Maelstrom 8

Maelstrom 8❮PDF / Epub❯ ★ Maelstrom 8 Author Yamila Abraham – The Maelstrom Conclusion Explicit Adult Content Part 8 picks up right where 7 left off in the bedroom with Demetri and Malstrum When the fun is over it's time for Malstrum to lead his revolutionaries The Maelstrom Conclusion Explicit Adult Content Part picks up right where left off in the bedroom with Demetri and Malstrum When the fun is over it's time for Malstrum to lead his revolutionaries Earth tried to lure them into a trap in the Capitol Now that they know Earth and Bifenggang are working together Malstrum is running out of allies he can trust Their last hope Demetri's cherished General Atmeyer has decided to betray them too Will Demetri and Malstrum end up as the evil Li Gang’s play things Includes an alternate cover featuring a Trooper Girl and a preview of the upcoming Bastard King yaoi graphic novel. After disregarding orders in the Earth military Demetri has been sentenced to 20 years working in the mines After overseeing a small outpost with only robots as companions he's lonely and looks for a transfer He's moved to the male only planet Secren As soon as he steps off the transport he experiences lightning with Malstrum This is an instant connection between potential mates The problem is Demetri is straight up heterosexual and he has no plans whatsoever of giving in to Malstrum Well chemistry and biology may dictate otherwise whether his mind is up to speed or not Malstrum is a natural and charismatic leader He's worked hard to petition for better working conditions The mines are dangerous and the workers are tired and overworked But then he asks for one thing too many and finds himself on trial for starting a revolution Demetri and Matstrum went through it all Fighting thieves cannibals traitors corrupt governments and sadistic rulers They couldn't catch a break It exhausted me The two come together to work on making things better for the men on Secren all the while growing closer and building a relationship Well this was different I've been in sort of a slump lately and looking for something different to read Something new and original and I definitely found it here This was my first yaoi read Yes I had to look that up lol I enjoyed this for the most part I did feel at times things were rushed and needed hashing out like the ending I also feel like I need a sweet low angst read now So far everything I've read by this author is dismal The worlds she's created are heartbreaking and depressing Plus once again one of the heroes is an asshole most of the time I didn't warm up to Demetri until about installment 6 I was tired of his resistance towards someone as perfect kind and patient as Malstrum Honestly I don't know how Malstrum put up with him But he turned around and manned up so to speak and became what Malstrum needed to be a truly effective leader I can totally see how people would have grown frustrated reading this without the next installment available and having to wait I don't like books that are done like that Luckily for me I was able to read it all together I am giving it 35 stars overall though I rated each segment individually Overall rating for the series and audio books 475 starsI enjoyed this short audio book series The story of a human going to an alien planet and catching lighting was a new twist for me especially if said human is hetro But he gets his man and wins the rebellion So all in all a great listen This is the last instalment but my thoughts are for the whole series I’m not really sure if it’s ok to call it a series considering this is only one single story told in several different books that are definitely not working as stand alone That itself is enough to make me feel angry about it and under other circumstances it would have been enough to keep me away from reading it but the story sound good so I’d give it a tryThe plot was really interesting the whole thing not just this one I loved Demetri’s internal struggle and how he come to terms with his emotions I loved the scenes that Brainbox put into Demetri’s dreams it was really fun to see his reactions I loved how the whole story went even though this was one of the chapters I liked the least I loved Malstrum and Demetri's relationship The way it developed was greatis one of my favorite things to read in romanceOne of the things that made me like this so much was the narration It was so much fun at times I think otherwise I wouldn’t get as far as I did with the book I loved the narrator’s work with the voices Overall it was a nice book I’ll have to think about it about the author because I did liked it a lot but if the usual way to present the books is cut into several parts then I guess it’s not really my thing The uote Back in the army he'd have to bury his pain and continue fighting Maelstrom gave him the liberty to hurt DemetriI enjoyed the ending It was satisfying even if it does feel a little rushed As well set out and developed as the rest of the rest of the world is I have no doubt this was always the intended end gameDemetri Maelstrom and Brainbox have one of my favourite moments in the work here And I do love Brainbox There is a decent development characterwise for all of them throughout the work But chapter 8 just pulls everything together Series rating is a 55 I'm fairly easy to please I just want to enjoy the characters want their ending and feel like a conclusion was reached Maelstrom gave me that And Maelstrom gave me that with a bit of a spin Adding a character that I would usually dislike and making them integral to my enjoyment And I enjoyed the world created Story is good writing is tough to readI listened to all but part 8 of this series on Audible Escape and while the voice actor was way over dramatic I really enjoyed all the voices he came up with I highly recommend listening to this book because reading it was REALLY different than hearing it The author is horrible at explaining who is talking and the book I readthis one if filled with grammar mistakes Still I really liked the story of a straight guy finding his soulmate in a revolutionary leader on a mining world The sex was hott the dialogue was generally good and the flow of the story and action is top notch I recommend this one for sure A good conclusion to a pretty good story Read the first 4 parts of the series back in July 2011 then waited until the end to re read the first four and complete the series for the MM Yaoi Challenge This is one of my favorite Yaoi series The story is great I just wish it was a graphic novel but there is SOOooo much info in the story that it would have been difficult to tell in a graphic novelLoved the series and the ending was very good though it seemed to wrap up pretty uickRecommended It's ok Nothing to write home about but compelling enough to read to the end AwesomesauceTerrific ending to the most liked of Yamila's series My only complaint is the price of each chapter Beautifully done