MerrickEPUB Merrick Author Anne Rice Neste Romance Hipn Tico, A Autora Das Cr Nicas Do Vampiro E Da Saga Das Bruxas Mayfair Demonstra Mais Uma Vez O Seu Dom Para A Cria O Do Mito E Da Magia Desta Vez Ela Vai Juntar Vampiros E Bruxaria Para Criar Um Ambiente Verdadeiramente Arrepiante No Centro Da Hist Ria Encontra Se Merrick, A Bruxa De Endor , A Bela E Misteriosa Feiticeira, Descendente De Uma Sociedade Mesti A De Nova Orle Es Familiarizada Com As Cerim Nias De Voodoo Entre Os Seus Ancestrais Encontram Se Tamb M As Grandes Bruxas Mayfair De Quem Ela Nada Conhece Sen O O Poder E A Magia Que Herdou E A Ela Junta Se David Talbot Vampiro, Her I, Aventureiro E Contador De Hist Rias, Companheiro Dos J Conhecidos Vampiros Lestat E Louis De Point Du Lac Ele Quem Vai Narrar A Lenda De Merrick, Uma Lenda Que Nos Leva Da Nova Orle Es Do Passado E Do Presente S Selvas Da Guatemala, Das Ru Nas Maias A Civiliza Es Ainda Mais Antigas E Inexploradas Esta , Assim, Uma Hist Ria Cheia De Tens O, Onde Dois Seculares Poderes Ocultos Se Juntam Numa Dan A De Sedu O, Morte E Renascimento. OMFG this one was so good It was a breath of fresh air from the usually Victorian or New Orleans settings of her other novels We get to go to the jungle AND we get so see some ghost shit through a jade mask Are you friggin kidding me, that s awesome
De estos libros yo solo puedo decir cosas buenas, me encanta el estilo y la trama que tienen y este que nos relata de historia de las brujas que practican el vud y todo ese universo me cautiv Merrick me pareci fascinante y la manera en que los hilos se unen para que las cr nicas se liguen a part
Disappointing, truly First, almost nothing actually happens within the present timeline in which the book is written It s a string of stories told over a glass of rum As a result, it reads like a best of clips episode of a sit com and is about as interesting.You get to hear all about Oncle Vervain, Cold Sandra, Great Nannane, and Oncle Julien This could have been interesting, but because Rice never managed to make me care about any of these characters before plunging into these droning stories, it came across like an old drunk woman you ve met at the bus stop telling you her life story for no reason known to you.The premise of this book held so much potential, but Anne Rice has managed to realize absolutely none of it The most powerful witch known to the Talamasca being made into a vampire by the most powerful vampire in the realm Sounds brilliant, right Well, none of the things that spring to mind with that description come to fruition in Merrick It s emphasized repeatedly and in many ways how powerful a witch Merrick is but she never really does anything much than reading mind
Decepcionante 548 hojas perdidas D Y Crep sculo Renacer de Claudia Gray no era lo peor que se ha escrito sobre vampiros Recuerdo cuando all por el 2008, tomando un certamen a los de primero de Licenciatura como flamante ayudante universitaria, me acomod en el asiento del profesor y me puse a leer Sangre y oro El pavor que sent al leer que el magn fico y soberbio Marius un patricio romano con mezcla b rbara, quien cuenta con m s de dos milenios de existencia se maquillaba por las noches para ir a bailar cazar a una disco, mat todo mi amor por Anne Rice e hizo que me arrepintiera amargamente de haber comprado TODOS los libros de su Saga vampirica Acto seguido, los sepult en las sombras para no recordar el horror que sent antes los vampiros con base de maquillaje y, probablemente, delineador de ojos y glitter.Desenterr Merrick , pues necesitaba un libro para un reto y porque llevaba mir ndome bastante tiempo desde mi peque a biblioteca Decid darle una oportunidad y me sedujo que fuera un cruce de su serie de vampiros con las de las Brujas de Mayfair Adem s, sal a mi muy amado Louis Qu tan malo po
This is definitely my least favourite in the Vampire Chronicles series by so far Not much happened until much later in the book.This, the 7th installment, introduces us to Merrick, a witch descended from the Mayfair line of witches David Talbot, newly turned vampire, recounts his meeting and subsequent relationship with Merrick, while he was a member of the Talamasca.The novel outlines Merrick s family history and her powers, while dealing with the present day Louis is miserable because others have seen the spirit of Claudia, his erstwhile vampire child, and he has not He is worried that she is a lost spirit unable to find rest He asks David to request Merrick to conjure the spirit of Claudia so that he may see for himself I was quite excited when I saw that witches would be involved in the story, but was disappointed with how boring it was Merrick also didn t come
After the abominations that were Lasher and The Vampire Armand, I had almost decided to give up on Anne Rice Seriously Though she has written some of my favorite books, she s also penned some stinkers then again, what author hasn t But I m lowkey obsessive compulsive, and I want to finish the Vampire Chronicles I finally decided to solider on with 2000 s Merrick, and color me shocked This short tale of voodoo and spirits stands with the best in Rice s most famous work.Acting as a shake up in this long series, this book introduces in full the reader to Merrick, a young woman with an interesting past and a talent for witchcraft The narrator of this novel is David Talbot, one of my favorite Rice characters I enjoyed spending time in his head, and I enjoyed his interactions with Louis a character I ve not particular enjoyed, as he
There are two books in the vampire series I hold higher than the others Merrick and Queen of the Damned The story of Merrick and David is a great addition and brings David alive as one of the vampire family What a wonderful addition to the family we get in Merrick as well She is so seductive and intense I love the idea of her and hope that she appears again in future books I also love the story of David in this book Davids mortal years are explained in this story and his history with the Talamasca We also learn a great deal of his relationship with Aaron There are some interesting revelations into the mind of David Talbot and his time spent finding his way as a youth A great read As soon as it was finished I wanted to read it again Merrick is such a strong character This book makes me respect Tale of the Body Thief a bit fo
This is a shout out to my Twin Heard she didn t think I d write this review.Yeah yeah, that hurt me, I ll admitForget that twin, read this shit.Now you d think I would ve read books 1 6 before I dove into this bad boy. and you would be completely wrong Yeah, nope that didn t happen one freaking bit Mostly because of a challenge. where I needed this specific book for it After reading Merrick I can t honestly tell you if I will ever dive into books 1 6 I just can t commit to that right now Maybe later in life like before I die if I have time.The one thing I never thought I would get in a vampire book. would be a visit to the jungle I mean, it s absurd and something I would never put two and two together This random visit is probably why I was intrigued in the first place However, not intrigued enough to visit the
After The Tale of the Body Thief this is another favorite of mine in this series You can find my review here my review I am aware that there is a series by Rice focussing on the Mayfair witches and I really look forward to reading it but some part of me wants to finish the existing books in her Vampire Chronicles first To those who read both series Does this make sense or should I read them in another order However, I was happy to see that the Mayfair family played a significant role in this one It was a little difficult to wrap my head around Merrick and her relationship to the mostly male people around her at first Probably because the story starts with her being rather young However, I loved to read about her and her family later Yes, some of the characters seemed a little flat and I hope there will be information on them in other books Since this is the 7th book in a series it s rather difficult to say something about its content without spoiling anything Let me just state that I loved the different setting going from New Orleans to a Central American jungle was pure fun It was great to read something different for a change as the series seemed to be a lit
At Louis request David gets back in touch with Merrick Mayfair, a powerful witch and member of the Talamasca He has known her since she joined the order as a child and knows her long, powerful and often frightening history.But that history may be why she can do what Louis needs and call on Claudia s ghost to confirm for him whether the child vampire has reached a peaceful afterlife or suffers as a ghost And David s connection to Merrick may be why she d want to do it.Though Merrick may be playing her own gameSo, Louis wants to get in touch with Claudia s ghost because the angst monster needs fuel for his eternal mope To do this he contacts David who in turn calls on a contact he has in the Talamasca, Merrick.And then tells us her life story in excruciating detailI think it s a good thing vampires don t eat, because every time they ordered a pizza they d have to pause to have an epic monologue on the delivery boy s history I d actually be wary of working with these vampires simply because if you do anything for them they demand a full biography which they then apparently put into print and share with the world It s one of the unknown vampire afflictions can t go out in the sunlight, blood diet and compulsive biography writing Honestly, I do not even remotely understand the need to tell extremely long, irrelevant back stories to characters that we know nothing about and have little

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