Duke Sucks

Duke Sucks Reading Duke Sucks Reed Tucker Lalaweek.us In The Ranks Of NCAA College Basketball, Duke University Is Like Something Scraped Off The Bottom Of A Shoe It S Like A Nasty Virus You Catch From A Door Handle At A Public Toilet.No Team In Sports Is As Uniquely Hated As Those Smug, Entitled, Floor Slapping, Fist Pumping, Insufferable Blue Devils The Loathing Has Almost Reached The Level Of A Religion Christian Laettner Is A Punk Amen The Cameron Crazies Are Obnoxious The Plumlees Are Worthless Times Three Coach K Is A Jerk Kumbaya.The Team Is Dogged By An Intense Hatred That No Other Team Can Match And For Good Reason Millions Of Hoops Fans And March Madness Aficionados Around The World Are Not Imagining Things Duke Really Is Evil, And Within The Pages Of Duke Sucks, Reed Tucker And Andy Bagwell Show Readers Exactly Why Duke Deserves To Be So Detested They Bruise And Batter The Blue Devils With Fact After Fact, Story After Story, Statistic After Statistic They Build An Airtight Case That Could Stand Up In A Court Of Law.So Sit Back In Your I Hate Duke T Shirt, And In True Duke Fashion, Force Someone Poorer Than You To Do Your Work As You Crack Open The Ultimate Guide To Duke Suckitude. Some questionable comparisons but I have my blinders on because foh dook. This book is chicken soup for a Maryland fan s soul. This book is a must read for all college basketball fans I laughed out loud in several spots It s hilarious, informative, and probably 100% factual LOL Best Book Ever. Funny A quick read Hating Duke is never having to say you re sorry. True Every word of it the theme to this story is that people dont like rich and snobby people It s true, Duck sucks, and we have this book to prove it If you hate Duke, which you probably do, you ll like this book A bit of sophomoric humor Yes but it s a fun book, but at the same time it made me angry reading about all the crap that Duke does, so don t read this if you re already in that kind of mood It was a quick read I read it on one cross country plane ride and a bit over priced
Book is a good mixture of historical facts a bit of Disney mixed with the great Oz 60 million cigarettes Duke University , basketball statistics how many erroneous calls has Karl Hess made How do those egos fair in the NBA , Coaching the fl
Funny Hating Duke is so much fun I only wish that I hadn t moved to North Carolina so close to Coach K s inevitable retirement Although my husband can t wait for the day So glad I got to get in on the fun for the time being But this book gi

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  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • Duke Sucks
  • Reed Tucker
  • English
  • 05 May 2019
  • 9781250004635