The Dying Horse

The Dying Horse➱ The Dying Horse Read ➹ Author Jason Jordan – Natural disasters are running wild The world is ending Cats are talking In the wake of an apocalypse a young man is on a journey of sorts and along the way he meets a strange cast of characters who ma Natural disasters are running wild The world is ending Cats are talking In the wake of an apocalypse a young man is on a journey of sorts and along the way he meets a strange cast of The Dying PDF/EPUB ² characters who may or may not get in his way The line between the real and surreal is a thin one in Jason Jordan's wildly entertaining The Dying Horse With wry humor Jordan tells the story of a man who just wants to find his way to some kind of home—Roxane Gay author of AyitiWhen the end of the world creeps up on us Jason Jordan's The Dying Horse will be our atlas Showing a genius for blending humanity and WTF he builds an apocalyptic road tripmanhunt painted in the colors of the suburbs In Jordan's world cats get conversational and every rotted out corner hides a dose of bleakness and twisted black humor Trust me you'll want to play a round of Who Gets the Ax after reading this book—Patrick Wensink author of Black Hole Blues and Sex Dungeon for Sale The Dying Horse is the most easy going novella about the apocalypse that I've ever read When faced with an abandoned interstate not unlike the one in Cormac McCarthy's The Road the narrator simply tells us 'this blows' and keeps walking Jason Jordan has done something incredibly tricky here; he presents a convincing timeline for how the world might end and thanks to his winning narrator Erik makes it seem funny And yes talking cats certainly don't hurt—Kevin Wilson author of The Family Fang and Tunneling to the Center of the Earth. Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcentercom I am the original author of this essay as well as the owner of CCLaP; it is not being reprinted illegallySo before anything else a uick disclosure that author Jason Jordan has participated in past CCLaP virtual book tours via his popular litmag decomP; although I don't imagine that many will accuse me today of favoritism because I have to admit that I found Jordan's new post apocalyptic novella The Dying Horse to be decently written but only a so so story overall And I also admit a big part of that is because I happen to have coincidentally also been reading Colson Whitehead's Zone One at the same time which turned out to be one of the most inventive and original post apocalyptic novels I've ever read which of course is what happens when the recipient of a MacArthur genius grant decides to write a zombie story; and so compared to that Jordan's own straightforward and cliche laced story is simply going to suffer as almost anyone's would under such circumstances That's why I want to reiterate that The Dying Horse is at least well written and will appeal to heavy genre fans who don't mind a bit of cultural repeat; or to put it another way if you don't mind that a show like The Walking Dead essentially consists of a series of well known tropes you've already seen a hundred times since it's trumped by how well The Walking Dead in particular presents these tropes then you are sure to really like The Dying Horse as well It comes recommended in that specific spiritOut of 10 80 This is a book I won off of First ReadsThe Dying Horse is a novella with a lot of promise It tells the story of Erik a fairly typical young twenty something dealing with what seems very much like the end of the world I say a lot of promise because while it ended strong the first half of the book moved very slowly for me There were a lot of random details that overall bogged down the progress and didn't do much for the world building at large It actually took me over a month to read it because I kept losing interest and putting it down By around chapter four though the story picks up and you can start seeing the development of the characters better The dream seuences that bookended the action were interesting and really well written By the time The Dying Horse ended I was invested in Erik and curious as to what would happen next I would definitely check out from this author but probably only if it was novel length so by the time it hits it's stride it isn't wrapping upOnce sentence sum up When I started reading I was glad it was short but by the end I wished there was Here we have what amounts to survival horror tale set in the post apocalyptic wastes of Indiana The story follows our first person narrator in the days following the end of the world brought on by a series of freakish natural disasters He sets out with the vague notion of finding his lost family and encounters a handful of memorable characters including a talking cat on the journey Interspersed with the main narrative is a series of increasingly surreal dreams involving Jesus Christ bizarre game shows and the titular horse Reminiscent of a less scatological version of the narrator from Chad Kultgen's Average American Male matter of fact and very much a product of suburban malaise the narrative voice of The Dying Horse might take a little getting used to but becomes the novella's biggest asset I plowed through this one in two sittings and found it well worth my time I loved how grity this book felt to me even the talking cat and God showing up did not sway me Without giving everything away I felt that at the end of civilization one person trying to kill others for no reason was too ordinary for me to buy I can see kiling over resources but no reason other than to do it was not something I bought Other than that I was glad it ended how it did But I wont be telling others to read it I actually won this book It would have been better without the cuss words thrown in there randomly and the occasional crude jokescomments Also there where a number of places that would have been easy to change to make this into a Chirstan book which would have made it much better Over all the storyplottheme was pretty good though