Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction

Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction[Reading] ➰ Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction ➸ Sue Townsend – Keskiviikko 2 huhtikuuta vuonna 2003 Täytän tänään 35 vuotta Olen nyt virallisesti keski ikäinen Tästä eteenpäin elämäni on vain alamäkeä Surkeaa liukua kohti iensairauksia pyörätuolira Keskiviikko huhtikuuta vuonna Täytän tänään and the PDF ↠ vuotta Olen nyt virallisesti keski ikäinen Tästä eteenpäin elämäni on vain alamäkeä Surkeaa liukua kohti iensairauksia pyörätuoliramppeja ja kuolemaa Adrian Mole raapustaa päiväkirjaansaTownsend on kuljettanut Englannin kuuluisimman päiväkirjan pitäjän halki ahdistuksentäyteisten teinivuosien kohti yksinhuoltajuutta ja lyhyttä tv tähteyttä lähes henkilökohtaiseen konkurssiin saakka Sarjan kuudennessa osassa Adrian työskentelee divarissa ja ostaa itselleen asunnon luottokortillaAdrian ei ole vieläkään ymmärtänyt elämän tosiasioita Hän peruu Kyproksen lomansa koska Tony Blairin mukaan Saddam Husseinin joukkotuhoasteet voivat hävittää saaren minuutissa Adrian Mole PDF/EPUB or Matkatoimisto ei suostu palauttamaan varausmaksua ilman pitävämpiä todisteita matkakohteen turvattomuudesta Niitä saadakseen Adrian kirjoittaa Blairille Mitä tahansa huolia sinulla onkin Adrian Mole saa olosi tuntumaan paremmalta. This is the eighth book about Adrian Mole don't ask who started his literary life in 1982 at the age of thirteen and three uarters The series of books has kept pace with his age and it feels as though it is winding down The running joke about the inept Adrian is wearing a bit thin and to put him in the idiotic situation of writing letters to the prime minister so that he can get a refund on his upcoming foreign holiday seems too ludicrously contrived to be funny The book was written at the time when Tony Blair warned that Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction could target the island of Cyprus in 45 minutes Perhaps you had to be there At this distance in time it all seems tiresome and irrelevant Perhaps it is the sort of flash in the pan book which is wryly amusing just for a few months and then would disappear without trace unless it is part of a series I do not read books about party politics nor reviews of them nor usually comment But this has made me wonder if there are many such humorous books about Brexit and what chance there is that any future readers will read them or even talk about the event in fifteen years' time Kind of puts it all in perspectiveI read very little of the book so hesitate to rate it However one star is my default for abandoned books It would very probably come out at less than one star if I forced myself to plough through the thing so one star is what I must put Two stars on Goodreads is an OK rating but there is no way in which this would be OK reading for me Apologies to those who get their humour from party politics or depictions of feebly plodding very English middle aged middle class men and the women who surround and bemuse them or those who just love the series Please do not let my boredom put you off The series started on a high note but for me it has now fizzled out I have just one book about Adrian Mole but my hopes are not high Adrian Mole can be a funny character at timesEarlier I had read The Cappuccino Years and found it fairly interestingI expected this to be a political satireBut it's not really about Bush and Blair's invasion of Ira on the pretext of Saddam stockpiling weapons of mass destructionAdrian Mole writes to Blair to provide some evidence of the existence of the WMDsHe worries that his son could be deployed to IraBut mostly it is about Adrian Mole's life and other thingsThere is the odd funny line here and therebut is hard work trying to dig it outVery disappointing This is yet another laugh out loud Adrian Mole diary This time he begins the diary at the age of 34 but he is still the same earnest pedantic letter writing AdrianHe has moved away from his flaky parents’ home into a pricey loft apartment on Rat Wharf not realizing that there’s a reason for the “rat” appellation It could also have been called “Aggressive Swan Wharf” for that matter but we’ll get back to that laterAdrian is a great admirer of Tony Blair and a staunch believer in the existence of Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction and is thus a supporter of Britain going to warHe is a would be published writer but hasn’t as yet achieved any success in that field; he is working on a book to be entitled “Celebrity and madness” but neither has he yet persuaded any celebrity to allow him to interview him or her on that subject not surprisingly considering the titleAdrian is the arranger of a creative writing group that meets regularly though he does not wholly appreciate the literary efforts of the others One of the members is the elderly Gladys who keeps writing soppy poems about cats such as“Poor Blackie’s up in HeavenGod took her life awayHe said you’ll go to DevonAnd have a holiday”Unfortunately he has little success in persuading celebrities to visit the group and give a talk; as far as I recall Cherie Blair doesn't even deign to reply to his letter Thus the group rapidly dwindles to only twoAdrian has two sons Glenn 17 who is in basic training in the army and in danger of being sent off to war in Ira and a younger son William who now lives with his mother in NigeriaGlenn writes freuent letters to Adrian but unlike his verbally proficient father Glenn is sadly lacking in basic grammar and spelling skills Adrian is still madly in love with his childhood sweetheart Pandora who is now a junior minister and a household name He somehow becomes involved with a woman called Marigold and then with her sister Daisy even though Marigold is insisting that he marry her There are numerous complicationsHe furnishes his loft apartment with stylish new furniture not to mention curtains for his glass lavatory whose see through walls are extremely irritating for the prudish Adrian; but he does so through the kind services of MasterCard and Barclaycard who insist on forcing him to accept thousands of pounds in credit and sending him blank cheues; this of course leads to poor Adrian getting into a pretty pickle as far as his finances are concernedIt now only remains to mention the aggressive swans that inhabit the canal adjacent to Adrian’s abode The leader of the pack Gielgud is “particularly vicious” and takes an instant dislike to Adrian The town council member to whom Adrian complains fails to understand the problem; they won’t help him get rid of the swans but will grant him help with conflict resolution work with his supposed neighbour Mr Swan whom they understand to be the source of the problemThere are many complications and convolutions in Adrian’s story including the problems of his parents who can’t find out which romantic partners they wish to have and those of his gay blind friend NigelThe book is brilliantly written and uproarious and reminds us of what was going on in Britain and the world in 2002 and 2003 The main theme concerns of course Adrian’s obsession with the weapons of mass destruction and the war in Ira I am deducting one star because the general politics of the book is a strangely British combination of do nothingism and liberal fetish But I am still a bit awestruck that Townsend wrote a book of this size with a humour that never ever got tedious even with the politics on a beach in eastern Europe with 30 lesser books cycling through my brain It's possible I am the most demanding of all when it comes to humour and I have such an absolutely begrudging absolutely astonished admiration for this style of picaresue in diary form that I am sharing my admiration for your potential pleasure even if the politics once made me entirely skip this review I feel like I've grown up with Adrian Mole I've been following his exploits since I was 13 years old and as a character fixed in time he's a year or two older than meThis book chronicles Adrian's life in 2003 age 34 with the backdrop of the war in Ira He worries about his 17 year old son who has joined the army and has been deployed to Kuwait he struggles with a debt problem that's spiralling out of control and still his love life is as disastrous as ever he's trying to extricate himself from the clutches of a needy clingy young woman called Marigold whilst fancying her free spirited sexy sister DaisyAdrian Mole is a comic character and it's his flaws and foibles that we laugh about But ultimately his heart is in the right place and that's why we're fond of him In a way it's good that as Adrian grows older he growns no wiser and he retains the ability to make us laugh And the fact that Adrian's life is always such a disaster is a source of some reassurance no matter how bad life gets it's never as bad as Adrian Mole's As a teenager I loved the Adrian Mole books and even re reading the original two again recently I found them still a funny read for nostalgia than anything I thinkMoving on to Adrian as an adult I didn't love the Cappuccino Years but it was okay This however tested my patience Adrian as a teenager was amusing as an adult down right irritating but it was Marigold that killed it for me I know she is meant to be an emotional vampire that you hate and that it the point of her character but knowing so many people like this in my past I just couldn't read any of it Adrian is such a pathetic woos too he was actually getting somewhere in the last book in this it's just regressing to childhood idiocy269 pages in and I gave up and won't be following his journey through life any further because frankly Adrian you are pathetic Entertaining as always fifth book in our series of readings from Adrian’s diaries written by Sue Townsend It starts in 2002 and covers the controversial period of the Ira WarAdrian is 34 working in a bookshop in Leicester and about to become the proud owner of a trendy loft apartment His single status is about to change too putting further strain on his already stretched finances As war looms Adrian is unwavering in his support for Prime Minister Tony Blair and military action even though his eldest son Glenn is facing deployment to the GulfSue Townsend was born in Leicester in 1946 She left school at 15 and was a single parent with three young children by the age of 23 Like Adrian she wrote in secret for many years and acknowledged that they often shared the same views Adrian C’est moi she once saidFirst published in 1989 Adrian Mole’s diaries were instant bestsellers and Adrian the remarkably resilient underdog uickly became a national treasure While recording the experiences of one individual and showcasing Sue's fearless and razor sharp wit the diaries also illustrate how socio political matters of the time affected the lives of ordinary peopleCopyright Siegfried Sassoon by kind permission of the Estate of George SassoonReader Harry McEntireAbridger Sara DaviesProducer Alexa MooreA Pier production for BBC Radio 4 I first read the Adrian Mole diaries when I was at school but soon stopped reading them However at my book swap I noticed this one on the table and thought I would revisit Mole and see how his life had progressed as it were Basically this is an ok book a standard Adrian Mole story amusing at times but not laugh out loud funny Adrian has grown up sort of but still takes no responsibility for his life Some fo the situations he found himself in were frustrating you just wanted him to take control of his life and stop being such an idiot The amount of times he found himself doing something or agreeing to something against his better judgement was annoying If you knew Adrian Mole in real life you would probably want to slap him There are a couple of semi poignant moments during the book but on the whole this is harmless fluff uite simply the finest and funniest and most moving skewering of Blair's era and his grand follyThe shallowness of early 21st century Britain is exposed as even Mole surely the most unfashionable man on Earth gets caught up living a lifestyle not a life as one character puts it His love life goes through one of its most tumultuous periods with one of his most appalling partners which is saying somethingTownsend's skills hit their height here where she deftly brings the laughs and then the tears together She hated the Tories but it seems that her reaction to Blair and his war are harsher still this is precisely what a Labour Government shouldn't be doing this is an act of appalling betrayal and Townsend aimed her pen right into the heart of it

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