Bobbi and the Beast

Bobbi and the Beast PDF Epub Bobbi And The Beast By Saloni Quinby Once Upon A Time, There Was A Handsome King Who Trusted No One He Brought Many Bedmates To His Concrete Castle Overlooking The City, But Allowed None To Say An Entire Night, For He Believed Love Was Beneath Him.Then A Vengeful Witch Placed A Curse Upon Him, Turning Him Into A Beast By Night By Day People Sensed His Savageness And Turned Away From Him Shunned And Feared, The King Learned The Meaning Of True Loneliness.In The City Below Lived A Beautiful Young Man Named Bobbi Who Struggled To Support His Family Outlaws Abducted Him And Dragged Him To A Dark Forest, But They Didn T Know Someone Lurked In The Shadows.That Night The Beast Would Kill, An Exiled King Would Fall In Love And A Curse Might Be Broken This review was originally written for The Romance Reviews and can also be found there I guess I have a weakness for books based on fairytales There is something naughty in giving the innocent characters from my childhood the grown up and sexually charged roles If the author manages to keep the romantic note to the story as well, there just might be a hit in there somewhere.This particular story is about Gideon, a wealthy man who is afraid to love and instead pushes people away His methods are hurtful and merciless, but once he takes Shawn into his bed, a witch with dangerous powers, he realizes that riches and good looks can t replace what s in one s heart.Bobbi is a young man who cares for his family but dreams of becoming a performer He has his own drag act in a club on weekends, and after one such night, he is attacked by men thinking him a woman and taken into the woods.It s not difficult to guess who saved whom and what happened next in this story, but predictability isn t necessarily a bad thing I expected every event and still managed to enjoy this story as somethin
I wanted to try reading something from the author but judging from this short story it may not be my cup of tea Will try a novel next time. I love Beauty the Beast stories and, for a short m m tale, this one managed to be both full and truly sweet My only complaint is that we don t find out about Shawn. 2.5This could have been a nice fairy tale , but I just didn t feel like I got to know the characters or care much about them. It was an alright rendition of Beauty and the Beast But it was missing the terror of the beast. 3.4 fairy tale shelf Cute little take on Beauty and the Beast I wish it was longer, but then again I can say that about most short stories.

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