Said The Demon To Little Miss Eva

Said The Demon To Little Miss Eva Read Said The Demon To Little Miss Eva Author Billy London Artist, Evangeline Mensah Is Slowly Losing The Mind Beneath Her Afro A Part Of It Has To Do With Rock Star, Gabriel Walker Strolling His Fine Self Into Her Exhibition, After Giving Her The Best Night Of Her Life And Looking Quite Determined To Do So Again The Other Part Is All About The Strange Things Happening To Her Home And The Dreams She S Having Dreams That Make Her Feel Really Odd Around Cool, Fashion Photographer Michael Lee Not To Mention They Feature Women Who Turn Up Dead.Instinct And An Over Protective Gabriel Warn Her To Steer Clear Of Michael But There Is Something So Familiar About Michael, She Can T Help But Be Drawn To Him Regardless That Darkness Seems To Be Surrounding Him And It S Just Coincidence That He Just Happens To Live One Solitary Floor Above Her Own Home That S All Coincidence. Billy London did not disappoint in this sweetly scary story Like another reviewer, I couldn t put this book down and I did sleep with my bathroom light on and the closet door closed The romance between Gabriel and Eva was so sweet The scary demon part was really just a backstory but scary none the less Billy London makes her characters feel so real, like they are people that you know and this couple wasnt any different I really enjoyed reading about the evolution of their relationship.My only issue with this book is that Gabriel s history was
I enjoyed the book I liked the paranormal aspect of it and I love Billy London s heroine, very strong and determined just as I like them. London s talent for storytelling isnt the issue here, its the subject matter and length that messed this one cannot tackle a live story and tossbin demonic posession and handle it well in 70 pages She s a badass writer but she ain t Supergirl.Too much needed assumption, glossing over