Blood Magic

Blood MagicDownload Blood Magic Author Tessa Gratton Nick Um Rapaz Da Cidade, Revoltado Por Ter Sido For Ado A Regressar Perdida Yaleylah, No Missouri, Onde Cresceu N O Consegue Deixar De Recordar A Sua M E E A Magia De Sangue Que Ela Praticava, Mem Rias A Que Tenta Escapar H J Cinco Anos Silla, No Entanto, N O Quer Esquecer O Aparente Homic Dio Suic Dio Dos Pais Que A Deixou Perdida E A Necessitar De Respostas Quando Um Livro De Feiti Os Com A Caligrafia Do Pai Surge Porta De Casa, Silla V Nele Uma Oportunidade De Desvendar O Mist Rio Daquelas Mortes Nick E Silla Mergulham Juntos Num Mundo De Magia Negra Mas, Quando Uma Bruxa De Sangue Com Mais De Cem Anos Aparece Em Busca Dos Ossos Dos Pais De Silla E Do Livro De Feiti Os, Os Dois Ser O Obrigados A Esquecer Tudo O Que Acreditam Ser A Natureza Da Vida E Da Morte E Os Segredos Mortais Que Se Escondem No Sangue. I can pinpoint the exact moment when I stopped trying to enjoy Blood Magic As the book began, I was uneasy about the wordiness of the prose, but this is the point at which I gave up My heart beat faster, and I had to blink away the halo surrounding him He was Mephistopheles, smiling and tempting me, his Dr Faustus, to dance.If this crazy talk had happened even after a lifetime of knowing each other or under the influence of recreational drugs or if they were both 600 years old, that sentence still would have made me giggle But this was, I believe, Silla s third encounter with her new neighbor instant boy crush Nick She met him just a couple of days earlier when he witnessed her cutting her thumb in a cemetery and performing magic as if she d been doing it all her life, although in fact it was the very first time she d attempted it This magic and its origins and its powers are rather odd, and I m still not entirely sure I am convinced by the paranormal applications.There are lots of crows flying around for dramatic effect There are du
I can t finish it My tolerance for YA PNR is very low, but I was looking forward to reading Blood Magic after seeing some really favorable early reviews of it Can you blame for hoping this book will be another Unearthly The novel starts with Silla performing blood magic for the very first time at the cemetery where her parents are buried Her mother and father recently died in a horrendous murder suicide and an enigmatic friend sent Silla her father s notebook of spells which each requires the use of blood A new neighborhood guy, Nicholas, sees Silla cutting her finger and reviving a dead leaf and is intrigued by her They quickly get acquainted and fall for each other What happens next, I do not know, I stopped reading at page 50.The first turnoff for me was the fact that the novel is written from 2 POVs Silla s and Nicholas s Just like other PNR offerings with the same structure Personal Demons and Shiver Blood Magic makes the same mistakes the POVs are indistinguishable and overlap each other creating a lot of redundancy As you can guess, because POVs are so similar, Nichola
I LOVE this much, in fact, that I can t possibly write a review without sounding like a 12 year old girl gushing about Justin Bieber You deserve better than that, so I ll simply bullet the things I liked best about Ms Gratton s writing style, and Blood Magic specifically Ms Gratton weaves this compelling enchantment by letting the characters have their own voices Sometimes Silla is telling the story, sometimes it is Reese, or Nicholas and sometimes, we are shown excerpts from a very old journal.o The font used for the journal entries is a beautiful script, lending authenticity to the tale Characters are aptly named We are given hints as to who the old souls are, as they have older names, such as Drusilla Silla , Josephine, and Philip The cold, always immaculate stepmother Lilith, of course Nicholas is listening to NARKOTIKA Who doesn t love Cole St Clair Ms Gratton teases all senses as she describes the metallic scent of blood, roughness of headstones beneath your hands, the different colors during sunrise and sunset, even going so far as to note that Nicholas notices the air here is much different from Chicago The deep, dull ache of a cut The sweet taste of a first kiss The book has everything crushes, family, fear and mystery Wow, what a mystery This reader was tricked several times, as I smugly figured it out , only to be disproven in later chapters Ms Gratton is a bold author She is
It s just a little over four hundred pages and, honestly, there may have been one chapter or fifteen too many From the get, the first thing that came to mind was that I d read it before a girl with a tragic past meets hot boy who doesn t get along with his stepmother Then there s the alternating points of view between Silla and Nick as well as glimpses into someone s past It was a chore Normally, switching POVs is something I enjoy What s not to love when you get the same story told by different people The problem is, had the story been told by just one of them, it could have been tight and I might not have been as bored as I was maybe And they love each other desperately, passionately oh, I don t know, having known each other after, what two seconds That s not the biggest thing though, what annoyed me the most, what had me cringing was his term of endearment for her Babe I mean really. she isn t a pig And he s a jerk What makes this different Blood and there s lots of it But beyond that there really isn t anything new in this one The first part was boring they meet, they like, they hook up, but he has a secret that she finds out they
Pros It didn t have a love triangle Parents weren t completely absent Siblings weren t annoyingly complicating things Other kids weren t shown under a bad light to make the main characters look better Not as much angst as there could have been.Cons Boring Ins
4.5 starsBlood Magic isn t like any of the hocus pocus books I ve read before This one had a very unique flavor racing throughout the book Tessa Gratton writing is cunningly crafted in a way that makes this book standout in a mysterious lushish way.The atmosphere has a life of it s very own Thick, rich and intoxicating, while these characters have the most intriguing energy.There is a lot of blood in this book It s frequently talked about, thought about and basically dripped out of these pages It tended to get a little uncomfortable while reading, so needless to say it wasn t something I could read in one sitting But despite the ick factor, I couldn t get the story out of my head Silla is a disturbed character Desperate for answers about what happened to her parents, she becomes very addicted to the blood magic coursing through her veins and eventually it tended to get weary and engrossing at the same time Nick on the other hand, I really enjoyed He s such a guy, but I thought he was a perfect match for Silla It wasn t an instant romance in the beginning They meet and are attracted to one another which I found normal The only scene that felt off is when they first kissed It was very abrupt, wild and almost animalistic, I m guessing it was meant to be sexy, but it had the opposite
I absolutely adored this book It completely drew me in from the very start and I just could not put it down Cemeteries, blood magic and bodies being possessed were the recipe for an absolutely freakin
I m warning you, it s long When I picked this book up, the plot reminded me of Gillian Shields Immortal , which I liked I d probably lower the rating if I read it again, because back then I was a very lenient reader.Now on to Blood Magic There are choppy sentences, unneeded and unwanted details, and it s repetitive I think Tessa the author hates the word that, or doesn t know its use Tessa likes to compare things to stone Why is this book so long and slow Nick and Silla s first kiss bothered me it was too much, and their feelings didn t match it I declare this relationship as lust at first sight Stop kissing and build the relationship up so it s believable I shake my head at these horny and angsty teens Please don t summarize a scene we had to endure through it was bad enough the first go round Good idea go bleed animals to death in the name of witchcraft I hope this girl hits a major artery next time she cuts herself Sure, brothers just love to hear about their sister s making out and lusting over someone Ugh Can Tessa buy or use a thesaurus instead of constantly using the Lord s name in vain It makes the char
Hello, people I like writing in bold letters because it is fun You know what else is fun Reading book reviews like this one Ah hem Anyway Hello It s almost 1 AM and I feel strangely perky But knowing me, I will probably randomly conk out any minute And for some reason, I always think it will take me such a short amount of time to write a book review even though it always takes me ages But, oh well.I ll start off by saying, I had mixed feelings about this book.The first time I stumbled upon it here on Goodreads, I said to myself, Hey, that book has a pretty cool cover And it sounds decent So I might give it a shot Then I saw a live author chat with Tessa Gratton and a few other authors, and Tessa seemed like a really cool person Plus she s friends with Maggie Stiefvater, so that makes her made of awesome in my book So I said, Yeah I think I ll read this And so, I did Blood Magic follows two teenage main characters Silla and Nick Silla s life sucks because her parents are dead Not long ago, she found the mangled bodies of her parents in their study, and police came to the conclusion that her father killed her mother and then himself But Silla has never believed it, even though her father did seem a bit crazy at times Nick s life also sucks because his mother is also dead, and his father has mar
Blood Magic is about witches Finally something other than Vampires and Werewolves I liked it, I thought it was fun and fresh, but it wasn t enough to really compel me to say you know, this is a very good book It was missing something though I cant quite put my finger on it Regardless, I still almost gave it a 4 star.The plot is part magical lore, part mystery Silla s parents died tragically, and although everyone is convinced it was a murder suicide, Silla is not After receiving a spell book from Deacon, whoever that is and to her amazement they re actually working she s even convinced that someone was involved in her parent s death The mystery part is what intrigued me the most Everyone is made a suspect and even if I wanted to guess there were too many choices to even bother, so I just enjoyed it and kept reading It was intriguing, and I was excited to see how it would all play out A bit than half way thr

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