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Eureka StreetDownload Eureka Street Author Robert McLiam Wilson Belfast, Chuckie E Jake, Protestante Il Primo, Cattolico L Altro, Sono Legati Da Una Profonda Amicizia Chuckie, Antieroe Grasso E Sempliciotto, Riesce A Compiere Mirabolanti Imprese Commerciali Grazie A Progetti Tanto Fantasiosi Quanto Ridicoli Jake, Invece, Nonostante La Sua Scorza Da Duro, Un Inguaribile Romantico E Non Cerca Denaro E Ricchezza Ma Un A Che Gli Riempia La Vita Sullo Sfondo I Conflitti Irrisolti Del Paese Che Balzano Brutalmente In Primo Piano Quando Un Attentato Sconvolge L Atmosfera Bislacca E Farsesca Che Domina Il Racconto Poi La Commedia Della Vita Cancella Il Sangue E Le Vicende Improbabili E Sgangherate Di Chuckie E Jake Tornano A Dominare Le Pagine Del Romanzo. When I was 17 I was going to accept a summer work offer from a farmer in Londonderry I m not sure to remember properly what I was supposed to pick up in Northern Ireland Might have been cucumbers Unfortunately at that time my knowledge of the English language was pretty low, so I thought I would have picked up watermelons known as cocomeri in Italy And I was wondering a lot about that task Perhaps Northern Irish watermelons were smaller than the ones growing up under the warm Mediterranean soil I contacted the farmer via mail and he sent me a paper letter, explaining me how much he would have paid me, for how long I would have to work each day and so on He didn t tell me anything about his religion, but I was sure that, deciding to hire a worker from Italy, he was Catholic Being a rare example of non baptized secularist Italian before knowing the way to say it in English I think I would have been a delusion for my jobsgiver Eventually I decided to don t go to Londonderry But before of that decision I read all the informations I was able to find about the Sinn F in party, Ira, The Troubles in Belfast ant the contrasts in Derry Maybe part of my decision to don t work in Northern Ireland was influenced by what I read and watched on tv I was a fearful boy.Anyway, to
Avevano tutti una storia Non erano storie brevi, o non avrebbero dovuto esserlo Avrebbero dovuto diventare lunghi romanzi, splendide narrazioni di ottocento pagine e pi , non soltanto le vite delle vittime, ma anche quelle che si erano trovate sul loro cammino, l intreccio di conoscenze, amicizie e relazioni intime che le legava a coloro che amavano, che conoscevano e da cui erano conosciute, una rete di grandiosa complessit e ricchezza Che cosa era accaduto Una cosa molto semplice storia e politica erano giunte a un vicolo cieco.Belfast 1994, due amici che intrecciano le loro storie di romanticismo e ascesa sociale, dentro ai Troubles, al tempo del cessate il fuoco cattolici e protestanti su fronti contrapposti di una guerra civile per una storia di sangue, desiderio e ideali Gli abitanti dell Irlanda del Nord sono pronti ad incontrarsi su un terreno comune, a superare gli sbarramenti, ma nessuno vuole abbandonare le armi, in attesa di un accordo In questo contesto storico, McLiam Wilson inscrive le storie dei suoi personaggi imperfetti e benevoli, vicende
Having lived in Ireland for over 17 years, I ve always made a point of reading virtually any book by either a well known or new writer from this country Having said this, Eureka Street was recommended to me by a Polish friend. Thanks, Mac This book is about love it s a love song written to the greyest, wettest, dampest, most depressing city I ve ever seen Robert Wilson McLiam was, of course, bred and buttered in Belfast to use an old Irish expression This book is set in 1996, just at the tail end of the last edition of the Troubles , as they are called over in this perplexing, totally unique country Northern Ireland The two main characters have both reached the age of thirty, and, as the book begins, are realizing that they ve accomplished little to nothing in their lives the way they go about changing their lives is the secret of this wonderful, incredible book.Jake Jackson is a lapsed Catholic He has survived what was apparently a horrific childhood, to be educated beyond his station, only to find that the only thing he s truly good at is fighting He tends to fall in love two to three times a day, primarily with lamentable results Jake is the narrator of this unique, hilarious book.The outstanding character of Eureka Street is Chuckie Lurgan, J
All stories are love stories is the first sentence of this book It s not a love story in the traditional sense but a delicious tribute to the city of Belfast In Chapter 10, McClaim Wilson writes, cities are the meeting places of stories and that is exactly what this book is about Set in the mid 1990 s, when the troubles of Norther Ireland were at a fevered pitch, Jake, a rough and tumble Catholic, and Chuckie, a fat Protestant boy with big dreams, are friends As they grope their way to maturity, the boys go through a series of adventures that are so humerous that I laughed out loud and then so sad that tears ran down my cheek It s a tightrope between comedy and tragedy just as it is in real life and the author handles it beautifully Sadly, this is not a book I would have picked on my own When my Goodreads Ireland book club selected it, I was a little hesitant Who wants to read about the troubles in Ireland But the book is about living in the middle of chaos, how it is possible to go about daily living with bombs exploding around you and how people just go about their business no matter the circumstances It s in Ireland but it could be anywhere Afghanistan, Syria or NYC after 9 11 One of the chapters dealt with the aftermath of a terro
Chi ha annacquato la Guinness Un romanzo fatto di due capitoli intorno a questi l undicesimo e il dodicesimo , il nulla.Un nulla fatto di storielle banali, personaggi macchiettistici, situazioni in bilico fra il paradossale, la commedia romanticoagrodolce alla Nick Hornby e un umorismo inglese pardon, irlandese che dovrebbe far ghignare e invece, a malapena, strappa un sorriso situazioni, quelle che raccontano le storie e le gesta dei due amici Jake e Chuckie cattolico l uno e protestante l altro, ma tu guarda le combinazioni che si inseriscono nella realt storica della Belfast dei Troubles, degli attentati, delle fazioni, dell IRA appena prima del cessate il fuoco della seconda met degli anni Novanta.E qui scatta l incazzatura mi si perdoner il linguaggio da muratore di West Belfast perch , mi dico, accidenti a te, Robert McLiam Wilson, sai scrivere due capitoli cos belli e cos intensi, cos drammatici per il loro violento realismo, due capitoli di una forza e di una potenza inaudite, e che fai, me li mimetizzi in mezz
I can t say enough about this book There s a great review by Allan posted last week Allan grew up in Northern Ireland and lives in Belfast I come to this book as an outsider, but someone who has visited Northern Ireland half a dozen times, starting back during the height of The Troubles MacLiam Wilson, the author, loves this city and it comes through constantly in the book And he loves the people of Belfast This is from the last page of the book The mountain looks flat and grand in the greyness, it is stupidly green It looks like all cities this morning, Belfast It s a tender frail thing, composite of houses, roads and car parks Where are the people They are waking or failing to wake Tender is a small word for what I feel for this town I think of my city s conglomerate of bodies A Belfastful of spines, kidneys, livers and lungs Sometimes, this frail cityful of organs makes me seethe and boil with tenderness They seem so unmurderable and, because I think of them, they belong to me Belfast only a jumble of streets and a few big bumps in the groun
The title couldn t be precise, as this is truly a depiction of contemporary Belfast that is like no other as far as I know It lacks sentimentality to the point where terrorist bombings are framed by cynical love scenes A refreshingly, humanly complex treatment of politics on an individual level. I joined Goodreads after a bad experience with a collection of loosely tied short stories that shall remain nameless That book hit me over the head with a bat, kicked me in the gut, drove over me and dropped what was left in a frozen river from a tall bridge It was a formative experience, but at the moment I hated it so much so much fiercely, with passion And on top of that I thought it was pretty shitty the proportion quality effect it had on me was completely off So I told myself never again never again to pick up a book based on titles, covers and blurbs Viva goodreads and previous opinions The problem of that being, I would have missed this book too.Curiously, my love for Eureka Street didn t bloom overnight In fact, after finishing it, I thought it was good enough, but the plot is not exactly believable and I was expecting it to look cheap in hindsight What happened, instead, is that it became insidiously part of the books that I read just because And the BBC Northern Ireland mini series was great too It s available on youtube, if anyone is interested So I picked up a soft cover edition whose paper had seen than a little rain for 2 euros in a half open air second hand bookstore on the corner of my hostal in Berlin and I powered through the germa
Ma parlare di tenerezza non abbastanza per descrivere quello che provo per questa citt , quest insieme di corpi Una citt fatta di spine dorsali, reni, cuori, fegati e polmoni A volte questa fragile citt di carne e di ossa mi sommerge di tenerezza Mi sembra che nessuna violenza potr ferire questi corpi che la abitano e che mi appartengono un po perch sono nei miei pensieri Ci che davvero rende godibile questo romanzo il suo equilibrio interno da una parte c lo sfondo tragico del periodo e del contesto in cui ambientato l Irlanda del Nord lacerata dalla guerra civile fra protestanti e cattolici, fra lealisti e repubblicani , un periodo di sangue, bombe e tensione dall altra c la sgangherata e malferma combriccola di personaggi che in questo scenario si muovono e fanno di tutto per vivere le proprie vite, nonostante la radio e la televisione parlino funestamente di dolore, nonostante odano ogni giorno il rimbombo di spari e di urla Si sviluppa cos una narrazione insieme intensa sconvolgente e dolce d
I loved this book when I started reading it The first half is incredibly funny often laugh out loud hysterical , with a clear voice that pulls you along effortlessly It satirizes The Troubles in Northern Ireland brilliantly But after reaching the half way point chapter 11 a really moving stand alone story, which by itself is worth reading this book for , it goes downhill immediately Nothing happens, the jokes become predictable i.e didn t we just read all this , and everything is contrived The second half made me think that the book,

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