Three Days, Two Nights

Three Days, Two Nights Read Three Days, Two Nights By M.J Fredrick Nathaniel Reis Screwed Up He Put His Career As An Air Force Pilot Before His Marriage To Tess, And Wound Up Divorced Now That He S Left The Service, He Has A Plan To Fix Things, If Only He Can Get Her Alone For A Few Days When Tess Misses Her Flight To A Corporate Retreat, Nat S There With His Island Hopper Plane And A Plot To Get Stranded In Paradise Thanks To Mechanical Problems But His Plan Goes Awry When A Storm Blows Them Off Course And They Have To Make A Real Emergency Landing And Not On The Island Where He S Stashed Supplies Tess Is Furious She S Anxious To Get To Her Retreat, And Away From Nat She S Even Angrier That Being So Close To Him Arouses Her In A Way She Hasn T Been For A Long Time Rescue Can T Come Soon Enough, But In The Meantime, She S Going To Have To Trust Nat To Keep Her Safe Even If She S In Danger Of Falling For Him All Over Again 19,000 Words Tess walked out on her marriage when it became clear that her husband was devoted to his military career than to her Nat had assumed that Tess understood the demands of his job, and didn t quite get why she left, but his marriage and Tess are the most important things in the world to him, so he s going to do whatever it takes to get her back even if it is kind of extreme Three Days, Two Nights is a short, sweet, romantic, sexy, second chance story and I truly enjoyed it I find that often times novellas dealing with such an emotional issue tend to come across as forced and contrived, but I didn t get that feeling while reading this book While I didn t quite accept Tess reasons for leaving as being entirely understandable, and she actually came across as selfish to me, M.J Frederick did a good job of giving us characters who are honest, real, and l
With Three Days, Two Nights which is set to be released from Carina Press on the 24th of this month, MJ Fredrick once again proves the reason why I just flat out love her stories so much She has a talent for giving depth to her characters and has a way with squeezing out every bit of feeling from the reader that just makes for a heady reading experience.Three Days, Two Nights is a novella, though short that managed to satisfy me in every way that counts Nathanial Reis is a retired Air Force pilot, who owns an airfield in Florida, who is ever so determined that he would win over the affections of his ex wife Teresa Bonner Tess who walked out on him a year ago Nat had lost sight of what was important the happiness that had been such a visceral part of their marriage which had started to fade away from the moment Nat had focused on making a name for himself as an Air Force pilot.Tess had walked out on her marriage because their marriage wasn t working any and her leaving had served to be the slap on the face that Nat had needed to understand that his priorities needed to change if he were to win over the affections of Tess all over again.The plan to do so runs into a little bit of trouble when Tess and Nat finds themselves stranded in an island in the middle of nowhere Tess wanting nothing than to
Not much of a story line just sex, sex, sex end of book. My Review At only 19,000 words, this is a really short read, but I don t feel like that fact hurt this book at all This is a book about a couple that had a 10 year long relationship, so the time wasn t needed in the book to establish their connection These two were already very connectedand still very much are through their hearts Tess and Nat were together for 10 years, when she finally got fed up with placing last against his career and divorced him Quite honestly, the divorce blindsided Nat because he didn t realize how unhappy she had become in their marriage That was a year ago, and things have changed drastically since then Nat has left the Air Force and now has his own charter plane company He still loves Tess and regrets not fighting for their marriage so he works with her assistant to set up a plan where he has the opportunity to kidnap her and end up stranded on a deserted island His plan goes awry when weather causes them to crash land, but he still ends up with Three Days Two Nights to convince her to give him another chance.This was a fabulous little read It s very sexy and hot, and was highly entertaining I thoroughly enjoyed both of these characters and, coming from a background where I was an AF spouse, I can definitely see how their marriage went wrong, even though they both definitely still love the other Obviously, Tess is MUCH MORE reluctant to give into their passion than Nat is, but she
Posted on Book Chelle.MJ Frederick s Three Days, Two Nights is a fun romantic read The story of Nat and Tess is a familiar one to me Nat spent his life building and developing his career, and in doing so, he chose the Air Force over his wife, Tess Eventually, it was too much for Tess, and she left him, filing for divorce soon afterwards A year later, Nat realized his mistake and is taking the steps to win her back Tess, however, has moved on and is on her way to work retreat A mishap has left the two stranded on a deserted island And the question is, will Nat s plan work regardless of location, or will it end all over again Nathaniel Reis has three days and two nights to make the best out of a bad situation He is a retired Air Force pilot, who owns an airfield in Florida I feel for him, really I do He seems like a man with good intentions, but instead of facing his problems, he seemed to have run away from them Nat focused on his career, and making a name for himself, and in the end lost what should have matt
Three Days, Two Nights by MJ Fredrick I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Tess can t believe her luck when the pilot scheduled to fly her to her work retreat turns out to be her ex husband, Nat When a storm blows them off course she has to rely on Nat to keep them alive until help comes She never expected her feelings for him to come back to the surface but she can t lie to herself any, or can she Nat knows he screwed up and didn t put enough effort into his marriage He has worked hard the last year to get his life on track so he can prove to Tess how much he still loves her He just needs to get her alone for a few days he just never expected the storm to blow them off track leaving them stranded with minimal supplies.Tess has moved on with her life, she has a new job but something is missing She has her toys with her and is mortified when Nat finds them in her suitcase She is still drawn to him and is afraid that she will lose her heart to him again if they are stranded on the island too long.Nat had a plan to get Tess alone for a few days, i
Three Days, Two Nights was okay for a short novella, but it didn t do much for me I felt like the heroine, Tess, was whiny and selfish She divorced her husband, Nat, because his Air Force career caused him to work late sometimes, making her decide he placed his career above her Some of Nat s decisions in the book were questionable, making me feel that neither of them deserved too much empathy The storyline was pretty simplistic, probably in part due to the length of the novella.After his wife, Tess, divorces him, Nathaniel Reis realizes that he needs to change his ways His Air Force career was too consuming for him to have a happy wife, so he leaves the Air Force and starts his own business as a pilot Once his business is up and running, he makes a plan to get Tess alone and win her back He sets up a plan with her assistant to fly her to a resort getaway, but he intends to take her to an island instead and spend a few days convincing her that they belong together When a storm blows them off course and damages the plane, Nat and Tess are stranded overnight They quickly resume their physical relationship, but Tess doesn t intend to give Nat a chance to hurt her again When she finds out that he never intended to take her to the resort, she is furious and Nat wonders if she will ever give him a chance to show her that she is the most important aspect of his life.The difficulties that ended the marriage of the two
Three Days, Two Nights by M.J Frederick was way graphic where the first novella was subtle What I found to be shy or tense in the first novella was completely different in the second In this novella, Nathan is trying to reconnect with his ex wife Tess With a long, complicated back story in the military that led Nathan to put his wife on the back burner as he dealt with difficulties of his career, Tess had moved on to become a powerful career woman in her own right Nathan found an opportunity to conveniently step in to pilot her jet to a work retreat, wherein he hoped to renew his love for Tess and to make up for past hurts Like the perfect storm that it was, the plane hit bad weather and ended up stranded in paradise During that time, if Nathan couldn t win Tess back, then he had much to worry about than a plane that had gone down and food shortage.First off, I have to say that this was a pretty steamy, graphic read The characters are guarded and unsettled enough to create an instant tension and chemistry that it doesn t take than a chapter or two to get where the story is going Tess is pretty wounded though, so i
Nat chose his Air Force career one too many times over his wife, Tess, basically inviting her to leave their home and their marriage A year later, he s realized his mistake and has come to sweep Tess off her now corporate feet Working with her assistant, he s devised an elaborate seduction scheme that involves a missed flight to her retreat, a coincidental assignment that leaves him as her new pilot, and an emergency that has them landing on an island that is stocked with tents, sleeping bags, oh, and champagne already awaiting their arrival What could possibly go wrong Mother Nature throws a monkey wrench into his plans by way of an epic storm Now Nat and Tess truly find themselves stranded on an island, only without all the comforts Nat had planned on having Will his plan to seduce still work Will he be able to open Tess eyes to the man that is in front of her, the man that now knows where his priorities should be, let alone the value of the woman he never ceased to love Can he show Tess that she can trust him with her heart once , even though be basically just kidnapped her Overall rating 3.5 out of 5 StarsThree Days, Two Nights was a short but cute read And OMG packed with not only sensual tension but delivery I needed a fan when reading some passages The story is told from both Nat and Tess perspectives and I found that reading Nat s perspective was far enjoyable than reading from Tess There were moments of some good humor and some moments of heartfelt hon
So this book, ok fine, not really a book, a novella, it was pretty good actually Nat is really sweet After his wife leaves him, he realises that she is who he wants to be with Hence, he comes up with this weird plan to kidnap her and bring her to this island where they will fall in love again Yes, I know I made it sound really creepy, but its actually pretty sweet So when they were on the island, they were practically having sex every second I m not joking Every few pages or so, they would be having sex somewhere on the island Even if it didn t really show me that they were in love, at least it told me that they were super in lust with each other Erm, but I felt the ending was way too fast Like all of a sudden they got rescued, then he goes to his office to tell her he loves her then they hug and kiss and get back together then its over In a few pages I recognize that this is a novella, but well

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