Pure Justice

Pure Justice PDF Epub Pure Justice Author Linda L Barton Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk 2013 Up Author Recipient Ted Braxton Always Believed In Living A Life Of Duty And Honor He Had Joined The Marines Straight Out Of High School And Was Sent To Vietnam To Serve His Country, But Once He Returned Home He Found A Country He No Longer Recognized With The Murder Of His Two Friends Mack And Terry Who Had Returned With Him, Ted Started On A New Mission An Anti War Group Was Targeting Military Personnel For Heinous Attacks To Make Their Political Statement, So When They Tortured And Murdered Mack And Terry Then Were Acquitted, This Made Ted Decide To Make Sure Those Who Were Guilty And Who D Escaped Justice For Their Crimes By Corrupting The Legal System Pay Their Debt In Full Ted Was Trained In The Art Of Killing He Was Good At It And He Enjoyed It This Is The Story Of One Man S Mission To Assure Justice Was Paid For Victims Who Had Yet To Receive Theirs And The Detective Who Must Try And Stop Him Before He Is Able To Achieve His Goal Of Imparting Pure Justice. I loved reading Pure Justice All the things you wish you could do when the law lets yet another scumbag walk free Ted Braxton is doing it, and Linda L Barton is telling you about it in all it s graphic glory I must say Doug seems somewhat less appreciative of the gorey details Lol The author rips your heart out not once, but twice when she tells you the stories of the leading characters And then she makes it all better, with a healthy d
Vigilante Fast paced story line which keeps the reader guessing Strong likable characters, well written and believable Want like this. Could have been a decent storyline, spoiled by many punctuation errors which made parts difficult to read. This novel has a good storyline and kept me interested throughout The characters are unique and receive a fair amount of development in the story The author touches on a point many, if not all, people struggle with at some point in time justice Is it fair do we always receive it who is responsible to provide it the questions, and ensuing arguments, can go on forever.Barton does a good job as an indie author she developed a good story, told it well, and tied off the finish The book does contain some graphic content, which might be tough to handle for some readers I did catch myself cringing during a rough spot or two I tend to be a bit of a wimp I m a visualizer so graphic content can be emotionally draining.There are very few typos or errors and the same with storyline inconsistencies never enough to distract much from the story There were a few occasions where my mind wandered and I wished for further development, but again never so much that the story or characters suffered In addition, the main characters talked to themselves quite a bit not a lot of symbolized interpreted meaning i
And I criedIt is a shame the way the U.S treated the soldiers as they came home from Vietnam It was a time of complete disgrace for Americans I was a teenager at the time and never could understand the riots, destruction and injustice that the men were created with This book is well written and expresses the feelings of many to this day Soldiers came home and just wanted to forget the war and what they saw and lived through The diseases they endured, they infections from poor medical care and the memories As with men they wanted to party with they buddies before saying their last good bites before many headed in different directions towards home The horrible thing is, is that many were killed by protesters or adventurers That is where this story takes place with the Executioner A man that took crime in his own hands because the law and courts couldn t or wouldn t see prop
This is the story of an Vietnam vet, bent on revenge for the brutal murder of his friends, turns vigilante He then devotes his life to ridding the streets of scum On the flip side is the cop who is trying to catch him, who has also known great sadness in his life.This was a very thought provoking book It deals with the subject of an eye for an eye Does Doug the cop turn in Ted the vigilante even though he is essentially doing his job for him and clearing the streets of rapists, thieves etc Having known terrible sadness in his own life he is torn between doing his job and giving in to his real feelings This was a great paced novel, with a good theme It is not for the faint hearted however as some of the scenes are pretty graphic The characters were solid and I understood and agreed with their feelings and the motives behind their actions.Having read this authors previous
I truly enjoyed this novel by Linda L Barton It was a very fast paced, quick read that had me questioning my beliefs in our justice system This story followed two men that had lots in common both had incidents where the justice system may not have prevailed, and they were both veterans of our country However, the ways these two men responded to this breach of faith were different My only complaint I was NOT ready for this story to end I wanted MORE Fans of Fern
Pure Justice tells the tale of Ted Braxton, a Vietnam era Marine, and the brutal murder of two of his buddies upon returning stateside, the anti war influence, and Ted s promise to inflict justice when the courts failed.This novel opens the door to the conundrum of justice when manmade law fails, is vengeance appropriate
Pure Justice is a story of a young man s desire to be sure Justice is served and criminals do not get out of paying for their crimes by some technicality, and go free to commit heinous crimes This is a very poignant story that ma
The story is about a Vietnam Vet who becomes a vigilante after his best friends are murdered The idea was interesting, but I did not like the style of writing, and found the book unnecessarily gory.