A Forever Thing (Three Magic Words Trilogy, #1)

A Forever Thing (Three Magic Words Trilogy, #1)[Read] ➲ A Forever Thing (Three Magic Words Trilogy, #1) Author Carolyn Brown – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Fancy Lynn Sawyer says that before she'll even think about the M word a man has to say the three magic words but 'I love you' isn't enough He has to promise her a forever thing She intends to find her Fancy Lynn Sawyer says that before she'll even think about the M word a man has to say the three magic words but 'I love you' isn't enough He has to promise her a A Forever PDF/EPUB or forever thing She intends to find her forever thing in Florida her home since she was fifteen so she wasn't even looking for it when she comes to Texas to help her grandmother With a job at the elementary school lined up Fancy Lynn moves but she intends to stay only until her grandmother regains her healthTheron Warren has absolutely no intention of falling in love again His one failed marriage was painful enough As an elementary school principal part time cop and full time ranch owner he doesn't have time for the sassy woman who suddenly appears in his life first in the jailhouse then at his school and soon everywhere he turnsFate is trying to tell Fancy Lynn and Theron that they are soul mates but is having a tough time convincing them. A Forever Thing is an enjoyable romance Very easy to listen toI borrowed this in audiobook format through Kindle Unlimited Good book about two people who strike sparks from each other from the beginning but resist what fate is trying to tell them Fancy has moved to Texas from Florida to take care of her grandmother She has a job lined up and her two childhood best friends are there also Her stay gets off to a rocky start when a chance encounter with a black cat puts her in direct conflict with Theron school principal rancher and part time copTheron works multiple jobs to pay the bills and the note on his ranch He doesn't have the time or inclination to get involved with a woman He had been briefly married and it was a painful enough experience that he will never do it again Meeting Fancy throws his well ordered life into turmoilFancy and Theron's first meeting had me laughing out loud Her attempt to avoid hitting a black cat ended up with her arrested for underage drinking and reckless driving No matter how she tried to convince him Theron refused to believe that she was a thirty year old woman with a broken bottle of almond extract in her car Theron definitely came across as judgmental and rigid while Fancy was argumentative and snarky I loved the whole call your parents thing and laughed out loud when Theron had to eat his words They parted ways hoping to avoid any future contact but fate had other plansFancy sees Theron again at her final interview for the schoolteacher position where he is the principal When that job goes to someone else Fancy blames him Then they meet yet again when Fancy is tasked with helping out a Sunday School class where Theron is also the teacher Two stubborn people butt heads and the sparks flyI loved the development of Fancy and Theron's relationship which they fought tooth and nail to the end I liked the way that Theron found himself offering help and comfort to Fancy as she deals first with her grandmother's hostility then with her death He doesn't know why he does it; he simply can't resist the urge Fancy is eually surprised by how much she wants that comfort Neither one can deny the attraction that is between them I liked their openness with each other about their expectations Fancy wants a forever thing; a man that is willing to commit past the simple statement of love Theron is clear on the fact that he will never marry again having been burned once already But when Theron is given custody of a three year old daughter he didn't know existed it is Fancy he turns to for helpI loved the way that Fancy dropped everything to help Theron with little Tina His determination to do right by the little girl opened Fancy's eyes to a completely different side of Theron It was sweet to see the way that the two worked together It didn't take long for the three of them to feel like a family Fancy realized that she had fallen hard for Theron but didn't see a future in it because of his attitude toward marrying again Theron wanted Fancy to stay but couldn't bring himself to admit his feelings I ached for them both as it looked as though they were going to throw away a terrific future I liked how Fancy did some honest soul searching at the end discovering that maybe she'd been a bit unbending in her reuirements I loved Theron's big moment as all his practiced speeches went out of his head and he spoke from the heartThe secondary characters were all very well done Fancy's grandmother Hattie was a horrible person I ached for Fancy and her mother Gwen having to deal with the woman all their lives The things that Hattie told Fancy emphasized just how bad she was I liked the way that Theron Sophie and Kate helped Fancy through the worse of it I also loved the beauty shop ladies They were a fun mix of small town matriarchs with a variety of attitudes and personalities I loved the way they came together for Fancy both when Hattie died and when Fancy was taking care of Tina Fancy's friends Sophie and Kate were terrific also All three had been good friends as teenagers and stayed in touch as adults I loved how they could tease each other one minute and provide emotional support the next It was fun to see how they caught the feelings growing between Theron and Fancy long before the couple didI liked how important family was to both Fancy and Theron Fancy came to Texas to take care of Hattie even though she knew it would be a thankless task She did it to make things easier for her mother I loved the closeness between Fancy and Gwen Theron's family was also a big part of his life I loved his care for Uncle Joe and the Christmas scenes with them were heartfelt and emotional I also liked Theron's parents and sister Their immediate acceptance of both Tina and Fancy was great I also loved the various insights they gave to Fancy about Theron and who he is I loved the straight talk Theron got from his father and the unexpected news that he got that changed the way he looked at his future Great first in a new series Loved iton to the next Fancy and TheronWhen Fancy came back to Texas to care for her grandmother after she broke her hip she never imaged all the changes that would occur for her and her lifeTheron is die hard bachelor who doesn't want to marry ever again But after he has found out about a daughter he never knew he had he needs Fancy's help from day oneThe disagreements between the two will keep you laughing a lotI feel like this book is just written for me because about the Texas Roadhouse which is my favorite place to eat steak It also talks about the Cracker Barrel restaurant where I go to eat chicken and dumplings with an apple dumplings to take home for breakfastThank you Carolyn for another remarkable story This was a nice read totally unexpected I borrow this book without knowing what was about but I really enjoy it so much I love Carolyns writing and A forever thing was not the exception I like that is romantic and has a little bit of angst but the passion is there and the empathy and love and kindness of the characters tooI really enjoy the story it was a good read and definitely left me wanting Another light cute little read 35 Fancy wants a forever thing when a man says he loves her he should want to be with her for the rest of his life When she moved out of Texas as a teenager to live in Florida with her mother Fancy left part of her heart behind Now she’s back in Albany to take care of her ill grandmother Being back in town starts with a lot of trouble Theron the local cop and elementary school principal is causing difficulties for Fancy To make the situation worse Fancy’s grandmother isn’t happy with the arrival of her granddaughter The job Fancy thought was a sure thing falls through so nothing goes according to plan Will something or someone be able to keep Fancy in Texas? Theron isn’t looking for love Having his heart broken once was enough He doesn’t want to risk falling for another woman and doesn’t easily trust any longer When he keeps running into Fancy he has to admit spending time with her is making him feel alive once but Fancy isn’t in Albany to stay and she wants a future with someone who can promise her a forever thing which is exactly what Theron isn’t willing to offer a woman any They can’t stay away from each other though what will happen when their feelings become too strong to ignore? A Forever Thing is a heartwarming romantic story I absolutely loved the main characters Fancy is a great kindhearted woman She’s sweet sassy and fiery and I liked her spunk a lot Theron is a hardworking man with a fabulous gentle and sparkling personality They’re perfect for each other there’s plenty of chemistry and their love is beautifully true and pure I loved how they challenge one another and enjoyed every single word of their entertaining dialogue I couldn’t wait to find out if they’d find their happily ever after together and adored their feelgood love story Carolyn Brown has a wonderful warm writing style Her stories are filled with charm energy and unconditional love I like how she creates the perfect atmosphere She makes her settings come to life in a gorgeous way and each description is thorough and vibrant I fell in love with A Forever Thing straight from the start and had a big smile on my face from beginning to end I liked the emotional depth of the story mixed with clever wittiness there are serious parts and laugh out loud moments and that combination works really well I highly recommend A Forever Thing it’s a terrific endearing story filled with delightful surprises and joy 25 starsI didn't like it but I didn't dislike it It was of a mehThe book emphasized Fancy wanting a forever thing I was never really sure what that meant to her It seemed like love and commitment were not enough Theron felt like he would never again make a long term commitment There was an HEA but it took an interesting pathI did feel chemistry between Theron and Fancy at the beginning but it was not strong It developed over time They argued a lot and jumped to conclusions which was irritating The grandmother was an awfully selfish personI ended up thinking of this book like white noise interspersed with little bursts of sound Those bursts were Theron's daughter Echo; the beauty salon ladies; and Sophie and KateI don't know the size of this town but Theron held 3 or 4 jobs Deputy school principal deacon and rancher This took something away from the book for me I don't think of romance when I think of this book Although this book was slightly boring I am planning on reading book two I have found that with some series the subseuent books are better A sweet PG type small town romanceThis book was much tame in comparison to most books I read but I still found it to be endearing If you are looking for a simple light romantic without any vulgarity this one will do the trick There was no profanity no sex a couple kisses were shared but that was it no unnecessary angst drinking alcohol etc Like I said earlier simple and sweet Lots of talk about going to church Sunday school class trips to the local Dairy ueen etc My one complaint which is minor is that the daughter Tina was supposedly 2 almost 3 years old I have spent time with tons of children in my days and this little girl felt much like an 8 9 year old The dialogue and way she acted NEVER at every point had me thinking this was a small toddler Overall it was just a cute light hearted romance This story was just fine but it wasn't for me I appreciated how clean it was both in content and language but it was boring The way the story unfolded was lackluster and boring The writing failed to engage me and I found myself not really caring what happened to any of the characters which was sad

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