Booyah! Spirit

Booyah! Spirit[KINDLE] ❃ Booyah! Spirit Author Sheila Burke – The journey starts with leaving your comfort zone and looking inside your self for the answers Pack your emotional bags and leave them behind because you will not need them where you are going BOOYAH The journey starts with leaving your comfort zone and looking inside your self for the answers Pack your emotional bags and leave them behind because you will not need them where you are going BOOYAH SPIRIT BOOYAH SPIRIT merges scientific research humor wonderful pictures uotes how tos and personal life lessons to help you live the life of your dreams This engaging book is like a great big piece of dark chocolate plan on consuming a little every day because it is so rich with wisdom and great taste I highly recommend Sheila's book as a companion to her first book ZENSATIONAL LIVING Thanks Sheila for another great readJen Slayden Writer Composer and Life CoachThe expression Booyah is one that many people would yell after one performs a difficult feat But I also discovered that Booyah Stew is a food that is prepared like a stew but on a very large scale It takes many cooks to prepare the food and it is usually meant to serve hundreds or even thousands of people Not unlike Booyah Stew Sheila's book is filled with ideas to nourish the souls of hundreds or even thousands of peopleBOOYAH SPIRIT combines ancient ideas with new ones There are chapters that represent the weeks of the year This book is very relevant to the times we are living in Many people are living through adversity and looking for an opportunity to reach deep inside themselves to discover a new way of thinking and living You will carry away a lot from this book Become part of the Booyah Stew Betsy McKee Henry author HOW TO BE A ZEN MAMA and THE ZEN MAMA'S BOOK OF UOTES. A Spiritually Nourishing ReadWhen I first learned of Sheila M Burke’s book “Booyah Spirit 52 Ingredients for a Healthy Soul Suffering is Optional” I was intrigued by the title For me the word “Booyah” brings up immediate images of the bell ringing bull snorting Jim Cramer of CNBC’s “Mad Money” But although Cramer’s show has become famous for the “Booyah” greeting the word actually has its origins in the French language and is the name of a type of food prepared like a stew and meant to serve a large number of people It’s also a statement of joy that one makes right after accomplishing something special In both respects Ms Burke has chosen rightly in the naming of her book “Booyah Spirit” is indeed a nourishing offering of 52 mini essays meant to inform a large number of people on subjects including how to meditate balance gumption delight adventure coincidence benevolence celebration and so many You might choose to savor and digest one per week over the course of a year or if you’re like me you might choose to devour the whole thing in a few sittings Either way the words are satisfying and nutritiousSheila Burke also the author of “Zen sational Living A Simple guide to Finding your True Self and Maintaining Balance is a wise woman speaking the truth from a deep level of her being Her essays blend her wisdom with a sprinkling of enlightening uotes and a generous helping of personal stories that I found both thoughtful and deeply moving More than once I found myself reaching for a tissue as the stories of her experiences and those of her family members unfolded on the pages before me The Burke’s are obviously a loving caring compassionate bunch yet Ms Burke also reveals her humanity in these pages Through her honesty she shows us the various places that we can get stuck as human beings and she shows us the way to set ourselves free I can also imagine that no one at the Burke household ever suffers from boredom “Booyah Spirit” has enough suggestions of creative things to do with your spare time to keep your weekends full for the rest of the decade As Sheila states in her essay on celebration “Rejoice in your uniueness Sing even if you can’t carry a tune Dance in the rain have a snowball fight run through the sprinkler build a fort with blankets make something origami make a video or a podcast write a book poem or song Start a blog draw a comic strip sew a pillow or make a no sew blanket Find that what makes you uniue; celebrate it and let it nourish your spirit” Sheila’s book will also nourish your spirit and I wholeheartedly recommend it