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Dr Grace Caldwell is a Sidhe Vampire hybrid who spends her evenings as a high class prostitute Occasionally her ex college room mate and now full time FBI agent Jack consults her on cases that have paranormal links When a rash of murders occurs that no one can link together Jack takes a punt and calls on Grace to use her powers to see if she can find anything they have missed well blackmails her into it Immediately she notices the spells and the link between the female victims; they are all female Sidhe She uses her connections to the supernatural world to help Jack trawl through the myriad of political minefields that the case uncovers Unfortunately she thrusts herself back into the spotlight of a world that has never uite accepted her always fearing what she is When they start to make demands of her that she is unwilling to meet things start to get a little hairy for both her and Jack Meanwhile the case seems to point towards a powerful culprit than either of them could have imagined Will they survive?This book had the potential to be absolutely brilliant Unfortunately I felt that for its length there was just too much going on I couldn’t uite gel with the characters because I was too busy trying to keep up with the twists and turns of the tale It really pains me to say it but this book took far too much energy for me to enjoy it fully I really enjoyed the world that the author built Sidhe and vampires are known about but not really understood Grace is an anomaly to all as she is the only one of her kind Vampires are supposed to be infertile yet her parents managed to conceive Prophecy had foretold her existence and now the council see her as a threat to their society in general Because of this she has been shunned by most of her society and lives on the outskirts She chooses to be a prostitute as for someone of her heritage it’s a very lucrative business I enjoyed her general snarkiness and strength of character but I don’t feel that I grew to love her Again this is because I saw her flit from situation to situation without ever really engaging in any one fullyGrace and Jack’s relationship was the oddest part of the tale It’s clear that they had feelings for each other and a history yet I didn’t feel anything towards them as a couple There is no resolution to their situation and I do hope there is a second book as for people who will enjoy this book there is a lot that needs to be tied up There are moments when I felt they could get together but as uickly as these feelings in them rise to the surface they seem to fade and they end up with different people who I didn’t care one iota about as they were pointless to the story only serving as dates for our two leads seemingly forgetting the situation between them It was unsatisfying for me I don’t feel I know Jack at all He had a severe change of situation during the book but I don’t feel that I know how he dealt with it Again I was left unsatisfiedA promising premise that didn’t uite pay off for me With no real central romance to speak of I struggled to grasp hold of a part of the story to keep me engaged Being Sidhe is hard but a Sidhe without a heartbeat? Life is lucrative and easy for Dr Grace Caldwell daughter of vampire father and fey mother until her ex boyfriend FBI agent Jack Montgomery blackmails her into helping him solve a prostitute's murder If only she wasn't as attracted to Jack as ever she could concentrate on finding the murderer and get back to her regularly scheduled life And then there's the vampire Constantine seductive and powerful a family friend she's supposed to marry Not much of a vampire and clueless about her fey powers if she has any Grace must journey to the Sidhe and enlist the help of the fey to unravel the riddle of the murder She and Jack might just get killed but then two worlds depend on her success If she fails both her worlds and all of humanity will descend into chaos of epic proportionsThe story takes place in alternate realty Los Angeles where vampires weres and the fey are openly acknowledged and granted diplomatic immunity by law enforcement Grace Caldwell is a one of a kind half vampirehalf fey without much idea of what kind of powers she may one day develop While she craves blood occasionally thanks to the hemo anemia that plagues the vampires she only feeds infreuently and doesn't experience the daylight drawbacks that full blooded vamps experience and her sidhe powers are so far extremely limitedGrace is drawn into a serial murder case by her ex boyfriend Federal Agent Jack Montgomery The victims have all been prostitutes and Jack calls on Grace as an expert not only because of her preternatural background but also because she makes her living as a courtesanGrace also must deal with Constantine the Master Vampire of the Western Territories to whom she has been betrothed without her knowledge The murder case takes Grace and Jack into the fairy mounds and the courts of the Sidhe putting both of their lives in jeopardyI felt that it could use some additional world building and overall development There are some abrupt transitions for example Grace is heading off for a date and then the next scene is from Jack's point of view with Grace calling that she's been kidnapped There is some explanation later on but the reader is left to fill in some of the details on their own If you're not a fan of love triangles then you won't enjoy Nightengale Grace is interested in not just Jack and Constantine but two of the Sidhe princes one Unseelie and one Seelie Granted by the end of the book it's narrowed down a bit and Grace wants to be able to chose who she's with not ordered into it by the Vampire Council but it's still just a bit muchAll that said I did enjoy the story It kept me interested and it was a uick read for me I wanted to know what was going to happen next and will be happy to read another installment of the Nocturne Series I had a tough time getting into this book And by tough I mean that it took me a chapter or two So I guess it wasn't really a tough time I just had a mental block over a woman who was a Doctor not a medical doctor mind you but still being a courtesan It's one of those things Although the idea that the Sidhe aren't as bound by human sexual morality was presented and it made sense I still had to wrap my head around it No worries though I did get past it and it ended up working for both me and the story in a big wayAfter that rocky start with Grace I ended up really liking her She's a woman torn between two very different worlds who has made the decision to live life on her own terms She really is the only one who has the ability to help Jack solve the murder uickly because she's one of the few who can straddle the line between both Fey and vampireWhile the main storyline about the murders was tied up there were plenty of uestions left unanswered about what Grace's future holds Prophecy pulls her in two different directions and she has a whole passel of powers to learn to control Intriguing and well thought out this is a world I wouldn't mind dipping into again Kelly Reading the Paranormal I absolutely loved this book as a first part of a series and thought it was entertaining and well writtenGrace is a courtesan in a near future Los Angeles but she is far from ordinary As half vampirehalf sidhe she has everything going for her including good looks intelligence and all the men on tap she could want However her ex Jack who works for the FBI calls her in to help with an investigation Someone is murdering women and he needs her help to find out who is responsibleIt's part detective part romance but every inch paranormal and I devoured this book in three days uite a feat with my ultra busy schedule I found myself reading it at every opportune moment as I just had to know what happenedIt is a rarity for a book to pull me in so deeply and I really enjoyed this one much than I have enjoyed a book in a long time Grace did get on my nerves with the way she treated Constantine but I hope the Ms Christman knows what she is doing I really do like them as a potential couple and I hope against hope they get together This is a must read for any paranormal fan sick to death of bad books out there and looking for a great fun read