Great Journeys

Great Journeys[PDF / Epub] ✅ Great Journeys Author Andrew Bain – Lonely Planet The world's leading travel guide publisher Travel the World's Most Spectacular Routes Have you dreamed of a travel experience where the journey is as much a part of the pleasure as the d Lonely Planet The world's leading travel guide publisher Travel the World's Most Spectacular Routes Have you dreamed of a travel experience where the journey is as much a part of the pleasure as the destination itself Great Journeys presents than of the greatest journeys you could undertake from ancient trails like Machu Picchu through to modern classics like Route Let Lonely Planet tell you what it feels like to take the trip and give you the information you need to start bringing your dreams to life Explore the worldAuthors Written and researched by Lonely Planet Andrew Bain Sarah Baxter Simon Sellars Adam SkolnickAbout Lonely Planet Started in Lonely Planet has become the world's leading travel guide publisher with guidebooks to every destination on the planet as well as an award winning website a suite of mobile and digital travel products and a dedicated traveller community Lonely Planet's mission is to enable curious travellers to experience the world and to truly get to the heart of the places where they travel TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice Awards and winner in Favorite Travel Guide category 'Lonely Planet guides are uite simply like no other' New York Times 'Lonely Planet It's on everyone's bookshelves; it's in every traveller's hands It's on mobile phones It's on the Internet It's everywhere and it's telling entire generations of people how to travel the world' Fairfax Media Australia in the world market share Nielsen bookscan Australia UK and USA March January . I have just finished reviewing this book for a UK book retailerI'm in two minds about this book I think the journeys in it are really interesting a combination of really imaginative and some uite predictable such as the length of the Nile The photography is beautiful as is always the case with Lonely Planet books These alone are enough to inspire you to go on many of these journeysHowever for me there was a level of description missing from this book which I really wanted I felt that at the end of a number of the journeys I didnt really know anything about the route There were some routes I know have absolutely beautiful sights along the way which weren't mentioned I really wanted to know about what could be expected on the journeys as there are many of these journeys that you will never actually take and so it would have been nice to know a little about itI think a few less journeys carefully picking those to be included and adding descriptions about these would improve these book and really add to the coffee table feel that this is supposed to be I have though been inspired to look into some of these journeys and so I suppose it does what it intends and inspires the traveller in you This book had some SERIOUS editing flaws I'm not talking about spelling errors or missing spaces I mean entire sections that were copied from one journey to another and photograph captions that talked about the wrong region of the world The journeys themselves were interesting especially the history behind some of them but the editing and the formulaic setup made this a coffee table reference book when I was looking for a bit of non fiction I could read cover to cover The descriptions were formulaic so I definitely would have preferred pictures to the section on The Journey Today I often read that thinking you don't know how I feel Between that and the editing I know I keep harping on that but it was THAT BAD I put it down mid read for a few months and almost uit reading entirely Plusses A beautifully illustrated volume of mostly fantasy travels but with plenty of accessible real life opportunities as well It covers lots of countries and terrains everything from tiny out of the way spots to well worn highways And it's huge so the pictures are correspondingly magnificent Minuses The routes featured vary from 43 to 47000 km long making the standard 4 page spread for each journey feel wildly uneven The route local to me happens to be uite familiar and I found its description lacking both vitality and accuracy I suspect the same is true for the others like the text was written by a corporate committee Although the pictures are breathtaking This book is in big format so I'm talking about huge pictures The body of text is a little thin Not as inspirational as I thought it would be It feels like a tiny guide about many different places not that different information you can normally get by looking up those same places in GoogleIt's a light coffee table book read It's a nice book to read a couple of journeys at a time I got several really nice ideas The text is ok however the illustrations could have been better Huge spectacular book of spectacular JourneysGorgeous photos from around the worldJourneys are categorized Overland Khyber Pass Rail Orient Express Rivers Yangtze Rio Grande Literary Homer's Odyssey Road Route 66 and Walks Inca TrailAlthough I have seen many of these places after seeing the visual beauty of this book I want to visit the Yangtze Great Wall Nile and ride the California Zephyr and Copper Canyon RailwaysHow about Around the World in 80 Days? What a trip The only downside to this book is the disappointment that you're not able to go now right at this very second Interesting selection of adventurous journeys Great pictures let down by frothy text and some factual inaccuracies Great book for inspiration and travelling ideas Full of great pictures and just the right amount of information to entice you to travel and learn about the places If you need to feed your wanderlust with a coffee table type book that can be enjoyed in short visits this book what you're looking for

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  • Great Journeys
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  • 19 August 2016
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