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Heute wär ich mir lieber nicht begegnetReading Heute W R Ich Mir Lieber Nicht Begegnet Author Herta M Ller Natus Physiotherapy.co.uk Fui Intimada Na Viagem De El Trico Que A Leva S Instala Es Da Pol Cia Secreta, Hora Marcada, Dez Em Ponto, A Jovem Narradora V A Sua Vida Passada Em Revista A Inf Ncia Na Cidade De Prov Ncia, A Fixa O Semier Tica No Pai, A Deporta O Dos Av S, O Casamento Ing Nuo Com O Filho Do Comunista Perfumado , A Felicidade Prec Ria Que Vive Com Paul, Apesar Do Fardo Que A Bebida Imp E Ao Amor Que Ela Lhe Dedica No Exterior Marca Es Intransigentes, Paragens, Passageiros Que Entram E Saem, O Desfilar Das Ruas Tudo Pretende Distrair A Sua Aten O, Que Constantemente Regressa Ao Ponto De Partida Fui Intimada Quase Chegada Ao Destino, Levanta Se De Repente Uma Alterca O No Carro El Trico Que Leva O Guarda Freio A Saltar Precisamente A Paragem Em Que Devia Sair V Se Ent O Numa Rua Desconhecida, Onde Descobre Paul Com Um Velho De Aspeto Suspeito Decide Ent O N O Comparecer Ao Interrogat Rio. When I finally finished this remarkable work, my mind flashed back, for some obscure reason to my early twenties such exciting years when I loved a man, a cat and a book Life, of course, has to develop and move on I lost the man our lives were taking different directions , Sylvie died in quarantine but my magnificent book was and still remains with me the Alexandria Quartet by Lawrence Durrell I ve tried many times to write an account on why this book has had, and still continues to have, such a dramatic effect on me and I ve always failed That is a twentieth century masterpiece I ve now come across the same problem with The Appointment I have so much to say but I m having distinct difficulties in trying to achieve this I also wish to succeed because I want everyone possible to become aware of this book and read it.But I digress and so back to Herta M ller This is such an incredible woman and I really don t know where to start which rather confuses me I ve certainly never been lost for words before and in fact I ve been crit
This is the second time that I ve struggled with a Herta M ller novel, the second one to leave me feeling cold and not exactly in the greatest of moods, but given the subject matter it s not surprising really Her narrative didn t fill me with much enthusiasm, and yet, some of her sentences really were quite striking They stood out ripe in a bowl of decaying fruit.The Appointment takes a bleak and circuitous route through Bucharest on a rickety old tram that seems to take an eternity to reach its destination If you had been summoned for an interview with Ceausescu s secret police in the last years of the dictatorship the last thing you would want is to be late The narrator, a factory seamstress, has been caught sewing marriage proposals into the hems of suits bound for export, for which she gets charged with prostitution Throughout the novel, you get the impression that any other sort of existence would have been a lot better than life in this communist state, constantly being trapped by feelings of paranoia and dread.Romanian migr and Nobel recipient M ller, presents the surreal absurdity of life under Ceausescu, such as an interrogator greeting her well with a gentle we
The Appointment is about life in Nicolae Ceau escu s communist Romania What a simultaneously sinister and banal place The mind won t absorb it The novel is in every sense a dystopia Only in this case it happens not to be an SF fantasy but based on 20th century events Seemingly without effort, Herta M ller shows us the utter self defeating nature of police states, their inefficiency, rotten core, bankrupt ideology, and doomed future.Its narrative line is elliptical It has been written in a rich though understated style with a subtle patterning of motifs throughout It is story distilled to its essentials I suppose it might be called muscular were its anatomy not so delicately wrought It is not chic lit It is highly readable literary fiction, not at all cryptic, and in the end emotionally shattering The Appointment has a fragmented narrative line It consists of an interbraiding, if you will, of nine or ten related stories It is not a collection of linked stories Not at all It is a novel First there is the core story of our unnamed female narrator as she takes one particular streetcar journey to an interrogation with Major Albu, her tormentor in the secret pol
The heroine of this novel lives her life waiting She is a seamstress in a Romanian factory making fine men s overcoats for export to Italy She is so desperate for escape from her pointless life that she inserts notes saying Marry Me, with her name and address, into the linings of the coats She has a live in male friend who spends all of his time and most of her money drinking the day away There is no future here it s like maintaining a big dog and having the expense that goes with it.This is Eastern Europe before the fall of the Berlin Wall So our heroine is in trouble again for those notes It s happened before Now she could lose her job or even be imprisoned She s been summoned once to the inspector s office thus the book s title The inspector is now taking a personal interest in her case that is, he is taking a personal interest in her Like other novels of Eastern Europe
There is a shocking matter of factness in the voice addressing to the readers of this book Belonging to the female character in the center of the story, it weaves the narration by adding together episodes full of horror from a past under communism her grandmother s death, her father s adultery, her father in law s acts of violence, Lilli s sexual misbehavior and death , details regarding a present ride by tram to the police office for interrogations and random descriptions of objects.How is it to feel that everything surrounding you is spying on you Innanimate objects get personified around and these, together with people surrounding you among whom most act crazy if they are not crazy already seem to take part in a conspiratory whirlpool which has in the center your life Everything becomes part of this cycle and the repetition and dullness of everyday events scare the hell out of you Everything seems to be an enemy, everyone and everything seem to be plotting against you, even the lifeless objects in their silence seem to whisper against you Everything suggests the feeling that someone is watching you and is going to inform on you to the secret police under the Romanian communist regime led by Ceausescu Stricken with constant fear and with the feeling that senselessness is easier to handle t
Es gibt Momente beim Lesen, da beneide ich die bildende Kunst Man stellt sich in einem Museum vor ein expressionistisches Gem lde, sieht die vielen grauen dicken Pinselstriche mit dem roten Fleck in der Mitte, undefinierbar in der Aussage, nichtssagend in der sthetik, stellt man eine gewisse triste Atmosph re fest und ist sich sicher, so etwas nicht in seiner Wohnung haben zu wollen und geht dann nach 12 Sekunden zum n chsten Bild In Herta M llers Buch dauert die Betrachtungsphase bestimmt rund sechs Stunden Das zieht sich Sch n ist das nicht Ist halt Kunst Pr miert vom Nobelpreiskomitee Ich kann darauf verzichten und denke, dass das mit mir und Frau M ller nichts mehr wird Beispiel gef llig Von weitem kam Gebell und dann Geschrei Lillis Offizier wurde gefesselt, in eine Blechh tte gef hrt und bewacht von dem Gl ckserpichten, der geschossen hatte Lilli blieb liegen Die H tte hatte keine Vorderwand Auf dem Boden stand eine Wasserzisterne, an der Wand eine Bank, in der Ecke eine Tragbahre Der Bewacher trank viel Wasser, wusch sein Gesicht, zog das Hemd aus der Hose und wischte sich ab und setzte sich Der Gefesselte durfte nicht sitzen, aber hinaus ins Gras schauen, wo Lilli lag, durfte er F nf Hunde liefen, das Gras stand ihnen bis zum Hals, ihre Beine flogen dar ber Und weit hinter ihnen rannte eine Schar abgehetzter Soldaten Bis sie bei Lilli ankamen, war nicht nur ihr Kle
Everything happened in a twinkling, the time it takes for one person to assault another. M ller s Nobel Prize speech is transcribed at the end of this edition, a bonus the cover did not hint at that other editions could learn from, and among other thought provoking paragraphs was her probing the susceptibility of engineers and the like to making homunculi out of their creations I already knew a number of beautiful words having to do with lubricated hydraulic machine parts DOVETAIL, GOOSENECK, ACORN NUTS, and EYEBOLTS, she says, and so I left off characterizing her plot structure as the shuttering swift sidings of looms and thought of maelstroms instead Capturing the linear side of things is all very well, but we are no Arachne in our weaving and wiggling our way out of the unyielding desire of the eye You feel fine because you ve forgotten what that means for other people. The Wiki page for the author already rhapsodized on about Kafka, so I ll save us both some ethos and think instead on past and future If you let it, the narrative will explain all that needs be expounded, letting even a novice in Romanian tinged literature such as myself into its endless bowels When the final page is turned, you ll have the comfort of your narrator s closure, for you ll know exactly how she came to be here and where she has utmost need to go Whether you accept the lines drawn by death and madness by that point is another matter en
Una mujer en un viejo tranv a se dirige a su cita con un agente de seguridad All se someter a un nuevo interrogatorio por el grave delito que cometi cuando trabajaba en una f brica de ropa introducir papelitos en los bolsillos traseros de unos pantalones destinados a la exportaci n con un mensaje altamente subversivo, C sate conmigo , que iba acompa ado de su firma y direcci n Una mujer sin compromiso pol tico expl cito ni una elevada educaci n, una mujer hasta vulgar, incluso antip tica, pero con un mon logo interior l rico y evocador, intenso y lleno de im genes turbadoras, con inusuales frases de una particular y original belleza, con un discurso ca tico y fragmentado pero realmente atractivo Humillaci n es sentirse descalza en todo el cuerpo En este viaje hacia el destino se mezclan dos planos, el presente, con las peque as incidencias de la ruta, las relaciones entre los pasajeros, las im genes vistas a trav s de la ventanilla del tranv a, y el pasado, que vuelve en una serie de flashbacks desordenados para contarnos su vida hasta ese preciso momento, un momento crucial en el que ella parece haber alcanzado un l mite en alg n sentido, uno de esos momentos en los que el pasado se impone y obliga a la re
4,5 stars, but taking into account my mental state in the last months, it surely deserves being rounded up to 5 M ller mixes present and past throughout the whole book and manages to get it superbly done, never sounding pretentious or false, and meanwhile tells some pretty good stories fro
This is certainly autobiographical at least in regard to the interrogations part Herta was in fact interrogated while living in Romania, under Ceausescu This is the daily grim and perceptive description of a woman s life her apprehension facing the interrogations She s a factory worker During her first marriage while husband was at the military service she recalls she escaped home and went to the mountains Carpatos mountains with conservatory finalists she saw a frozen lake and crosses of the dead her peers picked up stones for healing but she picked a stone in the form of child s foot she still keeps it She s been summoned to an interrogation at 10 00 a.m., sharp interrogations are a torment they are so long one feels lost Today I may be conducted to a prison cell, escorted by Albu major Albu s head stinks French perfume Avril.In her dark bedroom she wonders how to kill time she cannot sleep it s easier to think about something luminous, snow She names her blouses Her second