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Despicable Species Hc❮Reading❯ ➹ Despicable Species Hc Author Janet Lembke – In fourteen revealing essays Lembke ponders some of the most loathsome creatures with which we share the planet But for every creature's nasty reputation there is a silver lining which Lembke with daz In fourteen revealing essays Lembke ponders some of the most loathsome creatures with which we share the planet But for every creature's nasty reputation there is a silver lining which Lembke with dazzlingly researched bits of history science and culture deftly brings to our attention There is the European starling that invader of nests and devourer of fruit crops the great mimic and inspirer Despicable Species PDF or of Mozart and Shakespeare The grey suirrel famed pillager of yards and bird feeders and vastly entertaining acrobat and problem solver The horse fly blood sucking insect with a walloping sting whose maggots exude chemicals that aid in healing human tissue Mold the astonishing facts of fungi sex revealed That famous infant abandoner the cowbird The centipede The hornworm The opossum The fruit fly The microbe Pfiestreria piscicida deadly to fish and man of which there is little good to say except that it necessitates our own clean up of rivers or else Kudzu Sandspur And finally our very own species. Despicable Species is an interesting series of essays on the commonly hated species that exist within our day to day lives There are chapters on everything from kudzu to opossums the proteus protista to hornwoms and of course the much maligned centipedes are various flies This book was an interesting enlightening read but suffers from the fact that it was published in 1999 and much has changed in the past several decadesI learned a lot from this book but could see how to a enlightened reader the book could come across as a bit pedantic It suffers from the charm of being written largely from Janet Lembke's point of view and its interspersed with musings about how these creatures relate to the Southeast what it means to be a Southern writer etc I found these musings pleasant and overall enjoyed the tone of the book itself That having been said I didn't go into this book with any particular expectationsThis isn't so much a scientific book as it is a pleasant little natural study The final chapter about the most despicable creatures of all humans was a bit expected and not altogether as good a chapter as I would hope it would be At the end of the day we don't know if exterminating a whole species would negatively impact the ecosystem but I think nowadays the thought is that it likely would rather than another creature will fill the niche Nevertheless I enjoyed the book and I hope to read like it in the future Affectionately consideredIt's a pleasure to read somebody who writes as well as Lembke She is a good old Southern gal part poet part naturalist who chooses every word with loving care She displays a rationalist's affection for the creatures she writes about rather than that of a bleeding heartIn addition to those in the title the despicable species include sandburs suirrels starlings dinoflagellates deerflies horseflies fruit flies and even homo sapiens Lemkbe devotes a chapter to each following an introduction entitled Living Together Like It or Not which sets the tone of the book This is a personal experience that she relates tempered with a classicist's love of allusion and a precision about nomenclature that would please the most exacting She has a no nonsense attitude about her fellow creatures especially the two legged kind whom she guides with little lectures Rodney Barker for example author of When the Waters Turned to Blood 1997 gets taken to the wood shed not only for getting the species wrong but for pronouncing dinoflagellate with a short i p 68The text may be a little too precious in parts for some and the poetic style is not intended to be merely informative; on the other hand there is a dimension of beauty and a vividness achieved here that rewards the reader's effort There's no index but there is an eclectic reader's guide For the Bookworm that includes some fine old names like Homer Audubon Jonathan Swift Eric Hoffer John Updike and some new like Sue Hubbell and Scott WeidensaulOn page 38 is a recipe for suirrel stew Yum Dennis Littrell author of “The World Is Not as We Think It Is” I once read that if a person is not happy with a book within 50 pages they should put it down and move to a new one This is the first book ever where I've actually been tempted to do that Lembke discusses despicable species organisms that humans dislike for whatever reason I found these essays incredibly frustrating lacking focus and full of completely useless facts that tended to obscure the little biological information that was present Do I care that the author likes suirrel stew? Not so much While the later chapters did tend to be clearly written overall I thought this book was a huge waste of time And humans as the last chapter perhaps the worst species of all? How despicably cliche Would have been a two but I loved the last species she chosegreat choice I'm glad the cowbird was listed too Loved the idea but it could have been written better I respect her choices but I definitely would have picked different species for the most part BTW for some shameless self promotion if you like reading about animals check out my blog on wildlife at Despicable Species On Cowbirds Kudzu Hornworms and Other Scourges by Janet Lembke Lyons Press 1999 57785 The author has collected some loathsome critters for her essays Surprisingly for every black sheep species the author can find a silver lining that gives an important reason for its existence My rating 710 finished 2001 Enjoyable reasonably informative book but there were moments when it felt like a first year biology lecture Still a lot of interesting and clearly heartfelt work went into this Insights on a selection of hated species eg starlings centipedes kudzu et al The author is a hilarious and well spoken woman who has no problem writing what she thinks Exploration of the biology and lifestyles of species humans generally see as nasty The chapter on Cowbirds is my favorite but all of this book is good i'm so glad the tomatotobacco hornworm made it to her list

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