Monkey Wrench

Monkey Wrench[Epub] ➛ Monkey Wrench By Nancy Martin – Christmas is coming to Tyler Share a cup of eggnog and the warm holiday cheer of America s favorite hometownEach book set in Tyler is a self contained story; together they stitch the fabric of a commu Christmas is coming to Tyler Share a cup of eggnog and the warm holiday cheer of America s favorite hometownEach book set in Tyler is a self contained story; together they stitch the fabric of a communityJoe Santori Tyler s resident contractor is loud cocky and filled with a zest for living So what on earth is he doing pursuing Susannah Atkins the workaholic Milwaukee TV personality who s home for the holidaysSusannah s certainly convinced they have nothing in common But her Granny Rose has other ideas She wants Susannah back in Tyler permanently with Joe And what Granny Rose wants she usually gets. Not my favorite of the series but okay The characters were likable but I thought that some of the dialog was awkward and didn't make much sense I liked that this book had uilting references than the previous books since the covers were what drew me to the series in the first place Well after finishing there was a time or two Susannah put her foot down but she seemed to be easily persuaded by Joe's bossy nature So disappointed that this book was just an “I love my career can’t leave it” “want to change my life” and “I don’t love him” “yes he is so sexy so I must love him” Susie loves her grandma Rose but leaves her alone even knowing there are health problems with Rose for her own love life with carpenter often Story never progressed anywhere in series mystery Hands down THIS is my FAVORITE book so far in the series I'd highly highly highly recommend it It was OK reading uite easy to digest However I found it recommended on some website as cozy mystery and surprice no mystery just slow romance So a little bit disappointed The book had its odd moments and maybe some ah ha moments; but the you kept pushing forward the you’ll find chapters you like over others Then turns into a tear jerker at the end Some surprises 35 stars Monkey Wrench the fourth volume in the Tyler series is the story of Susannah a local television personality in Milwaukee who comes home to Tyler at the urging of Joe who is concerned for her grandmother's health Susannah's grandmother thinks she's dying and is uite anxious to get Susannah married off and Joe seems like an excellent candidate It was a very sweet little book but I was a little irritated with Susannah's willingness to chuck her life in Milwaukee and marry Joe after knowing him only two weeks Of course a lot is packed into that bit of time as it always is in these types of books but it still seemed rushed The writing was a little pedestrian but you can't expect a whole lot from a Harleuin It was a uick read and I had fun reading it Still interested in the town of Tyler and the mystery of the Body at the Lake Monkey Wrench is the fourth book in the Welcome to Tyler series and the first that I have read Normally I wouldn’t read book in a series unless I start from the beginning however this book was recommended to me and I found the description to be interesting As I got into to book and did some research on the previous books I discovered that it wasn’t a typical continuing story so I wasn’t lacking any crucial background information Monkey Wrench was a uick read for me I enjoyed the cozy homey feel of the town of Tyler especially due to the fact that the plot was set at Christmas time The characters were interesting and likable; my favourite being Granny Rose Although the story was predictable I expected this and enjoyed the book This is the 4th book of a 12 book series It has the most uilting references the most about the mystery and the most sex less romance so far I'm about 12 way done and I'm enjoying it thus far Oh Susannah star of a Milwaukee TV show has come to Tyler to check on her Grandmother who is having health problems Rose the Grandmother is determined to matchmake Suzie with the resident handyman to Suzie's dismay But as has happened in the other books it only takes a day or 2 for romance to flare Still reading Finished Better than the others

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  • 304 pages
  • Monkey Wrench
  • Nancy Martin
  • English
  • 13 November 2015
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