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Practical MagicPractical Magic Free Author Alice Hoffman Gillian E Sally Owens S O Duas Rf S Que Foram Educadas Pelas Tias Numa Pequena Vila Criadas Como Crian As Normais Tiveram Desde Cedo De Lidar Com A Fama Da Fam Lia Owens Com Efeito H Mais De Dois S Culos Que As Mulheres Da Fam Lia Conhecem Os Segredos Das Ervas, Das Curas E Dos Rituais Para Proteger As Colheitas As Pessoas Da Cidade Chamam Lhes Bruxas Mas Recorrerem A Elas Em Caso De Necessidade Mas Passando O Resto Do Tempo A Culp Las De Todo O Mal Sua Volta Assim Sally E Gillian Partem Tentando Esquecer Os Fantasmas Do Passado Gillian, A Irm Rebelde, Parte Para A Grande Cidade Para Viver Diversas Rela Es Sem Futuro At Ao Dia Em Que Conhece O Violento Jimmy Que A Maltrata Quanto A Sally, A Irm Respons Vel, Casa Se E Tem Duas Filhas Mas Fica Vi Va Pouco Depois, Muda Se Para Uma Nova Cidade Para Poder Dar Uma Nova Vida S Suas Filhas, Prestes A Entrar Na Adolesc Ncia Mas Quando Menos Espera Tem Gillian Sua Porta, Acabada De Chegar Com Um Drama Na Sua Vida E Com Uma Surpresa Na Bagageira. 3.75 stars I m a little embarrassed to admit it wasn t until I read my first Alice Hoffman novel last year The Museum of Extraordinary Things that I realized Practical Magic was than just a swoon worthy movie I d watched a dozen times over it s also a book With numerous viewings under my belt and the upcoming release of the prequel, The Rules of Magic, I figured now was as good of a time as any to dive in and give this a read I mean how could I not, the book is always better than the movie, right Well, maybe not always In this instance, I wouldn t say the movie is necessarily better than the book, I d say I prefer the movie version Both are great stories, they re just completely different Raised by their aunts and shunned by their classmates for being witches, sisters Gillian and Sally struggled to find their own versions of happiness Gillian has always been the wild child , rearing to get out of Massachusetts and adamant that she wouldn t be caught dead east of the Mississippi ever again until she needs her older sister Sally to b
I guess I have changed I have my little paperback copy I got and read years ago And of course I found it after I bought the one with the cool boot on the front Anyway, I loved the book so much back then and now it s just meh I still love the movie but something just didn t get
During the last few months of last year I had been eagerly awaiting Alice Hoffman s new book Rules of Magic I had read new books by some of my go to authors for magical realism, which had left a bitter taste in my mouth because these books were contemporary and devoid of magical occurrences Rules of Magic, while not necessarily magical realism, was simply magical As soon as I finished reading the tale of Frances and Jet Owens, I reserved the story where it all began, Practical Magic Much to my dismay, many people had the same idea, and I had to wait another two months to read Hoffman s first installment of the Owens family Finally getting my hands on this magical family saga, I was as enthralled as I had been with the new prequel.Sally and Gillian Owens grew up in the rural Massachusetts home of their elderly great aunts Frannie and Jet Owens In this Magnolia Street home that I got to know so well in Rules of Magic, Frannie continued the family business of assisting women in concocting various forms of love potions Although it was well known that the Owens family had been witches for the past three hundred years, women in desperate situations still turned to Frannie and Jet in times of need The aunts also brewed black soap twice a year and tended to their garden where supernatural events happened over time Raising Sally and Gillian devoid of normal parental rules, the girls were allowed to stay up until midnight on a regular basis, eat candy bars for supper, and, a
This is one of those rare examples of the movie being better than the book Yeah I somehow managed to get through it, but this book was like one never ending series of mood setting lists An example Sally thought long and hard each time she hung up the phone She thought about the girl in the drugstore and the sound of Antonia s footsteps on the stairs when she went to bed without a good night hug She thought about Michael s life and his death, and about every second they had spent together She considered each of his kisses and all the words he had ever said to her Everything was still gray the paintings Antonia brought home from school and slipped beneath her door, the flannel pajamas Kylie wore on chilly mornings, the velvet curtains that kept the world at bay But now Sally began to order things
This one is a hard one to review I think most know the movie Practical Magic I love this movie as I m sure that most do Everytime it s on, I watch it Does not matter at what time I catch it, I watch till the end and swoon When I started watching the movie, initially, I had no idea it was based on a book So for years now I ve been wanting to read this one But then I see the movie is on and watch it But the prequel is coming out and I have a copy and figured it s time I read it.Let me just saythe book is nothing like the movie, or the movie is nothing like the book Comparing the two is comparing apples to pumpkins They have the same characters, Jimmy has the same fate, and that s about it Well, they both had margaritas too, but in two totally different context So to focus on the book, it tells the story of the Owens sisters Gillian is a free spirit, moving around from place to place, and guy to guy Sally is settled and rigid uptight , having two children Gillian and Sally lived for many years with their aunts, who play very minor roles in this book I think the story is about sisters The bond between Gillian and Sally, how much they fight but also how they can depend on one another The same about Sally s two girls, you hear a lot about their lives, their fighting, and what brings them together I don t really consider any of them witches, they have strong intuitions that they a
The lesson Sally had learned so long ago in the kitchen to be careful what you wish for was so far and so faded it had turned to yellow dust But it was the sort of dust that can never be swept up, and instead waits in the corner and blows into the eyes of those you love when a draft moves through your house It s only recently that I left Hoffman s world in The Rules of Magic, and so I returned to that world of the Owens family, to pick up where I d left off, with a return to the home of the aunts in Massachusetts, in Practical Magic Of course, I ve seen the movie at least a dozen times over the years, which played somewhat of a factor It s hard to disassociate yourself from all the lines, the actors, the scenes you remember so well from the movie, and impossible to forget certain scenes So, I ll just say that I felt this was very different from the movie Gillian and Sally are sisters, grown now, Sally has two daughters of her own, is sensitive, compassionate and has succeeded in building a life for herself, them, removed from the aunts, removed from magic and all the stares and the softly murmured gossip, the condemnation that followed them like a shadow Gillian is reckless and wild, impulsive and unlucky in love Extremely unlucky this latest time, and so she heads to the only place she can think of, home, and since she is leaving her latest abode, she heads to Sally s home, dragging her past with her Having
Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman is 2003 Penguin publication Originally published in 1995 When I heard Hoffman was releasing a prequel to Practical Magic, this past year, I knew I wanted to read it, but before I did, I needed to reacquaint myself with this book I read this book a long, long time ago, even before the movie was released But, the book was something entirely different from the movie, which is a very charming and delightful adaptation, in my opinion You put the lime in the coconut one of my favorite scenes I ve seen the movie so many times I think it has clouded or confused my memories of the book So, before I delved into Rules of Magic , I thought a refresher was in order The book is centered around Sally and Gillian, sisters taken in by their aunts after the death of their parents They are extraordinarily close while growing up, needing to stick close to each other when they are not accepted in their community or at school, ostracized because of their aunt s reputations as witches While they took different paths in life, Gillin having left home, while Sally stayed behind and started a family, their bonds will be reinforced when Gillian returns home after a long absence, and bringing big trouble with her When Gillian begins to insert herself into Sally s life, it disrupts her relationship with her children, and the cracks in their relationship begin to widen, but they still stick tog
Review written by my high school self I used to love the movie for this book, and I didn t even know until after I had seen it that it was originally in book form After finally getting a copy of the book and reading it, something magical happened I didn t know which one I liked better Usually, having to decide favorites between the book and the movie is very easy Except in the case of Grisham s The Pelican Brief, I almost always prefer the book versions In some cases as with Gone with the Wind and Scarlett , I simply refuse to see the movie, while in other cases like The Great Gatsby and Jurassic Park I prefer the book hands down though the movie versions are certainly than tolerable With Hoffman s Practical Magic, I just don t know.Part of the reason for this anomaly in my reading life may be the fact that the movie and book bear little resemblance to each other Here is what is in the book that is also in the movie the names of the characters which in itself is a bit skewered , and the fact that this all has to do with witches, family, and magic That s about it Other than that, even the basic plotline is very different I can understand how the movie might need to condense the plotline to fit its regular two hours, but this plotline has been almost completely altered.Unlike the movie, the book gives equal attention to each of the sister protagonists, Sally and Gillian This was both a go
My fear about this was I wouldn t get on with the magical realism element However that wasn t a problem The problem was my feeling that it lacked a raison d etre For a long time it felt like a story was continually being set up but never quite happening I ve never seen the film but have a hunch it might be better than the novel because there s a lot of padding in the book, lots of asides Essentially a light and fun read, intelligent chick lit every male character i
I always like a bit of magic so I enjoyed this book very much, my only disappointment being that Sally and Gillian did not embrace their powers and use them At least the aunts knew how to mix up a really good potion and cast an appropriate spell when necessary.I enjoy the way Hoffman writes Her characters are well rounded and likable, and her descriptions of things like

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