Soul Dancer

Soul Dancer Download Soul Dancer Author Aurora Rose Lynn Forbidden Love Between A Slave And Her Master Could Lead To Deadly Consequences.On The Planet Of Manitee A In 2975, Sex And Love Is Forbidden Between The Black Skinned Jaquill Ruling Class And The White Skinned Kattanee Slaves Kierra, A Slave, Knows She Could Face The Death Penalty If She Makes Love To Jamar, But He Is Persistent And Persuasive, And She S So Tempted.The One Time In Her Life That Kierra Is Allowed To Choose, She S Forced To Make A Life Or Death Decision Walk Away From Jamar And True Love Or Give Him The Passionate Nights They Both Want.Content Warning Graphic Sex This really had the bones to be a good story but there were just a few things wrong First, the story was just to big for the 55 pages that the authoress allotted The second issue that I had with this story was the language.The author couldn t decide whether she wanted her characters to be eloquent or straight from the hood.This story is a study in what could have been.It could have been so much than what the finished product is.The author d