Avengers❤ [KINDLE] ❃ Avengers By Jen Van Meter ➣ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk The arrowed avenger returns When a stranger lies dead at the Avengers' doorstep Hawkeye won't let his world be implicated in a grisly murder But what seems to be a simple murder gives way to a gruesom The arrowed avenger returns When a stranger lies dead at the Avengers' doorstep Hawkeye won't let his world be implicated in a grisly murder But what seems to be a simple murder gives way to a gruesome conspiracy one Hawkeye can't walk away from and one that involves the Trapster Jen Van Meter Black Cat and Roger Robinson Batman Gotham Knights bring Hawkeye with a vengeance Also Hank Pym and the class of Avengers Academy leave the school behind for a mystery too fantastic to believe. Wow this was badIn a nutshell it was a dumb plot mixed with confusing artIn one panel Hawkeye was totally subdued by his enemy and in they very next panel he was leaping in to save someone else ??????Sooooo how did he escape?No ideaAnd who cares?The entire story was like that The plot itself was full of holesThese women now sporting superpowers were convinced Captain America set them up to be experimented on Why? Cause the people who experimented on them had a giant poster of Steve Rodgers in the waiting room Yep Makes sense to meAnyway it took me multiple tries to slog through this thing and that's never a good sign when it comes to a comic bookDon't Read This Well IDK what the plot was Bad scientists were creating Steve knock offs maybe by impregnating women? Someone comes to Hawkeye for help And ONLY Hawkeye No explanation as to why him although his struggle to keep the other Avengers out of it is the most interesting part of the story He doesn't want Steve to have to deal with his image being manipulated by Evil Scientists or to come up against the victims of said Evil Scientists because of Steve's Feelings Also the victims are Stark Suspicious because they're going for low profile and well Tony StarkThe art's good although dark enough that it made me find a seat closer to a lamp and in the fight scenes I had no idea who was who I couldn't keep the victimhumans straight they switched suits? so that was probably part of itThe My sister's in trouble I need your help emotional storyline was over complicated by multiple bad guys confusing explanations last minute reveals and wasn't helped by the lack of connection between the victims seeking revenge and Hawkeye Best parts Steve Hawkeye's little talks Clint's such a fanboy for Steve I'LL MAKE HIM PROUD EVEN IF I DIE TRYING and Steve wants so badly to help but doesn't want to overstep his bounds HE WANTS TO IMPRESS ME SO BAD OH GOD HE MIGHT DIE TRYING I'LL PAT HIM ON THE BACK THAT'LL HELPA little talk or well lit panels of characters looking atresponding to each other and a little less action and this coulda been really good Hey This is my FIRST Marvel read EVER That's weird I know AnywayI liked this story a lot A mystery conspiracy who do you trust story Everyday people getting messed with and Hawkeye's promise to help them without the other Avengers involved As often happens the beginning confused me Also a hero named Trace good and a hero named Chance bad confused me too The art was dark enough that I often couldn't tell who was who but I'll blame myself for that instead of the artists Speaking of art I realize now how hard it is to draw archery weapons effectively It's a special kind of layout to take into account what kind of arrow is being shot and where it's supposed to land Again the background is often dark in this comic so I really had to zoom my eyes in to follow the weapon This one I blame the artists for It should be clear than that The story made it all worth it It was solid and on the wordy side which I tend to prefer Clint is stubborn determined smart and maybe takes on a bit too much Basically Jen Van Meter writes a great Hawkeye The story is as follows Clint discovers there's a group of people who have been used for experiments and he works with them to help them find justice and to give them to chance to stop running He does this without the Avengers and even specifically reuests to work alone because he was specifically trusted to take on the caseThere's a lot of good character moments for Clint and some good character moments for the group he's working with It's a book with a lot of positivity and that's saying something interesting when there's some darker stuff as the plot to the thingI don't know why the trade includes some random issue of Avengers Assemble I kept waiting for Hawkeye to guest star but he never did and it's not written by Jen Van Meter or drawn by Robinson so I was at a loss for that part I might be a little spoiled by Matt Fraction's Hawkeye but I found Van Meter's Hawkeye to be flat and overly aggressive He didn't seem to sit well with the other iterations of Hawkeye that I knew and at times seemed to try and be both the smart ass who can out snark Iron Man as well as the angry soldier It was not a well wrought combination and left me feeling like the writer didn't really know Hawkeye at all and was instead trying to blend together Captain America and Tony Stark I might come back to this after I finish Fraction's run but I don't think Van Meter's Hawkeye will ever really be for me I've been loving Matt Fraction's Hawkeye so I thought I'd read up on some classic Hawkeye Unfortunately this solo collection was intermixed with an Avengers Academy storyline that had nothing to do with Hawkeye The Hawkeye storyline itself wasn't that interesting and had Hawkeye agreeing to keep secrets from the other Avengers which just made me sad All in all I'd rather stick to Fraction's version Frankly I was bored reading this volume The story was not clear with multiple moments of confusion and while the art was not bad there was nothing in it that could elevate this volume With the amount of material that Marvel produces a few duds are not entirely unexpected yet it was disappointing that I had the misfortunate of reading one of those duds This is a dual adventures offer In the first one we have Hawkeye doing his solo thing investigating a rogue super soldier serum outfit and the second a Young Avengers story is inserted in between every chapter of the Hawkeye story Which was kinda of annoying The Hawkeye story is a good one the Young Avengers not so much since I have no idea how they are etc Pretty confusing I could never keep track of which character was which and why they were there Plus two plot lines each with different characters going on at the same time and I wasn't very familiar with the academy team so that was a little confusing Story was okay but it was slow going I appreciate the narrative of Hawkeye having his own story but I would prefer a decent story with better villains

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