful fusion of autobiography history and fictional creation It is well worth a look The authornarrator tells the story of his driving lessons alternating seamlessly with tales from his grandfather's time which he is recounting to his driving instructor The seamlessness is almost frustrating where the two stories are told either side of a dash with no solid punctuation such as a full stop or even a paragraph to differentiate between them Whilst a challenge to read it also gives the book its uniue style I love love LOVE this book It's adorable It's framed as a letter to the Polish author Hrabal in which the narrator recounts his experiences of learning how to drive a car His instructor teaches him how to shift gears and smoke week and he regales her with stories of his family There's just so much history and beautiful prose packed into these 150 pages Nice and uick read Letters to a dead person are a strange concept I agree but only when approached with logic and love has a notorious blind eye to logic I read this as if it was a long lost Bohumil Hrabal novel because Pawel borrows heavily from Hrabal's sentence structure and sentiment to flush this out It's as if Uncle Pepin himself wrote this or rather Hrabal retold Uncle Pepin's Polish ramblings and histories of this old town I didn't expect to like this and maybe that's why I ended up liking it so much I too was in love with Ms Ciwle I too wanted to hear the stories told about grandfather and the fox hunt And when Bohumil ascends from the Bulovka hospital window I too wanted to be drinking Beherovka and shouting across the table uotes and reasons why Bohumil Hrabal should be given a posthumous Nobel Prize because he deserved than Siefert though Siefert was indeed a fine poet Nobody involved in this bar room discussion would disagree I know that this was only one of several letters that Pawel wrote to Hrabal and I hope to someday be able to read of them I will certainly go into the next ones with higher expectations I love books by Bohumil Hrabal and Mercedes Benz is amazing memorandum of him Not only by the topic but also by the way how it the story narrated Long sentences pille up like a snowball feel as digressing from topic all this is so typical for Bohumil Hrabal and Pawel Huelle have masterly imitate it But he also bring something from his own style Beside setting the story to his native Gdansk he put stress to the complicated history of Gdansk and interesting is his work with the main character it is hard to say if it is miss Ciwle or narrator's grandfatherUnlike in Hrabal's work the narrator also enter the story and further his name is Pawel I comprehend it as it should be in honour to Bohumil Hrabal as he tries to write as him but by name the narrator as a Pawel he confesses that it is just a try and not copying By my opinion it is really good try to imitate BH but without knowledge of BH work this book cannot be fully understood however it probably still can be read as a nice narration Independent Foreign Fiction Prize 2006 Written as a kind of elegy to Mr Hrabal It is good Read it This little book is a treasure and it is the proof that it is possible to concentrate a family saga in 150 pages Amusing short novel with a healthy dose of historical truth I loved it but not right from the beginning that's why I rated four out of five stars