Garou: Ein Schaf-Thriller

Garou: Ein Schaf-Thriller❰Reading❯ ➿ Garou: Ein Schaf-Thriller Author Leonie Swann – Murha laitumella lammasdekkarin kekseliään hulvaton jatko osaGlenkillin irkkulampaat pääsevät paimenensa lampuri Rebeccan johdolla Euroopan matkalle Tarkemmin sanottuna Ranskaan napsimaan ruohoa Murha laitumella lammasdekkarin kekseliään hulvaton jatko osaGlenkillin irkkulampaat pääsevät paimenensa lampuri Rebeccan johdolla Euroopan matkalle Tarkemmin sanottuna Ranskaan napsimaan ruohoa tummanpuhuvan linnan laitumelle Viereisessä aitauksessa keppostelevat pähkähullut vuohet suostuvat onneksi tulkkaamaan paikallisten ihmisten outoa kurnutustaLampaat täyttää pelko sillä metsässä riehuva peto on kammottavasti raadellut kauriita Huhut ihmissudesta voimistuvat kun poliisi löytää linnan yleismiehen hopealuodilla ammuttuna Myös Rebecca joutuu epäilyjen kohteeksi ja älykkölammas neiti Maple alkaa selvittää tapausta omalakisella logiikallaan Visusti lampaat uskovat että tarot korttien popsimisesta on apuaKuka tai mikä on ihmissusi Metsään karannut lammasko on sen seuraava uhri Vai Garou: Ein MOBI :¼ lammastaan etsivä Rebecca Vai koko lauma Vai onko kaikki vain laiduntajien vuolaana virtaavan mielikuvituksen tuotetta. These sheep are so charming and the thought of anything bad happening to them say being hacked to pieces by a werewolf is anathema I felt there were enough werewolf stories in the world these days but I forgive Swann alles As far as I'm concerned she can drag these wollige wonders through every genre there is Steampunk might be a bit of a stretch but I'd read even thatI found the story confusing at times but try to remember I'm reading this in German which is not even my second language I had trouble keeping some of the characters straight mostly because the sheep tend to have their own names for the two legs I love the way they think about things and especially their complicated plans for foiling at times literally the werewolf Oh and the werechicken concept was pricelessSwann mixes humor slapstick and tenderness into a thriller Brava It was a bit like History tho' just one thing after another But I liked it and I recommend itSomething that made reading this a bit easier for when I wasn't near Google Translate was shelling out for a German English dictionary to add to my Kindle It wasn't perfect German having this tendency to portmanteau a half dozen old words to make a new one but if you are as aware of the constituent parts as I am it's easy to switch to the dictionary and look them up piece by piece if it just isn't coming to you by context Otherwise all I had to do was put my cursor in front of a word and got a definition just like the English dictionary in the Kindle does There was absolutely no fiddling around It started working the instant it was uploaded Heurekah Oh this book is just too too much I'm going to read a page or two a day using my high school college and Duolingo German and with the help of my trusty German English dictionary We'll see how long it takes me Since it's obvious there isn't likely ever to be an English translation I bought a Spanish copy Granted my skills aren't perfect but am giving up halfway through Beyond the language issue I just don't care about the characters; over keeping track of the various goats in addition to the sheep is a lot of effort The book seems to go on and on and on Would love an English translation some day Having fond memories from the first book I was looking forward to this one and I'm happy to say it was just as good First of all the sheep themselves remain goofy witty and fresh providing their sheepish view of the human world's oddities The addition of goats into the mix makes things even better Like the first book the story is a twisted mystery this time with suspense and a little less detective work but just as much charm If there is one thing I didn't like it is that the end came rather surprisingly and did not match the tempo of the rest of the book It felt like the author came to a place in the book where she needs to uickly wrap things up I'm not sure how it could have been done better but it felt out of placeHaving read the first book adds a layer of complexity and interest but I think this one pretty much stands on its own All in all thoroughly enjoyable especially if you liked the first book four stars out of five Garou is Léonie Swann's marvelously entertaining tale of the curious herd of Irish sheep which first appear in Glennkill In this book they spend a winter in France where tales of a Loup Garou are widely told among the people at the nearby Castle once a ghastly mental hospital now an hotel and among the goat herd in the next pasture Mystery intrigue some laughs and a lot of suspense It's not available in English so I had to shore up my very weak German vocabulary with a dictionary But it's a very good book I really didn't expected to appreciate those sheeps so much I find the idea and the language uite entertaining Following on from ‘Glennkill’ ‘Garou’ reunites us with George’s Irish flock of sheep who have now embarked on their long promised trip to Europe with George’s daughter Rebecca and her sheepdog Tess Their travels have led them to France where they are currently spending the winter in a field next to a herd of goats a spooky forest and a creepy castle When dead deer begin to be found in the forest rumours circulate that the ‘Garou’ a werewolf is to blame Should Miss Maple and co heed the warnings of the mysterious ram who shares their field or the goats next door? Who or what is the Garou? And who is next on his list? To protect themselves and their shepherdess Miss Maple and the gang decide to try and solve the mystery of the Garou once and for allI thoroughly enjoyed Glennkill and Garou doesn’t disappoint either The tone is much darker than Glennkill as the story is packed with suspense but the book still contains all the funny little sheepy uirks and wisdom that made Glennkill so enjoyable I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loved the first book or is looking for something fun and different to read Oh i love these sheep But Rebeca is uite stupid Plus I did not like the approvement of hunting As if it was something people just do and hence it is fine No it is what psychopats do and it is not OK prefered the first one Glennkill