The Animals of Farthing Wood

The Animals of Farthing Wood[Reading] ➶ The Animals of Farthing Wood By Colin Dann – Librarian's Note this is an alternate cover edition ISBN 10 1405225521 ISBN 13 9781405225526When bulldozers enter Farthing Wood the animals must escape before their homes are destroyed They promise to Librarian's Note this is an alternate cover edition of Farthing Kindle × ISBN ISBN When bulldozers enter Farthing Wood the animals must escape before their homes are destroyed They promise to stick together and protect each other—but then they get caught in a fire and nearly drown crossing a riverWill their pact hold. One of my all time childhood favouritesI was obsessed with the animated series which led me to the books it’s probably the reason why I like to read and compare my favourite film and tv shows nowThe adventure follows a group of animals who are forced from their home after humans start destroying their woods with numerous hurdles the band of friends travel across the country to find protection at the White Deer Park nature reserveThere’s such a nice array of characters including the loyal Fox and pompous Owl plus the fatherly Badger and the greedy Mole who’s appetite can lead him into trouble the group are lead by tour guide ToadDeath is a constant threat throughout the book as some of the other animals won’t complete the journeyIt’s gives a real sense of peril and as no one feels safeOne thing that the tv adaptation improved on was changing some of the animals into female characters it gives a diverse feel to the storyI’ve got so many fond memories of reading this as a kid and it still feels relevant and can easily be enjoyed by youngsters today Although this book is one of uite a few in the series written by this author for youngsters I do have a weakness for animal stories written for all ages The Redwall collection and for older children right through to all ages such excellent reads as 'The Duncton Wood books' 'Little House on the Prairie' and 'Watership Down' for example are all favourites of mine The recurring themes I like in many of these books are similar in that they are all uests of some sort or other where the goal is to reach a better place or to conuer some sort of evil and triumph On the way to find a new and safer home the animals of Farthing Wood meet with many ups and downs along their journey to a nature reserve and in the process the different animals learn to bond together in mutual care cooperation and friendship The author does introduce difficult concepts such as the loss of friends due to death which he handles in a gentle and sensitive way What is not to like about these books The Animals of Farthing Wood was easy to read for the second time and a superb story for youngsters from nine to ninety When their home in Farthing Wood is threatened by human development a group of animals band together in a dangerous cross country uest to find a place of safety and refuge Led by the clever and conscientious Fox the group includes species that would traditionally be enemies or rather predator and prey The company initially includes Fox and his two deputies Badger and Tawny Owl; Toad who brings them word of a nature sanctuary that may be just what they are looking for; the boisterous Rabbit family; Mole; a group of hedgehogs; Adder; Weasel; Kestrel; the Hare couple; a groups of suirrels; a number of voles; numerous field mice; and a number of lizards They all swear the Oath of Mutual Protection promising to look out for one another along the way but although they do their best some of them will not make it to their final destination at White Deer Park while two others Vixen and Whistler the heron join the company along the wayOriginally published in 1979 The Animals of Farthing Wood is a contemporary classic in the field of animal fiction and launched a long series of novels It was the inspiration behind an animated television series produced from 1992 1995 of the same name and there have been numerous titles published that offer the adapted television stories in book form I had long been aware of the series but only started to read it as part of a research project into the depiction of foxes in children's literature I am so glad that I did as it is simply a wonderful book It has a clear didactic aim in promoting environmentalist ideas about land conservation and stewardship at one point while discussing the nature of humankind the animals decide that naturalists are the only exception to the rule than human beings are destructive and arrogant and there are numerous passages describing the tragedy that overdevelopment has brought to the natural world and to its animals inhabitants I found this story particularly interesting because unlike many examples of anthropomorphic animal fiction that depict species which would normally be antagonistic toward one another as living in peace here the story overtly addresses this issue rather than trying to pretend it doesn't exist Of course the 'Oath of Mutual Protection' isn't exactly realistic but it allows for a fascinating and occasionally moving story In the end whatever the didactic aim and however many fascinating philosophical interludes it contained this was an exciting adventure story one I raced through I had no sooner set it down than I was reaching for the next book in the series In the Grip of Winter which chronicles the animals' experiences after they reach White Deer Park Highly recommended to any reader who enjoys good animal fiction Kid me reading this oooh Fox is the cleverest and the handsomest and the bestest hero ever hearteyesAdult me rereading this What an insufferable condescending twat I am exclusively here for Adder making sarcastic comments and saving lives on the sly then being really mean to them when they try to thank him because emotions are gross #SlytherinsRule A gripping exciting and emotional story where the Animals of Farthing Wood must leave their home because of humans destroying the land to build houses Toad reveals he knows a nature reserve where they can all go and live safely from human intervention and so the animals make an oath to protect one another on the dangerous journey to the nature reserve White Deer ParkThe group consists of the leader Fox the second in command Badger their guide Toad the lookouts and scouts Tawny Owl and Kestrel as well as an Adder Weasel Mole Hares Rabbits Suirrels Voles Fieldmice Hedgehogs Lizards and Pheasants Along the way they encounter a trunk road a fire a storm getting locked in a shed on a farm where the farmer wields a shotgun crossing a river the fox hunt a motorway poisonous farmland and going directly through a town The lives of animals are lost and they meet new friends along the way that join them on their journey but will they make it to the safety and sanctuary of White Deer ParkA truly great story that keeps you hooked from start to finish I recommend it highly Its been over twenty years since I read this book last with my school class all of us following along as our teacher the one who impacted me the most read aloud Now I'm looking forward to revisiting it with adult eyes Jan 2013 I think this might be THE most spiritual children's book I have ever read There's nothing to skip over NOTHING to admonish It's just a deep and lovely read with a meaningful message I loved how each character had his own uniue character Badger was kind Fox intelligent and courageous Mole humble and greedy A vice that had its own price to pay Kestrel focused and determined Toad strong and perservering Pheasant vain Adder painfully honest Rabbit groundedThe writing oozes intelligence and is wonderfully imaginative I especially enjoyed the scene where Badger collected glow worms and used them to light his inner chambers the night the animals gathered in his sett very endearing and sweet The story also eminated spirituality and important messages about the care and preservation of Creation friendship loyalty and conseuences of choices bravery perserverence intelligence and wisdom kindness mercy virtue and admonition The story telling also had a nice rhythm with noticable ebbs and flows A period of intense adventure and action would be followed by one of peace and tranuility and so on creating interest and enjoyment Dann's words often painted vivid and effortless pictures in my mindI also loved how Fox saw something positive emerge from a negative event This showed his maturity and his spiritual eye was open; noticing how 'All works for good'The courtship that took place between Fox and Vixen was admirable I loved how Fox admired and respected Vixen's inner and outer beauty and the way she was not uick to give her heart away but asked him to prove himself to her before cleaving to him It was all so virtuous and delightful; such a good example give to young mindsI also enjoyed the message that went with every animals uniueness we all have a place and a part to play in life; no matter how small or large; weak or strong I appreciated the way Dann did not shy away from adressing the realities of life death suffering hardship and hunger; but met these topics head on with hope intertwinedA book that I could recommend to any child or parent without reserve; especially those of whom are Believers The Animals of Farthing Wood is a tale about the residents of Farthing Wood's uest to move to White Deer Park after their home is bulldozed overToad returns after a long journey home to discover the water has dried up It was their luck to have the foresight that once the water was gone they'd die They had not known about the plans to cement over the landThe book is a traditional journey tale not only in the style of other animal books such as Watership Down but Lord of the RingsThey stop and they eat then someone is in peril they eat etcIf you are a fan of this genre as I am you will find a lot to like about this bookHowever it is not nearly as compelling as Watership Down or Frost dancers It almost catches up to Beak of the Moon and Dark of the Moon in uality but the lack of a central character or distinguished culture of these animals makes this book not as real to me In the aforementioned novels Watership Down in particular you feel deeply entrenched in the world of these animals In Watership Down they have set customs and rules and don't know eerily so in Farthing Wood much about the human existence There were a myriad of instances where it's either remarked upon the cruelness of humans or the kindness of humans I scoffed when Owl described the use of machinery for pesticides That took it a bit too farThe moral of this story is that humans are taking up all of the land and leaving nothing for our wildlife The message was well intended but too much made about human fellows and less about the animalsThe charm of even Beak of the Moon it did resort to some heavy handedness about sheep was the lives of these animals were their ownYou got to know about each animal in Farthing Wood because their name was their species and for all females mate Vixen the fox's mate showed up late to the party but was the only female given any thought Pheasant's hen gave him a scathing look on occasion but never chimed in an opinionWhy must this genre be so sexistAre there any animal uests adventures about the girlsBadger grated on my nerves To me he was pompous and overbearing and far too concern troll over how much Mole ateMole put himself down too much I have Duncton Woods on my bookshelf to read soon I hope moles take some back in this book when they are the leads I found Mole adorable in this book but none of these animals got to act in their habitat Suirrels had to crawl on the ground the poor things and the Rabbits constantly had to duke it out for being vegetarians As a vegetarian myself I was on their sideBadger was at his worst when he crowed I told you so well he did say he was right to force the field mice and Vole to stay behind when their babies are eaten Farthing Wood was written many years before Frost Dancers but both had psychotic birds who killed Frost Dancer's Bubba was fleshed out than the Butcher BirdWise Old Owl was meant to come across as an insufferable know it all but the book was trying to play off that Badger knew what was best for everyoneI've adored Foxes my whole life and I loved this FoxFox and the Hare were my favourite characters in this book This was a book that i treasured as a child and that i would take everywhere with me read until the pages were practically coming away from the spine I adored even the front cover with all the beautiful animals that enchanted me and it was a story that i revelled in and found myself lost within something that was so poinant exciting and adventurous I love a story that is full of drama action and adventure and this tale has it in abundance which was also similar to other stories that i loved as a child teenager such as 'The Wind in the Willows'and '101 Dalmations' and even 'Watership Down' which are all similarly beautiful adventure stories that contain animals rather than people as the central focus points My imagination was taken on a journey of descovery into a world of rabbit dens burrows and woods that was utterly delightful and so beautifully captured on paper that it made you feel as if you were actually there; situated in the middle of the wood whilst surrounded by all different types of woodland animals it was just so completely realistic and authentic that proved how great a writer Colin Dann was I adored all the compelling and exciting action and drama that which was fast paced and left you breathless only wanting to read on and find out It was also the animals as the story's characters that i grew to love and treat as indaviduals because of their uniueness and distinction It is a heartwarming tale of friendship unity and love and one that is both utterly charming delightful that hundreds of children will love and cherish If you are a fan of works such as the 101 Dalmations or Watership Down or the Wind in the willows which are all fairly similar in terms of adventure animal content then you will completely love 'The Animals of Farthing Wood' It is a book that i have cherished and loved since a young child when i first beheld it at aged 10 or 11 and one that i still truly love just as much even now as it is just so emotive heartwarming and beautiful that i cannot help but keep re reading it time and time again Out of all the books that i loved reading as a youngster this was one of my favouriteds and one which i could not help but take much enjoyment pleasure and delight from reading and i cannot hence enthuse enough at how utterly charming poinant a book this is I urge you to read this at any age as i can garuntee that it will exceed all expectations and it is a novel that still even today holds a special place in my heart The Animals of Farthing Wood has been on my Reading list for some time and even though this one was a picture book I still enjoyed it Maybe later I will pick up the paperbook version It will be interesting to know what parts were missing from the full original version I love animal stories and thought this one was nice but not the same to me as The Wind in the WIllows or Winnie the Pooh It didn't had the same feel to me although I know the animals are struggling and venture out to find this new home of theirs it didn't had the same spark adventure and emotional response than other animal books I've read As their home of Farthing Wood is being torn down by humans the inhabitants of the forest must put aside their differences and embark on a journey to find refuge in a natural reserve several weeks of travel away This is the basic gist of this book which at a first glimpse might look like a rehash of Watership Down except with all kinds of animals instead of just rabbits The story is actually uite nice for a children's book though for me it sometimes jumps too easily between the whimsy and the gruesome be prepared to explain the concepts of death and the food chain if you're reading this to a small kid and is sometimes explicitly preachy Also even for 1979 it feels decidedly sexist as all the females are relegated to the role of mates have precious little talking parts and except for Vixen they don't even get their own name