Wiseguy: Life in a Mafia Family

Wiseguy: Life in a Mafia FamilyWiseguy Life In A Mafia Family PDF Epub Author Nicholas Pileggi Capitalsoftworks.co.uk At The Age Of Twelve My Ambition Was To Be A Gangster To Me Being A Wiseguy Was Better Than Being President Of The United States To Be A Wiseguy Was To Own The World GoodFellas Is Henry Hill S Own Story, Telling The Fascinating And Sometimes Brutal Details Of The Day To Day Life Of A Working New York Mobster The Violence, Wild Spending Sprees, His Wife, His Mistress, His Code Of Honour From The Small Time Scamming Of His Early Years, His First Arrest At The Age Of Sixteen And Initiation Into The Dealings Of His Wiseguy Friends And Bosses, Henry Hill Tells Of The Good Times, Dodgy Dealings, Indulgences, And The Insularity Of The Mob Controlled Neighbourhoods But Things Start To Go Too Far To Save His Own Life, Hill Turns Into A Federal Witness, And The Mob Is To This Day Still Hunting Him Down For Revealing Their Involvement In Hundreds Of Crimes Including Arson, Extortion, Hijacking, The Six Million Dollar Lufthansa Heist The Most Successful Cash Robbery In US History , And Murder. I first read this when it came out in the mid 80s I was 70 or 80 pages into it when Henry Hill first mentioned his niteclub on Queens Boulevard,The Suite At that point I realized I had worked in Henry s club as a musician in the early 1970s I remembered Henry never knew his last name standing at the end of the bar most nights watching the action and hanging out with his friends
Funny like I m a clown I loved it I loved it I loved it First things first, GoodFellas is my favorite movie One time for the people in the back not only is GoodFellas my favorite film, I m borderline obsessed So what I ll do here is try my very best to not turn this into a movie review Though you probably couldn t tell the difference For those of you who may not know um, have you been living under a rock, and how did you find this book Wiseguy by Nicholas Pileggi published in 1985 is the basis for Martin Scorsese s gangster epic, GoodFellas 1990 The book is based on the life of former New York City gangster turned FBI informant Henry Hill and the events that led to the change from the former to the latter This was a wonderful read in so many ways It s the only time in my reading experience where I ve read and thoroughly enjoyed the book after seeing the movie, and believe me, I ve seen the movie countless times I don t know if that s a testament to Pileggi or Scorsese s genius but I ll chalk it up to both My point being, it doesn t matter if you ve already seen GoodFellas, you will enjoy the book nonetheless and that is VERY RARE I always recommend reading the book first or the movie will mar the reading experience For all the books I ve read where I saw the movie first I always end up hating the book Every Single Time Except this one What amazed me most is how closely the movie aligns with the book, bec
Wiseguy tells the story of the life of career criminal Henry Hill, well known in the film Goodfellas, which is based upon this book As with many books that go to films, the inner details add depth to Hill s story and give the reader a better feel for the disturbing and violent life he lead With the romanticism of film removed, the facts are told mostly from Henry and his wife at the time, Karen What I liked most about Wiseguy is the true events, rather than the detailed idealistic fiction of alternative stories about organized crime I don t believe the book is to make
Nicholas Pileggi s non fiction book, Wiseguy , is the basis for the film, GoodFellas, directed by Martin Scorsese 1990 It s the true story of Henry Hill, a member of the Lucchese organised crime family in New York Henry s heyday takes place during the 1960s and 1970s when he works under the protection of mob boss Paul Vario in the Brownsville East New York section of Brooklyn.Has there ever been a great disparity between a book and a film adaptation This is not to suggest that Wiseguy aka GoodFellas is anything other than a good book, it s just that the film is a masterpiece, and so much than just this book brought to life on the screen GoodFellas the film is a work of art which takes the wonderful little incidental lines and vignettes in the book and frequently makes them into something magical For example, the wise guy cooking scene in the jail, or Henry Hill taking Karen on their date to the Copacabana via the back entrance, the kitchen and, finally, into a front row table that magical appears Or the post Lufthansa deaths the Layla montage in the film , or the day when a coked up Henry Hill is trailed by a helicopter soundtracked by The Rolling Stones These are somewhat matter of fact descriptions in the book but which Scorsese turns into cinematic gold.So essentially what readers get in Wiseguy aka GoodFellas is the source material for the film What struck me was how remarkably faithful the film is to the book Some of the characters are removed, some names are chan
I think this could have been a very jarring book had I not seen the movie Goodfellas so many times I practically have it memorized As with the Godfather book film, Goodfellas is an extremely faithful representation of Wiseguy.As many people have pointed out previously, what sets this book apart is the outright bluntness in the delivery It wastes no time trying to water the cold, hard facts down or romanticize the lifestyle of a mafioso We re talki
Based on evidence given while going into the witness protection program, this is a gritty view of what it is actually like to be a Wise Guy or Mafia thug I was amazed repelled by the book Unlike the Godfather which made a hero out of such men touted a loyalty honor throughout the ranks, this book shows the actual setup How self interest rules their lives how little empathy the
I waited for this book for a long time Watched my favorite movie Goodfellas based on this book several times So when I got the hard copy of the book, I could not resist myself finishing it at once It is As good as the movie But if someone watches the movie, the book is waste of time in my opinion The movie is a total honest representation of the book But my case is different I love to read about Mafia The book is based on the real life story of a mobster Henry Hill He used to be a member of Lucchese crime family A deeper look into a Mafia World And it s something different to know about the Mafia from someone inside the under world The experience was totally different from reading a Mafia Fiction i.e The Godfather, The Sicilian, Omerta etc When I read The Godfather, I don t know from where it came, but a strange sympathy worked for the Mafia
A deeper look into the story of Henry Hill and his life and involvement with the New York City Mafia from the 1950s 90s The beginning of the book is nearly exactly like its film version Goodfellas, a classic in my opinion , but if you keep going the story takes new turns not shown in the film, with additional schemes and characters I enjoyed the different perspectives, with narratives from the writer, Karen Henry s wife , FBI detectives, and mostly Henry himself If you have a
After reading this book I am sure going to watch the movie goodfellas as also it has a high rating on IMDb Talking about the biography it was a great ride, I enjoyed reading this book And I am sure you will too

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