The Ladies of Covington Send Their Love

The Ladies of Covington Send Their Love❮BOOKS❯ ✯ The Ladies of Covington Send Their Love Author Joan Medlicott – Neither Grace nor Amelia nor Hannah ever thought they would live out their final days in the dull lonely comfort of a boarding house Still they have Olive Pruitt's boarding house to thank for bringing Neither Grace nor Amelia of Covington PDF È nor Hannah ever thought they would live out their final days in the dull lonely comfort of a boarding house Still they have Olive Pruitt's boarding house to thank for bringing them together over three easily digestible meals a day But there is nothing that says that women of a certain age can't expect the unexpected and when an opportunity calls the three ladies surprise themselves with their The Ladies PDF \ spunk and set off to create for themselves a place to call home. My apologies to the many people who loved this book but I had to force myself to finish it Grace the main character is extremely weak and a doormat Amelia scarred horribly from mental and physical pain is self centered and vapid Hannah hides inside a hard outer shell In what has become a cliche' but maybe wasn't in 2000 when this book was first published three women one who cooks one who does the handy man work and one artist of course move to an old dilapidated but charming of course house in the country of course where they work through their character arcs with the help of some fine country folk of course There are logic errors Hannah rakes a bunch of dried leaves into piles in an orchard and noticing the breeze is coming up decides that rather than have them blow around she'll burn them Big surprise the whole orchard goes up in flames weird repetitions Amelia wanders off first into a forest and then into a snowstorm; twice people come to find and rescue her carrying her almost dead body to warmth and rescue and typos in both spelling and punctuation The publisher and especially the editor did not serve this author well IMO the one redeeming aspect was that Grace found her spine at the end and made a satisfying decision I have to say I was glad when this book ended as I thought it was a good 50 75 pages too long And I wanted to tell those three ladies to GET OVER IT and move on Okay I'm 58 not uite the same age as the characters in the book but hello my family will never put me in a retirement home I will do that if I think I need it The basic premis for the story was a good one and it is so nice to read about characters in my own age bracket and it did give me even incentive to take good care of my health continue to make decision myself love my husband and live without regrets The Ladies of Covington Send Their Love is what I would describe as a gentle read Yes there is tension; and yes there is conflict More than that however there is a sense of serenity and joy I would even describe it as the ladies from Ladybug Farm 10 years down the roadTwo older and I use that term loosely since they are my age and a little older have been shuffled into a rooming house by their children and one chose to go their herself The landlady is mean spirited and believes that what she says is best for all Grace Hannah and Amelia become friends while at this house None of them are satisfied with their lives but because of the way they were raised they believe they must do what is expected Grace is afraid of everything and has had a slight heart attack; Hannah fled an abusive marriage and has had to fight for everything she every got and she has bad knees and hips hips that need to be replaced; Amelia's husband was high up in the Red Cross and she is totally devastated by grief Shortly after the book starts Amelia learns that a cousin with whom she has just started to communicate has died and left her a house and 50000 to fix the house in North Carolina And there begins the tale The 3 decide to go to NC to look at the house Amelia does not know how to drive Hannah can't drive because of her knees and hips and Grace has never driven on an interstate nor faster than 40 mph They do get to NC however and decide that they really don't need anyone to take care of them They can take care of each other make decisions learn to stand on their own and be supportive of each otherI think I liked this book so much because again it is a story of women's friendship It did remind me a lot of the Ladybug Farm books without the exuberance If you like stories of women of a certain age 50 I would suggest you read this It shares lessons we all can learn I enjoyed this one in the beginning and then a little less as it went on and on Reminded me a bit of Jan Karon's books very character and place driven and these ladies of Covington are interesting girls for the most part but I think Karon does a better job over all Medlicott has a curious almost unfinished writing style and her sentences sometimes just don't work And while I found myself invested in these characters right off in their appealingly mundane ordinariness with a little bit of mystiue I became less interested as their past trials and relationship woes began to cover the broad gamut of misery and woe and their current choices became drastic and modern Still the core of the story the coming together and bonding of these three women that allows each to fully realize their individual potential and dreams is a wonderful premise and should have had a lot promise I have several senior friends in the same situation as the women in this book single and not sure if they can afford to live on their own And not really wanting to be alone This book provided food for thought and an inspiration to think outside the box regarding living arrangements for seniors I loved the idea of senior women facing their last years with vigor and new boldness I liked the beginning of this book best I liked the way the characters were introduced and how the author examined their feelings of loneliness aloneness powerlessness regret I found it progressively sappy and politically correct as it went along but overall I liked it I tried the recipe for sugar cookies included at the end they were great I've been smitten with the Ladies of Covington as well as her other novels I've read them all Perhaps I enjoy them so much because of the life stage since I'm approaching it I appreciate that these women continue to grow to learn to love to LIVE Though I don't always agree morally with choices they make I would enjoy these women as friends I've appreciated Medlicott's bringing to the page mature women I've also wondered if I could move in with two other women What I loved about this book is its location and its concept What I gagged over what the writing When is a book wonderful because of its characters ideas setting resolution and feeling? And when does the writing intrude so often one longs to take a red pencil to it Location western North Carolina near Mars Hill College which I attended long enough ago to be nostalgic about it Near Hendersonville where most of my family since 1700 are buried One of my favorite places on Earth The concept how and what do three single by circumstances mostly horrible older women than survive they triumphcleverly with realistic trepidations bond live together and create splendid lives Too much plot perhaps too much silliness and yet this book heals and gives hope It's an amazing seller and spawned a series of Covington books each with the writing deteriorating but I love characters their perserverence through tv like plots And the location She got so much right Read the book support the author we need books for grandmothers LOVE this book about three ladies in their 70's who become friends and move to the Asheville NC area when one of them inherits a house thereI just find it so inspiring and hopeful and heart warming to read about people who gain wisdom AND HAPPINESS as they age who are moving on in life into their better and better years Lovely A fun book to read about three dear ladies and their move to Covington South Carolina Three ladies living in a rest home meet and decide to go it alone in a new city They have their ups and downs and there are lots of interesting characters I look forward to adventures with these three This was a surprisingly good booksurprising because I remember looking at these books when they were first put on BARD in braille and thinking they didn't sound interesting at all but eventually one came along that caught my interest I don't remember now which one that was but I figured if one book later in the series captured my attention I might as well start from the beginning and see how good the books areWe have three ladies in their late 60's to early 70's living in a retirement home All three are widows Grace has a son and Hannah has two daughters but Amelia has no childrenThis book starts with Grace and Hannah having to deal with their meddling family while helping Amelia recover from surgeryThey're looking for Amelia's next of kin in case something should happen to her and they realize how little they do know about her Grace is the closest to Amelia so she's charged with the task of going through Amelia's things to try to find any reference to anyone who could be notified and she finds nothing except a group of letters from a cousin Amelia apparently didn't even know she had until fairly recently So it's then they discover that as meddlesome as their families can be at least they have one; Amelia truly seems to be aloneThen the unexpected Upon her cousin's death Amelia receives a letter informing her that a house and property were left to her by her cousin She talks Grace and Hannah into making the drive from Pennsylvania to North Carolina for what the other two women think will be just to see the house Whatever Amelia did with it after that never crossed their minds until Amelia wants to move into the house use the money her cousin left her to fix it upand wants Grace and Hannah to move in with herThis move brings a lot of changes to the ladies' lives Hannah had to give up a nursery she owned because of knee surgery and an impending hip replacement but she still had the drive to work so she's restless while Grace seems to have found romance in an unexpected way and Amelia finds her calling doing something she'd always thought she'd like but never triedThey begin calling themselves the ladies of Covington The town has grown on them they've met some of the nicest people they could ever think to meet and they're all finally finding happiness after a lot of hardships on the way when they find that they could stand to lose the house and property unless Amelia can find the letters from her cousin leaving the property to her Can she find them in time or are they gone for good? And if they're gone for good what does that mean for them? They went through a seesaw of emotions over the past year making that house into a home and now that they've done it could they really lose it all?I found myself totally absorbed in this book after reading only a little of it You feel like you're there experiencing the joys and the hard times right along with them and you feel the gut wrenching fear right along with them when they realize they could lose everythingI find myself relating to one character strongly than the others in books like these They each have their own personalities experiences that shaped them into who they are just like we do and you find at least one character you can identify with than the others For me it's Grace She's the nurturer She mothers her friends and everyone she cares about She loves to cook and tend the home while Hannah still loves to garden nursery greenhouse or not so she finds a way to busy herself with that Grace was definitely my connection in this bookNow that I've read the first one I can't wait to get into the next to see how life further develops their characters and what other adventures or misadventures they find themselves in because no matter what they are they always find a way to come out on top

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  • Hardcover
  • 352 pages
  • The Ladies of Covington Send Their Love
  • Joan Medlicott
  • English
  • 01 August 2016
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